i didn’t dare to draw the shades yet

from the ground,
you do not see them //hairline
thin&i climb, paintbrush in my hand
from the ladder to the worktop, balance
on one leg//stretch towards the upper rack,
the kitchen small //below me

hit my face, a chilly breeze,
shriek of breaks “oh no”
the piercing whistle of a train


“what ya doing?” she says
“walking onda tracks in such a weather– dänngorousss”

“i lost my brush” i say, rubbing aching elbows
&her head winGs like a pendulum

“are you– i mean—?” trying to sort my bones,
“oh, i’m collecting thoughts” she says
“–but have no answers”

like a big balloon she smiles
“i was about to paint my kitchen” i say
“on the tracks? how silly”
“oh, there were none when–”
she nods

&night falls thick around us, trees roll
eyes as big as teacups
to the sound of rain

“you’re painting sunsets?” someone wants to know
&i’m not sure but
start in hues of red and gold//waves break
on my face&soundless gliding fishswarms–

i look up

the rain’s stopped
a rustling sound of leaves,
she’s gone, the trees
have shut their eyes, stretching quivering limbs
towards the sky &in their sleep sigh
blowing warm&pine-scent breath
upon me


Anthony has us step into a fantasy world a bit over at dVerse today… pub doors will swing open at 3pm EST… and yeah… i was painting the kitchen last saturday…


35 responses to “i didn’t dare to draw the shades yet

  1. … just returned from Cuba … about to paint my kitchen in white and blue with palm trees on the side .. one more winter in Alberta … can she do it? … yes, she can …

  2. Interesting how one’s real life makes its way into a fantasy world, Claudia. Paintbrushes everywhere….! And, what would a painter do if her brush were lost? Of course, the logical place to search would be on the train tracks. Smiles. And there is beauty and peacefulness in painting sunsets…even if one is not sure.

  3. Painting a whole kitchen sounds like a daunting task to me. I am more comfortable painting on a page. I enjoyed the fantasy world you created and just love the imagery of the last stanza, the soft sounds of the leaves, the scent of pines and the trees that have shut their eyes.

  4. I live in a town home, so we’re not allowed to paint the walls here… grr… smiles.
    Ah, searching on the train tracks is scary – well, I guess not, if ya don’t hear any, “CHOO CHOOS!” I adored the eyes as big as tea cups you gave to the trees; and the pine scented breath–a lovely breeze I’d say.

  5. Love the nature in your write, no painting walls here either. My daughters fiancé painted a mural on a living room wall in the home he owns. How about an café scene from Italy in the kitchen? Nice write, inspiration.

  6. Claudia, this is a delight to read and imagine……one of my very faves of yours…….love the flights your imagination took with this…….it sounds like your kitchen will be colorful, and quite wonderful! I especially love “eyes as big as teacups” and the trees closing their eyes and going to sleep.

  7. I see Sherry’s comment above mine and have to say, ditto.” Delightful. I keep getting drawn into wanting to paint, and what could be better than stepping into my painting. Time and energy have been a bit cruel to me lately. We’ll see if they ever let up.

  8. What a fun read. I love the conversation, the trees, the rain and the train tracks. Only you could combine all these elements into a poem and make it beautiful. I hope your painting goes well and quick, so you can enjoy your fresh kitchen.

  9. I have always been the one to paint walls in our house but since I herniated a disc I haven’t been able to do as much. When you’re done with your kitchen perhaps you can pop over to Ohio and make a start on mine. 🙂

  10. Ha.. when we painted a while ago it took a lot of courage not to paint white everywhere… I can clearly see how one’s mind wanders when painting.. loosing tracks so to say.. the mixture of reality and fantasy make it seem even more real. I love this one Claudia…

  11. love the smell of warm pine…got to watch those trains as well….the tracks are a cool place…but dangerous when the train is running…so hang on…and i dont think we have to know what we are going to paint when we start…why suffer it to the conventions of an idea…rather than let it grow into what it will be…like children….smiles…

  12. Fun stage here, with brush and chat…dangerous as in circus…pl be careful while on the tops….of your imagination drive…’her head winGs like a pendulum’ ~ fun line

  13. Tis an eerie piece, as you inhabit, live in your painting, breathe in your poetics,
    splashing pigment so free-form, as your imagination kicked into overdrive; once more you have created a triumph over form & prompt, & taken us into the inner life of You; wow, really dug it.

  14. Collecting thoughts and have no answers… that happens, what a wonderful world to drop into while painting your kitchen…look out for the trains you must have one busy whirlwind of a kitchen!

  15. Claudia, this is downright surreal. I love your use of line breaks in this poem, and some super images too: drifting like a big balloon she smiles, night falls thick around us, the trees and their eyes. Lastly, the dialogue sticks out, especially the way the characters interrupt each other as if they can read each other’s thoughts.

  16. I’m having some serious De Ja Vu here per another poem you wrote that brings me back to the same rail road trestle and graffiti riding down 17th avenue toward Pensacola Beach..funny how words can do that to us..

    over and over.. with the same nostalgic images..:)

  17. “start in hues of red and gold//waves break
    on my face&soundless gliding fishswarms”

    Beautiful poem 🙂 especially these lines! It sounds like it is happening in another universe

  18. Painting the whole kitchen is a real challenge but not with having lost the brushes on the train tracks though. Would toy around perhaps with just hands and fingers which can be a fantastic new experiment playing with paints. Great fantasy Claudia!