after laying down the portable electric drill

an unhinged carpet stretcHes paws
from thousand&anight to—
it can’t fly though

&i’m peeling tangerines
cross-legged on its tousled face,
a bohemian floor lamp//
on one foot, her head bent knowingly

a jubilating frame, simply/holding
what is in its hands
&piles of clothes, waiting to be put into the wardrobe,

just above the bed, sing-me-the-blues-joe spider
spinning threads that glisten girlish
in the lamplight
happy, felty clogs with a red dot from my last coloring experiments

a sugarcoated moonflower drape.
skirt slightly askew
so you can see her legs if you look closely

one short-tempered 23:40//on the clock
in scarlet-red

a power plug, hot-blooded, waiting for the switch to
re-establish contact

heavily hypoglycemic tea mug, blossoms strewn across her womb
&in the corner by the wall

a furry-eyed and rusty pipe,
filled to the brim with notes//the kind
that you struggle to eXplain
humming slightly offtune//B-key

tempered melodies 


Marina over at dVerse has us make two lists, one with things around you, another with adjectives describing emotions/feelings. Cut them up, randomly pick pairs and weave them into a poem without using abstract nouns (such as love, passion, jealousy etc.).. pub doors open at 3pm EST…


25 responses to “after laying down the portable electric drill

  1. I feel a bit like I am in Beauty and the Beast, the Disney version, where all the appliances and such come to life. I rather like the humble lamp, head bowed slightly waiting its turn to go into the wardrobe. The moon drape with skirt slightly askew. You give each element a bit of personality. The blues spider is a cool touch as well, adding a swirl of different emotions to the whole scene and it plays up the music that you end on.

  2. I like the way you have used your daily life to work this prompt, Claudia. I can picture a bit of the chaos with the clothes waiting to be put in the wardrobe; and that hot-blooded power plug makes me smile.

  3. I can just visualize all the things that are waiting to be put and tidied into the wardrobe. I like the image of the ‘heavily hypoglycemic tea mug’ and all that the first tangerines evoke for me. A very cosy poem, Claudia.

  4. what a cool combination… thought it’s early in the morning and I’m struggling with some of the word pictures here… will come back after i wake up a bit…”happy, felty clogs with a red dot from my last coloring experiments”… thought of my grands with this line

  5. How wonderful that you simply look around your room, and all the emotional adjectives & abstract nouns morph with those objects & things in sight; a masterful wistful take on what first appears to be a complex prompt. I used your poetics as my yardstick, & the words cascading on me from every corner. like your lines
    /spinning threads that glisten girlish/in the lamplight/.

  6. Thanks for reminding me how delicate and colorful these everyday things can be ~ Love the lamp, bluesy spider and moonflower drapes & tea mug ~

  7. This is such a warm post – extremely homely! Loved the “a power plug, hot-blooded, waiting for the switch to
    re-establish contact”

    Made me want to laugh. Nice one Claudia!