still two weeks to the wardrobe//and you never know where this will lead to

“feels a bit like students in a first flat” he says

bedside lamps lie unfixed on the floor
the walls&wood smell of fresh blue paint
clothes scattered on the floor,

a set of new drapes, lightweight, way too long
the entry to another world
&there’s a secret code for opening– pssshhhh

“the clothes thing freaks me out a bit” i say
“i can’t find anything”
&in the mornings ruN up and down the stairs
to dress for work//mostly black now

there are new sounds
&the rain is just above our heads

“blue is not a good color for a bedroom” said the painter
“cause it’s rather cool”
ohThat is not our problem i thought
didn’t say it though

“we need to move the bed a bit”
“i won’t move anything until we have that wardrobe”
“did you hear the birds?”

wisteria and roses have long occupied the balcony
“it will need cleaning”
“they will close us in once spring comes”

just//like in a fairy tale//
i sigh
“&if there is a prince—
&if– you know– to–”


“i booked a flight to hamburg” i say
“oh i knew you would–”
“i knew you knew i would”

“i’m glad that wall is blue”

“I NEED A PRINCE– ” i shout through thousand clouds, face in the wind,
a fierce monsoon breaking the boat//apart
as i roll to the bed’s most far out rim
“to saVe me from an eNdlEss sLEEp//or such”

he rolls his eyes&tRaPs the northwind with bare hands
jumP//throWs his weight
boldly in the raGing waves
&gets there//

just in time.

to catch me.


smiles… just a bit of weekend fun…


30 responses to “still two weeks to the wardrobe//and you never know where this will lead to

  1. … let him roll his eyes … and things … baby, it’s cold outside … let it happen … smiles … so, where were we? …

  2. Ha, sounds like their is some re-doing going on! And yes, so hard to find things when changes are in progress. Interesting discussion about the colors for a bedroom. Wondering what shade of blue. Hope the wardrobe arrives soon…and that you will be able to find your way to Narnia, after you find your way to Hamburg, of course!

  3. Ah. yes moving in like that has to be an adventure.. blue in a bedroom can work.. it’s cold but also soothing.. (our bedroom is green).. it sounds wonderful to have some extra growth to hide behind… Hamburg sounds wonderful…

  4. Reading your words and going back in time, I realize the walls ave been blue in almost all my bedrooms. I hope you enjoy the new room and walls. I went to Hamburg a few years ago and liked it – not as much as Berlin though.

  5. Oh, Claudia–that’s what’s kept me crazy here in the desert. One more week–I think. So many boxes–now almost cleared out. Still so much to do. But a beautiful new kitchen. The wardrobe hasn’t been the problem…it’s “Where’s the tea?” I love the details in this.

  6. Nice time – moving in or out…..colors …green, brown, purple, golden to warm up the bedroom…just read yesterday about it sheng fui ….blue yes cold color….but you know it’s up to us, how we feel…. wardrobe – temporary inconvenience…and all sound so romantic like fairy tale…no surprise you’re looking for prince and going to Hamburg….have fun! :)x

  7. By the way, did you know that rooms with blue walls typically ‘feel’ warmer? The idea of ‘warm’ and ‘cold’ colours has recently been turned on its head.

  8. Moving in is not even half the battle, let’s hope he lets you have your way with the color scheme…unless you blame him for not changing your mind!

  9. “i’m glad that wall is blue”..ha blue wall is a must sometimes :)…….I specially like the way you wrote the word ‘saVe’ with two little hands sticking out sending sos..:) …really enjoyed this one Claudia…

  10. mm, we are in the middle of home renovation & blue is a good color, smiles ~ I hope the clothes and stuff get sorted out, eventuality ~ enjoy your weekend fun ~

  11. Those flashback moments happen to me a lot, this one, aboard a boat, floats in and out of Narnia to Rapunzel’s tower. The problem isn’t getting in but finding a way out, always, assisted by some prince of a man who knows his domain and yours …

  12. Moving can certainly cause some disorientation. One will always reflect on good memories hoping to get the same again minus the pains and worries! Great write Claudia!


  13. I hope the new place is wonderful – the sound of that balcony is quite breathtaking – you will love the shade in warm weather. But what I ADORE in this poem is the “I NEED A PRINCE” and that he shows up just in time to catch you. LOVED that!

  14. What a delightful poem. The clothes on the floor made me think of my two adolescent daughter’s bedrooms… I can’t figure out how they know what is clean and what is dirty! I hope you will participate in the Gratitude Quilt this year. It is simple to join in and will make your heart happy when you see the love unfurl on Nov 27th. (no sewing involved) Just close your eyes. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Ask yourself “what am I grateful for in THIS moment?” listen to your heart and type out the words that flow from your heart and send them to me. There is a link to my email address and a link explaining this project if you don’t know about it yet can be found at the top of my blog. If I’ve already asked you I apologize for being annoying 🙂

  15. What a cheerful poem to write about painting a room. Nice that the story has a prince to catch you in the waves. Enjoyed reading this so much Claudia.