i took the shortcut through the fields–

haze rubs chubby cheeks against my legs
a silent
when i ride my bike into the forest– time
hangs like ghosts in dizzy trees
slow drizzle

i am body-less
hardly see my hands
just whispering of tires on sand
&autumn stretches long limbs—yawns

a tree throws nuts at me
“good morning”

i brush his leaves
with the magic of lost maps
that space between–

“you scared me”
“need a rest?”
“i’m late for work already”

by the bridge,
i tumble out the wardrobe
a first street lamp meLts
yellow glowing cheeks on tar

as raindrops lick my face
as leaves dance in a wet dress on the street

i stretch— my heart
a madly pacing rataplan
amidst a waking world


a bit of magic from my bikeride to work last week… beautiful autumn days over here… wish i could share the scents as well… smiles
for PU


51 responses to “i took the shortcut through the fields–

  1. I loved coming along on your ride as my senses were tested and woke to your fall day! I love riding or walking in nature that silence only broken by the natural sounds….time to be alone to see and feel…to be surprised every time by a different scene. Fabulous images you conjured for me today Claudia!

  2. I was right there with you on this ride, Claudia. Here, it is pitch dark at 6 a.m. right now, so one wouldn’t want to be riding into the forest at that hour. I remember my bike riding times and the feeling of being body-less. Amazing feeling really — just getting into the ride. Enjoyed the conversation with the tree; and I think I see signs of “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” – smiles. Enjoyed the ending of your surreal ride — in the ‘waking world.’

  3. I can’t get up that early but I admire the scenery of the bike ride into the forest ~ Love that slow drizzle and wet dress of the leaves ~ Happy Sunday Claudia ~

  4. Fresh painting with words, Claudia! Magical feelings, see you all like ghost in a haze, no hands, no legs….like your communication with tree, brushing the leaves….the last word ‘rataplan’ kind of new – little gift at the end of your poem. Refreshing and full of scents…

  5. A wonderful ride. There’s nothing like the early morning forest. Too bad we have to emerge from that dreamy state…but you manage to retain some of the dreaminess in your wonderful descriptive passage at the end.
    Steve K.

  6. Lovely–and you do share a great deal from this ride==that sense of early morning and the excitement that it brings when one is in nature and whooshing along! Lovely, Claudia. Really nice. k.

  7. I enjoyed the ride via your shorcut, Claudia. It is nice when your pace is so smooth you can no longer feel your body. And I smiled at the mention of the tree pelting you with nuts. Like also how the closing lines bring us back to your work place, ready to face the work day.

  8. What a nice beginning to a work day. I love that you enjoy your ride to work, that you get a good dose of nature before starting the focus on what needs to be done. I bet the trees, the rain, the leaves all love playing with you as you whiz by. Thanks for sharing the ride. Hope you have a good week.

  9. oh, some lovely magic indeed…your conversation with the tree made me smile…I’m sure the throwing of nuts was just to make sure you were fully awake.

  10. “Rataplan” is a new word to me. How delightful! Thank you for enlarging my vocabulary by three syllables!

  11. Breathtaking magic, indeed, Claudia. Almost makes me want to go back to work (I just got an offer for per diem at a hospice I used to work at) so I can ride my bike…almost. Not quite yet. :0) How was the plum pie? Yum?

  12. Don’t you feel on those early morning rides that you get to peek into what nature is “up to”?
    I used to catch the lady cows finishing up their gossip session before the men came.
    Delightful Claudia – happy autumn.

  13. … was criss crossing the field a few days back … cuz of all the mushrooms waiting to be gathered … that made it the opposite of a short cut alright … but it was worth it … hmmmm … yummy … smiles …

  14. smiles…starts with a really cool personification of the morning…and being lost in it…the fog rolled in friday night and was way thick…the talking with the tree is cool too….a little visit to the magic of narnia…

  15. Sometimes…time hangs in there like that, and dizzy are the trees and me. Years ago my sister Evie and I rode bikes to school, about 2½ miles each way. A REAL shortcut was through woods, down to and across creek, up a hill, and back on road. And OH! How we enjoyed those days, almost as much as TODAY!

    So yes, Claudia we enjoyed, but YOUR experience has turned into words for the Universe to enjoy either now, or 1,000 years from now, as some complex device translates.

    Especially I love time slowing…and time stopping, bending, ending. My favorite topic of weirdness.

    Also LOVED this stressless moment you’ve given us all in this post!

  16. “Time hangs like ghosts in dizzy trees”…that is an amazing line Claudia….love the magic of the ride you have captured here. I have a bike but I have not ridden it in a while…I think you have inspired me to hope back on. 🙂

  17. What a beautiful, wacky poem. Here’re some of my favourite lines:

    “haze rubs chubby cheeks against my legs
    a silent
    when i ride my bike into the forest– time
    hangs like ghosts in dizzy trees”

    “a tree throws nuts at me
    “good morning”

    “i stretch— my heart
    a madly pacing rataplan
    amidst a waking world”

    Amazing. Thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  18. I have missed your poems! Here I am most surprised by the cheeks–of fog and of the streetlight–brushing calves and knees. I love the encounter with the male tree/playmate. How tempting it would be to stay in the forest, especially in the autumn.