Nope, doN’t ask for the formula

there were quite some platforms cracKing
even famous ones
emptied in themselves

not that i would mind //though
tryin’ to catch ‘em//open hangar
silver signet and “i love boots”
she says with a wicked smile, almost excusing

scent of silent albs, kerosine, &traitors passing by
and you’re camouflage, cut into another tincture of
apartment blocks line up // korean schoolkids on the boardwalk
trenchancy stripping their colored grail
with furious passion,

i’m a thill among them,
stealing glimpses of the slake
and slip ’em in my pockets
sigh by signature//a paperclip, fragrance from a neap
collected during nightingales i cannot sleep,
&listen to your breath//the moose my only witness

Victoria has us write OULIPO (N+7) at dVerse today…. my formula…is a bit different.. smiles…used my old PONS school dictionary and got a bit carried away…smiles


32 responses to “Nope, doN’t ask for the formula

  1. This formula prompt seems to push us toward Flarf & nonsense, with some delicious results; liked your lines /trenchancy stripping their colored grail/with furious passion/ Another fun day at the Pub!

  2. Ah.. what vivid imagery.. that witness probably had a lot of things to do with the boardwalk of Korean kids.. this is very vivid.. and so interesting to catch images from this.. a little bit like oil-paint-by numbers were the numbers are all wrong.

  3. “I love boots” reminds me that I was just people watching today and noticed high boots seem to be IN again. I decided these people who were wearing them already are preparing for the long winter. Sigh. And, if the moose is the only witness to hearing someone’s breath, I’d say it must be tent camping! Smiles. (And…thinking of your comment on mine…I like words more than numbers too.)

  4. I am very tempted to ask for the formula, despite the title of the poem, since I wonder how you used the dictionary in writing this poem. Still I think you captured the Oulipo spirit very well.

  5. Since tonight I sleep alone (happily so) I will not hear any breathing but my own
    –(hopefully so) and I’ll end up “talking” to a moose.

    Claudia, all b/c I cannot sleep AFTER READING YOUR FORMULA–grin!
    Steve E

  6. “scent of silent albs, kerosine, &traitors passing by” an interesting aroma indeed.

    Oh my, the more I read, the more I enjoy the madcap sense of this.

  7. the smell of kerosine and traitors is rather ominous….a furious passion could be quite fun considering you are a thrill among them…sigh a signature//a paperclip…was cool too…and love the moose!

  8. whatever the formula may be, this came out quite interestingly. I think my favorite part of this activity is all the new words popping up.

  9. Love this! “scent of silent albs, kerosine & traitors passing by’ sent me back to childhood Sundays at Mass (oh, dear). Nightingale is wonderful, as is that moose. Thank you.

  10. /a paperclip, fragrance from a neap
    collected during nightingales i cannot sleep
    This one particularly caught my attention – but the whole poem is very fun and provocative!

  11. With the testimony being rather fantastic, will the moose be accepted as a credible witness? Now tell me, will the Red Queen be the judge?

  12. ‘i’m a thill among them,
    stealing glimpses of the slake
    and slip ‘em in my pockets’ ~ love it and all poem – very inspiring! :)x

  13. I got a PONS! 🙂 Still, after all these years. A green things with tattered pages and a cover and back cover which are almost goners. Loved your poem. Thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  14. “silver signet” “i love boots” and a moose in the bedroom – this definitely delivered smiles. I’m finally making my rounds. What a couple of days! Sorry about that.