around the year 1200 or//under the linden trees//no wait–

“i fought this dragon–” he says,
trash cans in his voice&
sweat dripping from forehead to nose,
pearls down his chest,
a gem-ornated sword limp by his side
& thousand more wait at the door
outside the forest

concrete chunks between their toes
torn power poles–
the scent of slow decay

his eyes are sharp still, blood-smeared, whetted knives
and those that look at him turn blind

“you really wanna read that book?” he says
“i dunno”
“is it for the sex scenes?”
“it is for the story”
i drink fennel tea, that’s just how far my
vices go//

“&have you ever loved?” he asks
“like kriemhild loved you?
“you know you’re gonna die– right?”

for a moment i can see him,
outside legend
stripped bare of his magic cape
outside myself–

“if getting up at 5 is superhuman power, i–“
and all the question marks start somewhere

at a bend//or just before — one
can you tell?

“fear for your life?”
“we know how the story ends, right?”

&he bows
with a big smile
on his lips


at dVerse today, Abhra has us bring myths and legends alive again and mix them into our present time… i chose siegfried the dragon slayer for my piece…pub doors open at 3pm EST…


39 responses to “around the year 1200 or//under the linden trees//no wait–

  1. good morning/good night…smiles

    a few parts of this really jump out at me…the scent of slow decay line hangs out there…the question marks starting somewhere…and why fear when you know the end…and why not enjoy what there is in between….

  2. the parts that jump out at me are the title, the image of him wearing (?) and the fun you guys have together. I am unfamiliar with the legend but the something about living in the moment…smiles

  3. I’ll be up at 5 AM…and it is now 1 AM…OH CRAP! Again???
    I picture Claudia with her only vice, drinking a spot-o-tea.
    BOY, did I have YOU figured wrong–grinning!

  4. What the heck where you reading, C? … sure wasn’t Nibelungen … and wasn’t 50 Shades either … tell me … cuz I’ve got to get my hands on it … 🙂 Love, cat.

  5. So vivid Claudia! I can imagine it taking place near the Chateau behind my house and yes, it pre-dates this by at least two hundred years. My village could easily be the scene for such an adventure.

  6. Well, I like the hero seen for himself outside of his legend. So often we don’t think that much about their human side….and also the realization that we can be heroes in our own way. And I do think getting up at 5 a.m. could be, for some, heroic. I love that time of day though, when the world still sleeps, and adventures and dragons to be slain can wait until sunrise!

  7. Very cool write Claudia. I like so many lines in this. The limp sword, the human, superhuman considerations. To me you’re like a myth – superhuman for getting up at 5.

  8. Heroes are celebrated for their extraordinary feats but sometimes I fear we might feel we cannot emulate them because they are superhuman and we are not. Therefore I like that you can see the man behind the hero. As an aside, it is indeed heroic to get up at 5 every day. 🙂

  9. Well, dragon lady, this one really zings along, rocking the prompt, but still being grounded in your own unique poetic reality. Somehow, even with a re-read, the gist of it is chilling, as if Death stopped by to chide you, to cajole, to threaten, as in defense you do your best to exist within the parameters of the Now; a terrific poem to be sure; congrats. Will be busy this afternoon, see you out on the trail later I hope.

  10. “for a moment i can see him,
    outside legend
    stripped bare of his magic cape
    outside myself–”

    In a moment, you beautifully blend mythology in a modern context – exactly how I wanted to see it – smiles.

  11. I love the trash cans in his voice….did they have trash cans in 1200? Enjoyed this conversation very much, especially the fennel tea and “that’s just how far my vices go”.

  12. This seems a particularly European legend–you give a fun mix of the modern and the old–and he seems very human–kind of flirty even. Thanks, Claudia! Getting up at 5 is not so bad! (If you can become accustomed to it.) k.

  13. a mythical character outside the legend becoming one of us…what an intriguing thought..a beautiful canvas with grand images…and some super being getting up at 5…it requires great determination & power to do…

  14. While i too woke up at 5am with a dream of sorts and then some words.. and i think moral of this story was.. perhaps.. he thought not of death.. so he smiled and no..he did not fear death… and perhaps that is the reason.. the dragon was slain.. as the dragon feared something .. perhaps still not death.. but…


  15. That really is a superpower, waking up at 5 – especially when it’s everyday…
    I like the ‘trash cans in his voice’, fennel tea as a vice, and not sure if it’s sensible or desirable to be loved like Kriemhild loved him – and I was never quite sure about the Brunnhild incident… dodgy stuff back then, eh?

  16. an enchanting exchange. I enjoyed the descriptions and visuals they provoked. As for 5am…I thought that was a myth, kind of like dragons…and I’m no dragon slayer.