let’s call him seven//teen

he was three lines,
dark shiny hair
and inksvy drenched
dreamed rhymes beyond–

of groWTh

into an ode, sestina, rondelet
with a black cap//a bear
&shades, of rap//bebop//hip-hop
in torn jeans, on a trash-can ride
toward the uniVerse //& back,

a love song//soFt-
est half-beat, french ballade
nocturne, pleiades,
in countless metric units

on the frog’s cool back
he jumPs
with basho breathing down his neck
&floating in the wet–

5-7-5 expanding ripples
on a pond//
the big red sun in a white dress
singing the sound of change


alright– tony wants us to write nonsense poetry at dverse today, which i can tell you is no nonsense at all… doors open at 3pm EST– up for a challenge? grab your pen and see you at 3pm EST


38 responses to “let’s call him seven//teen

  1. Far from being a nonsense poem, this might have been written about my son….I love the “love song…pleiades….on the frog’s cool back he jumps” lines so much!!!!! “with Basho breathing down his neck”. This is simply brilliant, to read and envision!!!!

  2. Hey Claudia, I should join in today b/c that’s the only kind of poetry I DO write “Nonsense Poetry” Always wondered what I’d call my “genre”…Hiding behind the nonsensical?

    Your first stanza is 4-4-4-4-4
    But never a bore.

    You made your point well.
    You made Brian poop out —
    trying to keep up with
    THAT German Girl…

    Keep it up, Girl…you are OUTSTANDING (That was said to explain that another was standing outside…He is “OUTSTANDING”!)

  3. I really enjoyed the smooth rhythms in this, Claudia. Nonsense is not as easy as it looks; trying it gives me a whole new appreciation for those who have made it look easy.

  4. “5-7-5 expanding ripples
    on a pond//
    the big red sun in a white dress
    singing the sound of change.”

    So cool – the ripples, expanding. Love this. It sounds whimsical, nonsense but it made sense to me. Hmmm.
    I may give it a try. Don’t know if I make sense half the time anyway.

  5. Your closing lines are killer, Claudia, & somehow you have included the nonsense beats & words & images without shouting to Eros “this is a nonsense poem”; it still emerges as pure You; strong, radiant, sensual, humorous, a celebration of poetics; nice job.

  6. How can one say “nonsense” when this makes so much sense, Claudia. πŸ™‚ In your words, I see a poem grow into whatever he/she wants to be. πŸ™‚

  7. Maybe there is some reason behind all the madness – and sense in the nonsense. My eldest is approaching teenagerdom at high speed and is complaining about ‘doing stupid haikus AGAIN’ at school, because teachers presumably think they are easy for kids to write poetry. So this made me smile!

  8. At first I thought you had 6 extra football players! πŸ™‚ Maybe a new trick from the World Cup-winning team? Then, you reminded me of Chicago’s 25 or 6 to 4, a classic. One thing is clear, your nonsense has sense to me. Now, I’m worried! πŸ™‚

    Greetings from London.

  9. I kept envisioning Jamie Wyeth’s painting, “Draft Age” as I read your words, Claudia, they are so descriptive. You’ve captured the essence of a young man on the brink just as Jamie did in that portrait of Jimmy Lynch–no nonsense here.