just an ordinary sunday//&and my daughter’s flower bike’s no longer in the carport

summer’s back
bright-grinning face // /i’m stuck in a wooly kilt from scotland,
knee-high stockings with the smell of lambs still on ‘em
we sit in a plastic tent
with plastic windows in our home-town festival

eat currywurst
“haven’t had this in ages” i smile
& a band plays cover songs,
the rolling stones
i think of their guitarist who didn’t make it past the drugs
how they found him in a pool
&someone said the melody for that one song
was the last good thing he played
before the fall//

i woke between a dream last night
secret alleys in a house out in the wild//we were detectives,
and the guy with a weird beard who did the castle tour in Stirling
was the guard man,
i press warm against my husband’s chest

“so what did you tell her?” he asks
“about the day when she moved in with us?//newborn?”
i sigh&

night’s a dark-blue drape
(in emirates planes appears a starry sky above your head once it gets dark)
&i stretch longingly toward it
we play table-tennis in the garden
ploP pLop//sMasH
a little pup,
gnawing at my hands and legs
“he needs a bone” i smile

&fall asleep as Mother Hulda shakes the beds
careful//with huge hands
into a rough and purple landscape


smiles… just a short update on my weekend…ha
happy monday!


18 responses to “just an ordinary sunday//&and my daughter’s flower bike’s no longer in the carport

  1. my oldest visited for the weekend and we went out for a 50 mile bike ride, it was fun but I miss when her bike had white tires, hearts, and streamers….

  2. Ah.. the autumn festivals are coming.. I guess there was some beer as well. We had a neighborhood party called a bicycle party.. you go between different houses and eat different courses all according to an intricate scheme.. We prepared the appetizer.. The yearning to go south is in all of us to some extent though

  3. Nice weekend, Claudia, we all I assume invisibly took a pick of it…cozy and tasty, and warm things you’re wearing already…we still enjoy those warm days for while…~ thanks for update…and for your pic too :)x

  4. Among(st) all the alleyways You took me in this weekend update, I picked out “my” line: “i woke between a dream last night…”

    How many times have I/we were truly enjoying a dream-story, then rudely torn from the pages by sudden awakening? DAMMMMIT! Usually I turn over, try to retrieve spot where the film broke, and (usually) in few seconds I am back in the story, which sometimes even contains a conclusion!

    Thank You so much God, I say…but WHY? I say further–for such wonderful dream in two parts, I have forgotten all of it..IN TOTALITY! (Another) DAMMM!

    P.S. There’s a bike in our garage–named Flex, real name FLEXIBLE!

  5. Glad you had a nice weekend, dreams and all. I like how you can create a poem out of everyday events. So nice.
    Hey, thanks for your nice comment over at Poets United.

  6. smiles…sounds like a nice weekend…i could def go for a festival…and a cover band…a little rolling stones…there are quite a few that never make it out alive from that lifestyle…so what did you tell her about being a baby? smiles…my boys love to hear those stories about their early years….

  7. Oh, I love those hometown festivals….and currywurst sounds good. Smiles. Yesterday we went to the last weekend here of the ‘traveling Bier Garten and drank some local small brew Sprecher beer. And German oom-pah music was playing on the speakers, but it was nothing like the Stadt See Fest I experienced in Pfullendorf. Smiles. But, oh, the mention of your festival makes me yearn….. And sad about the member of the Rolling Stones. I don’t remember that….but it makes perfect sense!

  8. Like Brian, I wondered, too, about what you told your daughter………oh the poignancy of that flowered bike no longer in the carport. I also loved that waking between a dream…….

  9. I read an undercurrent of nostalgia while on the surface there’s fun and dreams. That missing bike–a symbol of an entire new life transition for you and your family. Touching to me.

  10. ..you are in the the throws of the empty nest syndrome (really not a syndrome, just a passage in life)…heartfelt, and I love ‘between dreams’ and the last stanza especially…
    oh, and I love the ” knee high stockings with the scent of lambs still on them ” …

  11. Sounds like a lovely weekend Claudia ~ I am envious of that festival and the purple dreamland at the end ~ And I like telling stories to my kids when they were young too ~

  12. I love the flow of thoughts and words. I too like the autumn festivals and how they are like little time landmarks in our lives. Glad you had a lovely weekend. I hope the week is good too.