i didn’t think i’d find him here in Aberfeldy//but// it sure makes sense

robert burns & i

robert burns & i


he holds a small book
my shirt’s drenched with sweat and rain
& poem-wise
i have no use for landscapes

i sit next to him,
cool bronze against my chest
asking how much time he spent
to listen

to the birk’s brush
soft//against fall’s
wet face

the way up
————-is steep

i blow moist puffs in the forest’s lightgreen dress
“you were in love?” i ask

no answer
things// look different then,
my feet hurt// slaM against a rock
“we make the whole round?”
“yeah, let’s go for it”

“ya know,
it’s not the burnie or the birks, in fact” i say
“it could be a dirty sidestreet in a god-forgotten place
the difference is—”

the linn sprays cool webs on my face
a group of hikers cross our path,
one wears only flip flops

“Mr. Burns?”
but he’s in a dream still
and i only touch him lightly
“would you paint here?”
“i don’t think so” i say//panting

listening to the shaw’s rough voice
humming a lightsome melody


birks: birches
lightsome: merry
shaws: woods
linns: waterfalls
burnie: stream


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48 responses to “i didn’t think i’d find him here in Aberfeldy//but// it sure makes sense

  1. ha thank goodness for the translations there in the end…a fun interaction between you…and all around you…like the husky voice of nature…of the trees….reminds me a bit of the central park statues we met…smiles.

  2. Really wonderful to be able to rest alongside Robert Burns as one walks a forest path! One never knows who one will meet as one travels life’s path. I wouldn’t doubt that Robert Burns would enjoy painting too. I wonder if he ever tried!

  3. I like statues and the way some cities have put them here and there for us to enjoy. Nice that you put some Scottish words in your poem as Burns really is a national hero over there. As an aside, I can barely walk with flip flops, I’d never run in them.

  4. I like the new feeling of yourself at the unusual background: nature, falls, ghostpoet…~ love the comment about hiker ‘one wears only flip flops’ ~ very ‘fresh aired’ poem ~ cool photo

  5. a lovely encounter in what sounds like a lovely backdrop. I’m glad his dream state did not deter you from enjoying his company.

  6. That’s so cool Claudia ~ I enjoyed the conversations, specially when you asked him how much time he spent listening to birk’s brush ~ Hey, I learned some new words too ~

  7. i’m just so happy to see your face that i forgot to read the words.. but yes i did go back but still i got a thousand words from just that one face..
    and yes i liked your poetry2..:)and have a nice day..

    and smiles2.

  8. So nice of you to take us along on your walk…once again you managed to makes us feel and see what you were experiencing…another strong write.

  9. Burns was always in love with someone or other – 7 illegitimate children and 6 surviving children with his wife from 9 births. I love the dialect in this.

    Jock’s mother was born about five miles from where Robbie was born.

  10. Wow, you really transported us to the bonnie shores with this one. Also, as did others like your line /I blow moist puffs in the forest’s light green dress/ Statues are one of my favorite photographic choices; life captured, moments petrified in stone.

  11. you look so engaged… it is a wonder to dream of what conversation may have existed… I would have liked to met Frost… that would have been a cool afternoon

  12. I’ve been stealing moments to read your poetry, even though work is keeping me from joining in lately. I’m loving these poems of your trip–this look at Scotland through the eyes of your poetry.

  13. Love this. This especially speaks to me:
    “& poem-wise
    i have no use for landscapes”
    especially the possibility for double meaning in the way it’s presented:
    “my shirt’s drenched with sweat and rain
    & poem”
    i have no use for landscapes”

    My own shirt is often drenched with poem. 🙂

  14. Always the observant one…and I giggled at the thought of the hiker in flip flops. I met one of those in Maine, coming down a mountain. And me, stumbling in sneakers while he like a gazelle in freakin’ flip flops!

  15. a nice acquaintance there! so you did find answers in his silence…so much can be said without a word heard….i love some phrases used here….blowing moist puffs in the greens…my fav!