of COURse she’s choosing ARCHEry

from my sketchbook

from my sketchbook


my lines are SOFter
and the ROOster on the cupBoard croWS
no more,
INStead a mix of VAses
balANce their WOMbs
to either THIS or that siDE
noNE FAlls

LAst night i fought bATTLes
on a THOUsand hilltops
in my Best paJAMAs, SOAking wet,
lava buRNing strEAMS aCROSS my forehead
where the feVER

she SITs benT over the kitchen table
focused on her laptop, browSINg// eyeBROWs WRINkled,

“they’re grOWing– SEE? moM–?”

“Yes” i smile// &ansWER
with a Sco-tiSH acCent//
words are TRails in highland haZE
wrapPINg shaky limBS–
“How ya DOing with your Bow?”
“HaHA–see–// SEE?!”

She HitS the TARget in no time
with EASe, in breAKneck spEED
gallOPPIng over diZZYing heights
that deTERMIned gaZE in her brown eyes//
soFT velVet

“they’re BEARs out there–”
“i knoW”
“&frEEdom for the braVE”

there’s also MAGic in this landscape, STill,
as sCARRed and ruGGED as it is

“you’re gonna FINd it”

&i hUM an old CLan meLOdy,
that spreads WIDe&wiLD&BOld into the sKY
as i clean aWAy the dishes


for mtb at dVerse today Gay has us point out our very own beat & i highlighted it with capital letters
my daughter will be moving out this summer as she’s going to university & yeah i played a bit off the movie “brave” cause really, there ARE similarities…smiles… and thanks for all your well-wishes – the fever has left and i’m feeling a bit better already


36 responses to “of COURse she’s choosing ARCHEry

  1. I am glad that the battles on the hilltop with lava burning streams across your forehead are over with. And hopefully the bears will stay away. Smiles. Glad you are feeling better, Claudia.

  2. Glad you are so much better, what a description of fever! Loved “Brave”, am part Scots and spent significant part of my childhood there, still return when I feel the cal of the wild. Congratulations to your daughter and to you as proud mum, wish her all the best from Ireland. In July my youngest daughter graduated from Middlesex University in London with a BA in Illustration. Have a look at a little look at a collaboration she asked me to do, I was so proud when she asked me to do this!

  3. I spent a year in Scotland many moons ago and loved it. One of the schools I worked at was in the middle of the country and the atmosphere was very different from a city school. I am glad your battles with fever are over. Best of luck to your daughter.

  4. You give me, fever, baby, with every poetic utterance, or dance across your pages, with every stroke of your pen or paintbrush; a heated-up, sultry, yet matriarchal sojourn today; loved it.

  5. ha. i caught a bit of brave blended in there…and i sincerely hope you are feeling better my friend…so your baby is growing wings a bit…ha…i love a good scottish accent….i totally need to get me a kilt too….

  6. i loved the actual content and prose of the poem..but the visual and perhaps synesthesia thinker i am..the way the caps were mixed so patterned in the entire poem brought to me the 3 dimensional image of a city structured above and below..flowing along the lines of words..very kool..and stimulating in a different way to me..true…:)2!

  7. I enjoyed seeing the way you marked it. I went through and marked it for myself with dictionary stresses – there were a few more than you chose to mark but doing that I could see a kind of diagram of the piece. (If you want a copy of mine, let me know. It would be presumptuous and rude to post.) What I heard, and then what I saw was such a piece of music. Your irregular beats, your bumping of iambs and trochees, and most importantly your fairy dust sprinkling of anapests throughout create a very celtic song indeed – jazzy of course, not a folk song here – irregularities keep it real, imaginative and quite musical. I think this is just a first step in realizing the way we can unfold our own creative processes. Beautiful, current, real, and as always gorgeous images. You took me into your home.

  8. I read it twice – the first time I paid more attention to the look of the poem – so interesting the way you wrote it. The second time I fell in love with the images. .. ” ROOster on the cupBoard croWS no more” cracked me up.

  9. Vases balance their wombs . . . that is a superb image! It’s neat to see how people hear their words. Great work here.

  10. [Am I the only person out here who thinks the Queen in ‘Brave’ is hot? Just saying. And while we’re on the subject of Scottish accents, all the characters in that movie are supposed to be Highlanders, but they’re all played by people with Lowland accents!] I’m reading this poem and actually inserting a beat wherever there’s a group of capitals; it gives it a rhythmic quality, makes it a performance as much as a read…

  11. beautiful, full of images as always…and glad you’re doing well…love the expressions Scottish accent and old clan melody that seem to be coming from a distant past…

  12. I’m so glad you’re feeling better, Claudia.
    I had a problem reading your poem: were the capitals supposed to indicate stresses? If I ignored the capitals, it made much more sense to me! But I know that I am too literal minded.

  13. I know how you feel, C … my heart almost broke, when my daughter left for university 1000 miles away 18 years old … and her brother left the same week to go a very wrong way 16 years old … both kids are fine people now 10 years later … take it from this proud momma … smiles … Love, cat.

  14. Freedom for the brave who pursue and find it ~ I like the mother & daughter scene with CAPS & beat~ Good luck to your daughter ~ Happy weekend Claudia ~

  15. Hmmm…I could feel the brave references within. I can only imagine what it must feel like to watch your little girl begin to explore the world on her own.

    The opening of this piece is lovely…such a nice collection of images…

  16. Again, we are sitting on your shoulder as you putter and communicate with one daughter..or the same one? Isn’t one still in Australia?? Does this mean you will have an empty nest? Good you are getting back to being 100 %; stay in your pajamas a few more days ..

  17. Claudia, I have always loved your beat, this is a really fun write. I wanted to play with this prompt. But no time then. Glad you are feeling better 🙂