one day i might get lost in one

photo 4-3

Glurns in the Vinschgau region of Italy

i didn’t hear him first
stepping behind me,
sketchbook in my hand,
immersed in–
“how’s it going?”
“oh– “ i sigh “it’s tough
to get the angles right&–“

“let me have a look– the oriel,
don’t wanna paint it in?”
“dunno, the corner windows– it’s so difficult– ”

“it is”
he tells me how perspective was discovered
then forgot for centuries, the world
squeezed flat on even surfaces
“gimme your pen?”

we watched him painting earlier,
easy, secure strokes
he puts a biker on the page
they’re gone before he’s finished
“someone new will come”

a board with “BACON” written on it
“paint the signs in and as many people as you can,
the bus stop//cars,
they make a painting real–
leave away what you don’t like–
i love that tower so i’m gonna move it //here– “

it’s much like poetry i think
it’s easy//in a way&
jumping in
you lose and find yourself in crosswalk stripes

“you paint charming pictures” he says &
“we’re gonna meet in 15 minutes”
“right” i nod, pencil a cat, the chimneys
&a couple, icecream on their lips onto the page,

&climbing out of it, cheeks splashed
with color


25 responses to “one day i might get lost in one

  1. This is so good.. how a painting is like poetry and poetry’s like a painting.. somehow we had similar thoughts in our poems today.. the perspective is interesting, and how we need to understand it properly.. it’s a little bit like the skeleton of some painting… at the same time an intentional error in perspective works the same way as that shocking word or metaphor in a poem I think…

  2. Great sketch, Claudia! I like how your poem is a reflection on creative writing as well as sketching. Perspective is not always easy but it certainly adds depth to a sketch, or a poem.

  3. I liked your painting, Claudia. I also like thinking about the comparison between painting and writing poetry. It is the details painted / written in that really being the painting / poem alive. We need to put in the people, the signs to make it real. Otherwise it could be a mere outline without a heart!

  4. HA! HA! I LOVE it! Yiou claim to be a writer, and THEN and artist. Yet your writing is ALL ABOUT drawing, sketching, coloring.
    “By their works ye shall know them…”

    Just beautiful. Claudia…EVERYTHING!

  5. Love how art and words work together in creative way giving us the perspective 3D, but some reality in 2D too, details you know, Japanese art… ~ I really looked for the next line, but that was end…. please, continue… :)xx

  6. LOVE! Was that your teacher?? Doesn’t matter–we all learn and we all teach and we cannot not see and share. When we get lost, we notice the landmarks and spirit. I will keep this forever.

  7. … something very sexy about … not quite knowing how to to about it and/ or finishing a piece … and almost panicking about that, when he/ or something inside tells u to calm down and take 15 to collect the original thoughts of wanting to create … smiles … makes giving birth easier … smiles …

  8. i think his thinking on painting is very much like poetry…capturing the little details to bring the scene alive….BACON makes everything better as well…ha…smiles….as to perspective…i try to refind it daily….

  9. It truly does sound like creating poetry. Sometimes perspective can be tricky there as well. Lovely write & painting.

  10. He’s right. You do paint charming pictures. And they take me to the charming places you visit while you work. Thank you for the vicarious vacation and the gift of image, words.

  11. Perspective, it’s just a matter of our own filters; & for me, quite often, the more abstract, the better; ditto for words splashing, pounding all over the page poetically. You & Brian have taught me that lines on a page paint an overall image that words merely inhabit; & you make me want to dig out a sketch pad & some water colors & start complimenting the photography I already adore doing.

  12. Hi Claudia. I actually jumped on your blog to give you a get well wish, then noticed I had missed this lovely poem. Do hope you’re feeling better, and this poem is so real and sweet it made me want to take up drawing, sketching. I’ve always wanted to learn.
    Take good care. Rest.

  13. You make it all look so easy, smiles ~ I struggle sometimes with the perspective and colors ~ I hope to see one of your paintings in our D’verse Anthology as I got my copy of Recipes for hemlock ~ Hope you are feeling better and eating again ~