The road// still in your face//

my all time fav bag...smiles

my all time fav bag…smiles


There were wheels once

Exhaust fumes
&rain hitting your womb
As you bent

nestled up against

Spine to spine

Sweat runs down my back
You sigh&i//bike the breeze
carrying your history


40 words or less are your entry ticket to MTB at dVerse today where Bri has us write short poems…doors open at 3pm EST
few words to the bag – it’s made from old truck tarpaulins by the brothers Freitag in Zürich…so each bag is unique and has traveled many thousand miles already on the roads of the world before being sewed into a bag…. i love this…


47 responses to “The road// still in your face//

  1. some cool lines in this….the rain hitting the womb…and the carrying the history as you are biking…that is pretty cool how the bags are made as well…dont know that i have ever seen one….

  2. Your unique way of conveying the common things we see and do…provides for such fine poetry IMHO…this should be part of Freitag’s marketing campaign.

  3. So much history in each bag. I am sure that each bag is unique and is a conversation piece as well. A unique object. A unique poem.

  4. I LOVE this – can see the soft underbelly of the tarpaulin, in its former life, quivering, and its relief, now, to be speeding along with you on your bike!!!! Cool recycling idea…………

  5. I still have a “Tasche” like that from way back from the 70’s … it was called “Jagdtasche” back then … I remember it cost me 50 Deutsch Mark … I loved it, and still doi will never get rid of it … sometimes i open it and breathe in that smell of freedom and care free happiness … by the way … Shambala is coming up … Salmo, BC … how about it?

  6. Aw. I love your memory. My son-in-law just bought a carrier so he could ride his baby girl around on the bike.
    I would love tha bag too. It’s certainy durable, and cute.

  7. what a very well travelled bag…although not all of its travels were as a bag…at least it has found a home with you on a whole new set of wheels.

  8. A terrific take on the prompt, Claudia, but now I have to go on line & find out how to get a damn Freitag (FRIDAY) bag. Your poem weighs in at 36 words; mine was 35; smile.

  9. I’ve never heard of those bags but your little poem packs a wallop of description. Love “i bike the breeze carrying your history.” Always enjoy your sketches, Claudia.

  10. If only bags could talk… think about it – oh the things they have seen and heard. I am really enjoying your drawings – thinking of starting sketching /watercoloring myself again…

  11. An intriguing write. I was imagining various possibilities, until I read your explanation and it all made sense. I guess people in Europe would get it at once from your picture. The imagining was fun, but I like even more the way you honour this humble piece of history and its transformation.