beyond Wagner//& a game of skat, played wireless

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with my swiss army knife
i cut small slices from a bamboo stick//pen-sized,
drill a little hole and split the tip
so a craze runs through its tongue
dipped deep in sepia ink

“the castle bears its secrets” she says
as my lines grow towers on the page,
ravens crosshatched in the wind,
a mountain biker downhill on a needle trail
“don’t we all” i mumble,

capturing his flight
“the door is locked–
how did you manage to get up there?”
her grey hair a veil over her back,

-no answer-

“the Song of the Nibelungs was found here”
i hum Sigfried the brave dragon-slayer,
add a bumble bee and ants
that make their way across the burnt hills of my legs
moving// towards somewhere

we eat cheese and peaches as the rain sets in
“i have no wifi” i say
“so i can’t go anywhere”
“you didn’t see them, right?”
“i did– but there was no connection”
brushing bread crumbs from my pants
i draw a bat, the moon, an old man,

skat cards in their hands,
a wooden table

“what about a saxophone man?”
“if you hear him?”

“she can’t win– look at her cards”
“it doesn’t matter”

“so the truth is that they never played?” i ask
“i told you, i–”
the old man’s hands, rough from plowing fields–
“they never talk much”
he puts down the cards,
eyes shimmering in the lamplight,

“i don’t understand the game” i say
“would he win?”
“he would//but never plays it out”

a hiker gasps for air,
i put him in the picture&the dragon stares at me
with blood-rimmed eyes
“be glad that Siegfried isn’t here” i say
“&i won’t harm you”

check my phone//no net//still
&the light above the wooden table seems switched off
“they left”
“just for the day” she says,
her voice–
a glimmering dragonfly


over at dVerse we’re storytelling in our poems today… choose a character (a dragon, a crocodile, an old tractor, a bat, a spaceship, Neptune, Superman, a greek god or godess, a chicken, a black swan, a nutcracker, a cup with orange flowers painted on it, an old liquor bottle, a wheelbarrow, a raven, a blue car, a metronome… to name a few examples) and build them into your poem… see you at 3pm EST…


36 responses to “beyond Wagner//& a game of skat, played wireless

  1. I could never tell a story the way you tell a story. Can’t even come up with that many topics for a story. And I don’t have a castle to relate to, or a sketch I can come up with and I do have wi-fi. Ha. Well, I can sure enjoy reading a story the way you tell it. Tomorrow, maybe I’ll try and write one, though the way I’ll tell it is so, so different.
    Happy Day Claudia love the poem and your sketch.

  2. would have been cool to be looking for that secret door…those kinda things add such mystery and are intriguing…as much as the more mundane, like making a pen out of bamboo, which i think your be pretty cool as well…ha. and i know all about not having wifi…being without those connections can be tough…

  3. Weaving a story into a poem is not easy but the words seem to flow from your pen, or is it bamboo stick? I like how it feels as if the words were painting the sketch in the most natural fashion.

  4. Ho, so true that if you don’t have wifi you can go nowhere. Or so it seems in these days when we are all wired.

    Your poem is magical, Claudia. I like the way you worked all of the objects in so creatively. You leave me thinking about the man who would win the game of skat if he played it out, but he doesn’t. Reminds me of people who give up on their goal before their final destination. They would achieve it if ONLY they kept on……….

  5. Enjoyed your poem and how you included so many–I tried to do the same with my second one. This was such a fun prompt. And I love watching the progress of your painting, Claudia.

  6. cool story…love how your sketch comes alive. I’m looking forward to writing something for this…I’ve started, but I’ve gotta work out a few details yet.

  7. Hey, no dip/trip down into the dungeons? You could have laid out on the Rack & got a mold tan/burn. Terrific illustrations, artistically & verbal of the fun-filled place you wanted us to go to today; thanks.

  8. I love this part:
    “he would//but never plays it out”

    a hiker gasps for air,
    i put him in the picture&the dragon stares at me
    with blood-rimmed eyes
    “be glad that Siegfried isn’t here” i say
    “&i won’t harm you”

  9. a magical tale…sometimes I think the lack of wifi helps to unlock the secrets within…forcing us to look at more than just a screen…I can hear the sax playing in the background; it’s faint, but it’s there. definitely adds a touch more magic to this…though it’s quite perfect without.

  10. “a mountain biker downhill on a needle trail ? “don’t we all” i mumble”…what a beautiful imagery and deep message…and the whole poem is magical..

  11. Oh WI! fi..and here in North Florida USA..on spread out state park land..there is not even any tower powered internet access AT ALL..hmm..i go there once a month..and it is the only place i am ever disconnected to..from! the Hive of modern global society yeS! world wide..but anyway..that is what caught my attention..just a little frustration..of watching cows instead of world! wide..virtual reality..but the cows didn’t all..:)

  12. Haha! “no connection”!!! it used to mean something quite different than it does now and your poem makes me miss what can happen when the little electronics are disconnected. I love starting with the “split” bamboo running sepia ink, the middle suggesting the “splitting” of Fafnir, and the ending “split” of a different kind.

  13. You always make me smile, Claudia…biker, hiker, ants crawling on the burnt hills of legs and the dragonfly voice…delightful fantasy (and another cool sketch).

  14. Claudia, your skill at weaving together what happens in your art, everyday conversations, and accompanying actions in one piece is really impressive. 🙂 You make a multi-layered piece each time because of that. 🙂