the journey//i walked with the line a bit//eyes closed

castle goldrain/vinschgau

castle goldrain/vinschgau


there’s a secret passage
i’ve yet to find//
pen in hand, we trace outlines
of our face
in black ink
on cotton sheets
a tunnel that eats grey
into the mountain

wrap the day in a wet veil
“it’s just a car,
the road&you– it can’t go wrong”
my daughter wrote
on a yellow post-it, glued now
to the dashboard of my car

as sighing tires hew
rubber teeth into the mountain pass
“one minute– don’t look on the paper
so much” he says,
trusting that my hands find
what i see
i grab the wheel

“it’s about courage actually” i think,
filtering the car
into the whirl of serpentines
beyond a tree line

the mountain’s hum like blue gloss
on their lips

smiles… i’m back… had a good week in the vinschgau region of italy.. the poem is a mix of my drive there and some of the lessons learned during the sketching workshop… catching up with you now… smiles



42 responses to “the journey//i walked with the line a bit//eyes closed

  1. Courage and trust, which at times align on little golden sticky notes lighting the mountain passes. And lip gloss. Gosh. I missed you.

  2. I missed you. I think one of the fundamental aspects of being an artist is courage because art reveals the artist mercilessly. And you my friend, are an artist. Glad you’re back.

  3. much of life is about courage…and finding your way along those lines…and sometimes through secret doors….ha…so running the serpentine in the car…would i be white knuckling the handle? ha.

    welcome back friend

  4. Resonates very much, Claudia: outlines, feeling courage everywhere…and longing brought you back to us…nice to read you again :)x

  5. I think that ahead of us we all have secret passages that can be found. I like to believe that anyway. You spoke of courage. I definitely think it takes courage to navigate a serpentine mountain road! Welcome home, Claudia!!

  6. Oh such a beautiful poem – and journey. I especially love the mountain’s hum like blue gloss on their lips. Spectacular! Glad you had a wonderful time and are safely home. LOVE your sketches!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I am not a fan of riving on mountain roads either although I have done so in Switzerland and northern Italy and tunnels are no respite since experienced truck drivers always seem very eager to be in the other side and drive too close.
    Very good sketch! I love the hues.

  8. Beautiful thoughtful write Claudia and how indeed courage is important in our lives. Taking the first step is often difficult, scary…
    And glad you enjoyed your week.
    Anna :o]

  9. This poem really spoke to me as I’m not so confident on long drives by myself, and I always love the idea of sketching without looking down so much at the page, though I don’t really do it. A great mix. K.

  10. learning to stop, slow, turn and go
    learning to drive and stay alive…
    learning to sketch, draw. color and paint,
    almost AS IF you then–and now–ain’t
    ALREADY a good driver and FINE artist

    Still loving the words…admiring the art, woman!