Imagine//Bri, did you put the wardrobe here??

charlie's portobello road cafe by c. schoenfeld


the door clicKs
smoothly with a clinG/tssshhCk

&i often come here after midnite
once it’s quiet

scent of laughter in the air
still, million syllables piled on the tables//floor,
wood-worn, tattooed with sweat,
the ink of fountain pens in fluid flow
among the lines// between

it started with a dream, wings
st r e   t    c h  e d
bold and fragile on the ceiling of
as we took steps toward the opening
as i take a broom, swipe the stairs that lead up
to the little stage//set

for words to pour
forth between a poet’s quivering// lips
formed in that secret space of what the eyes trace/or expect
to find
between a rainpipe on an ancient building
and the union jack //or any flag, swaying
above the traffic in the breeze


i sit in the dark, fingers on the keys
of the old piano
it needs tuning
&my song climbs painted walls with pictures of the poets
that have been there
laughing// weeping//in a mad embrace with the next word,
arms wrapped round their neighbor’s chest

“the price is high sometimes” i say
filling napkins in a wooden stand
“would you want it any other way?”
“dunno, i don’t think so– at the moment– i am good–”

i take down the drapes,
they need a rinse,
weigh the soft fabric in my hand

“you still like the pattern?”

it is rhyhtm//pace//the busker’s song//strum of strings
a streetlamp
somewhere in a snow-swept field
furcoats and a wardrobe door
(a bit like Narnia)

where the gnomes&tales&kings

will find us.


at dVerse we’re still celebrating our 3 year anniversary and today we’re writing odes to the pub… doors open at 3pm EST..


40 responses to “Imagine//Bri, did you put the wardrobe here??

  1. Feels much like otherworld … don’t know whether I’m ready for that yet … maybe in a while affter I’m done crying? Great poem, C, omg … ya …uhm, shut up, cat! … Love, cat.

  2. DVerse is a magical place indeed. I go through my PC portal and I am there. Thanks to you and Brian for building and working hard for this place. 🙂

  3. I imagine it is quite peaceful and relaxing after the doors close for the night at the pub…verse still lingering in the air…

  4. Sometimes…actually often, you led me one way and end up in another place…In the end I was tangled up in the drapes when I thought I was at a poetry jam. Ha! C, you go.

  5. the price is high, at times…i agree…
    i dont think i would want it any other way…
    you gave a nice magic to it…a nod to narnia…
    and it will find us…but too you captured
    your servant heart…washing drapes, sweeping
    when no one is looking…you can change the drapes
    if you want…i am game…smiles.

  6. Narnia indeed once we cross the threshold… I love the cleaning/renovation job you are doing to the pub. Here’s to many more incarnations to come!

  7. Within this magic you so beautifully unravel here, I can feel your love for the pub, for how it serves and what it does. Thank you Claudia for tending it lovingly the way you do.

  8. ‘it is rhyhtm//pace//the busker’s song//strum of strings
    a streetlamp…’ ~ this pattern makes me nostalgic in my way…of course ~ cheers~ the farther-the better :)xx

  9. I agree on the price exchanged for the community but once the words are written & shared, its priceless ~

    I admire the magical ending & hope it continues to be ~ Hey, if we need more helping hands to decorate the place, just holler ~ Have a good weekend Claudia ~

  10. Claudia, I am glad that both Brian and you IMAGINED! Where would we be without it? And indeed sometime the price is high, but when you think about it the price is often high for things that are worth while.

  11. Thank you for dreaming it and making it a reality. I like the image of coming in after midnite, scent of laughter lingering…that whole stanza especially. You have captured the magic…

  12. This pinged right into my heart – you took me right there – the dVerse pub, the work that goes on behind the scenes, the dust, the heart, the wings….and all of those voices, coming in to share their view, their dreams, their sorrows………how Dave King would have loved this poem. All “who find us” are lucky there is this magical welcoming place. Bravo, Claudia! And thanks for all you do.

  13. All those leftover syllables and words–I say, consume them when no one’s looking and digest then spit them out into new poems. Isn’t that how inspirations happens? Isn’t that what this place is all about.

  14. This is beautiful as I can feel your thoughts..the price may be high but, the rewards greater in the end..thank you for the vision and all you do to make
    the pub happen.

  15. First–great painting, Claudia–you’ve gotten better and better. And lovely poem–you guys put in more than imagination, I know–tons of time and effort and kindness. You are terrific. Thanks much. K.

  16. Loved your piano music climbing the wall, but mentioning a “busker,” well, that just killed me, because I was one occasionally on the Venice Boardwalk. Also loved the artwork, Renaissance Woman! Amy

  17. I enjoy your art and poetry. dVerse is a special, welcoming place for poets. That welcoming speaks wonderful things about you and Brian, I think. Loved all the rich images in your poem…too many to mention, but I do have to say wood-worn, tatooed with sweat is super!

  18. It’s a big mad (crazy) world and we weigh and measure, write, tear, frame and fill it with our words – angry, loving, imaginative, unintelligible, quaint, precise, rhyming, rambling, ugly, beautiful, elegant, sloppy, squalid, and kingly. It’s been a fine three years and you have been at the core of all our inspiration. It’s a true joy to be your friend and companion, dearest Claudia.

  19. What a dreamy land you’ve both created for the souls with dreamy eyes Claudia. We only have to open the door….it’s truly Narnia like with the richness of experience..

  20. Please leave the drapes. I have just gotten used to them. You have been very patient with those quivering lipped poets spilling ink on those musty old furs in the wardrobe.Thank you and Brian for your hard work here. You remind me of that old addage…if you want something done….always ask the busiest person:)

  21. What a start! Everytime I pass here your poetry shows me what is possible…! You really make your words work hard…. I am amazed by the dedication shown by the team also on this site by the way. Wonderful.

  22. Soany wonderful visuals here. So much to love. I remain ever grateful for all you and Brian do to keep dVerse humming with poetry. I don’t recall how I found this pub, but I’m glad I stopped in for a pint.

  23. congrats to you and brian on such a special place for artists to come together and share. i can’t even imagine the work involved. there’s a steady magical element you opened with that tavern door.