a ball, the poets songs//& journeying through time in just one night’s black dress



it’s a short balloon ride
from my place to italy

starting on platform /number-
less /the tracks&trains sans names
&straight direction

as you would expect
journeys of this kind to happen
seaweed in my hair
a curling metaphor
in lost play with the breeze

a chiffon dress

position flag on google maps
really needs this//

clinging glasses
flowers spreading red&pink arms
weedlove on summer’s chest

the cat
who sat with me on Portobello road
a purring mess of stripes

guides me safely out the maze

the ebb and flow
of hundreds poets’ voices
“glad you made it”
“hey, so nice to meet you face to face”

i cannot tell
if the sea is really close
though feel the current flow under my skin
the sky a band of light blue strings
in quiet symphony,
beyond the castle//sculptures//maze

the cat stretches

all his crazy stripes//
with a wicked grin.

into the sunset


today at dVerse we’re inviting you to join our three year celebration ball…see you at 3pm EST… in Florence in fact… smiles


47 responses to “a ball, the poets songs//& journeying through time in just one night’s black dress

  1. a chiffon dress aye… I’ve worn plenty of those back in my day… okay maybe not. ha… what a way to travel there – balloon ride; how cool is that. And I like how the cat guided you out the maze; nine lives is plenty time for it to memorize the way to the exit. smiles

  2. how cool would it be to ride in a balloon all that way, seeing the world underneath your feet as you float by….and where better to feel the current under the skin than with a group of poets? smiles….love the addition of the cat as your escort…ha…an enchanting eve…

  3. Oh, this sounds truly magical, Claudia. From the balloon ride to the cat to the sky a band of light blue strings to the wonderful setting. Along with a group of poets, what person could ask for more?

  4. Oh, I can’t wait to see you in your black chiffon dress. Let’s share a glass of champagne and toast to you and all those marvelous poets. What fun.

  5. Oh how I loved this! The cat – a purring mass of stripes – the castle, “the sky a band of light blue strings”……and all the poets’ voices…….thanks to you, Brian and the staff, Claudia, who have made dVerse such a welcoming place.

  6. A taste of fantasy, magic. I love the inclusion of the cat that made me think of “Alice/Claudia in Wonderland.” And the art is lovely, whimsical. Tomorrow I’m actually meeting with some artist friends to make myself play with art again!

  7. What a lovely ball, Claudia! I love the idea of laughter, clinging glasses, candlelight and, of course, the voices of the dVerse poets. Nice sketch too!

  8. Nothing like an international Ball, & why not Italy, & why not in a gorgeous hot-air balloon? I pondered a bit before writing my version of the festivities, & then the fun of it all consumed me & I wrote at a fevered pitch. Like the lines /I cannot tell/if the sea is really close/though I feel the current flow under my skin/.

  9. hmm..i can’t help but to imagine the surprise if ya guys..met me face to face..i’m such a nerd..and a refined one at that in Queen Victorian..language..fast as it may be..but oh How i LoVE people and the flesh and blood connection..that no online connection will ever ever duplicate for me..:) smiles and have a great BALL OF LIFE2..Claudia..dear…

  10. Love the balloon ride to the party, way to make an entrance, eh? I think that I agree with Linda, there is so much life to this poem, and that is the whole point of parties, isn’t it? Fun party, Claudia!

  11. I specially love this part:

    the sky a band of light blue strings
    in quiet symphony,
    beyond the castle//sculptures//maze

    Thanks for the journeys Claudia ~ Here’s to more balloons & laughter ~

  12. “weedlove on summer’s chest” sigh.
    It’s so easy to be alone in such a huge crowd! Glad you brought your cat just in case, but truly, be ready for “weedlove on summer’s chest.” I enjoyed your poem very much.

  13. I’m there, already — staying at the Hotel Botticelli by the Duomo. I’ll be crossing the PonteVecchio later to see you under the stars – swaying to the music, drinking vino, singing songs. Just need to write a poem first. Ciao Bella!

  14. I’m glad the wind was in your favor and you made it in time…I thought the seaweed in your hair was part of your ensemble…. it is most definitely a lovely night for mingling, music and a bit of verse.

  15. a cheshire cat, a black chiffon dress and a balloon ride… it all sounds perfect to me! (taking a hot air balloon ride is one of the things on my bucket list…how wonderful it would be to take one to a ball!)

    Happy Anniversary, enjoy!

  16. Oh, I love the idea of balloon…sounds like the beginning of new story…your art – magical with dancing people and colors ~ Happy ball~ Thanks for inspiration, never boring in your world! :)xx

  17. i cannot tell
    if the sea is really close
    though feel the current flow under my skin

    Really great lines here, Claudia, so well done!

  18. Aw Claudia, how lovely you look in that soft black chiffon, perfect for a summer’s eve party! I love how you paint your stories as vividly as your watercolors, so we are “there” with you! Thanks for all you do! Happy 3rd Anniversary!

  19. Cats will always help you land on your feet. And when you wear a party dress and fly in a balloon and probably drink your share of champagne, landing on your FEET can be quite the accomplishment. wink Amy

  20. Such a vivid picture: the perfect party frock, the balloon, the colours vibrating… and a cat stretching… it doesn’t get much better than that… oh yes it does, with hundreds of poets in the background…

  21. “i cannot tell
    if the sea is really close
    though feel the current flow under my skin”

    This is an accurate depiction of how dVerse makes me feel. Thanks for helpng to keep it going.

  22. Claudia, I feel as if I am in that balloon in a setting from Fantasia and you are the conductor! What a glorious ride and thank you for taking us along…

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