i too//blame poetry

a globe-spin-open pond,
i slip through time
in ancient cave paint
&highway graffiti i see//

what reflects
bound loose//
protection gear after the game
scratched&sweaty on the floor

“i dunno” i say

“it is just–

mere words


dragonflies dance
on the glistening surface,
frogs//a deer with velvet eyes,
concerto in F-flat

&further down

the sound of rainbows
aborigines with fur-stringed drums between knees
double-pace my heartbeat
freckled fish // ring-a-ring-a-rose
play tag

first step in/to the wet
then jump//head first


when i dive up–
spraypaint, gnomes & mountains in my hair,
a paper-clip, pink chalklines on grey concrete
&your scent–


sogentle on my lips
i lick
last drops of sweetness

the pond’s soft glistening DNA
spread all across my face

&delicately wraps
my naked chest

with the last syllable


wooohoooo!! we’re celebrating the pub’s third anniversary and writing odes to poets… doors open at 3pm EST….


47 responses to “i too//blame poetry

  1. … and that’s all we can do. C … hey, we are born to be queen … tears … smiles … you up to that, ya? Love, cat.

  2. I know you jump in, submerge yourself in poetry’s pond, then dream dreams in words like the ones in this poem. So lovely. Great to be reading you again Claudia. There’s much to celebrate.

  3. love the energy in this…how you connect ancient and modern…mix the senses….the scent of a rainbow…smiles…the heat and intimacy…welcome back my friend…smiles.

  4. like the image space in ‘when i dive up–
    spraypaint, gnomes & mountains in my hair,’
    nice dates to celebrate! glad you back :)x

  5. How fresh and lovely, and..enchanting, yes,; delightful play of words that spilled from your heart & mind for us to savor and I do feel transported as well. Nice to
    be back.

  6. Oh, but those ‘mere words’ bring forth wonderful gifts. It is only words, after all, that can make those dragonflies dance! Happy 3rd year anniversary, Claudia. You’ve been a great example of using those ‘mere words.’

  7. Happy Anniversary and thanks for all of your hard work these three years at dVerse, Claudia. I LOVE this poem, especially the dragonflies dancing and you diving up with gnomes and mountains in your hair!!!!

  8. An endearing write… to dive into that pond to explore and understand… how beautifully you portray the art of reading poetry.
    And the last few words are exquisite. 🙂

  9. Oh this is wonderful, Claudia. I wish you could be in Reno right now. We have a month-long event: ARTown–with multiple venues of every description happening every day. People equate Reno with gambling and divorce. If only they knew how powerful the arts are. Anyway,what makes me mention this is that Sun. to Mon. the University sponsored a 24 hour competition for 7 artists to do murals on a downtown casino that is constantly subject to graffiti. You would love what they came up with–huge works of art.

  10. No one is quite so painted and dressed by the environments we plunge into as you, Claudia, in a postmodern mix of what is and what resonates with inner life. I especially love the moment in your poem(s) when you look back to trace and taste where you have been. What a sensual ode to poetry! I’m glad you are back.

  11. like those hieroglyphs, your words always have that sense of magic timelessness and imagery that makes them seem painted. i love reading the writing on your wall.

  12. Happy anniversary, Claudia! I like the way you see poetry as a global pond as well as the image of the ‘last drops of sweetness’ on your lips. These drops are both nourishing and refreshing, aren’t they? Great ode!

  13. Diving in to the pond is all we can do… and blame poetry for our unquenchable thirst… I so agree with your ‘i dunno… / it is just/ mere words/ but…’ Nice to hear your voice again – hope your summer is a good one!

  14. I love the dancing and singing and specially when you just dive in to embrace the words till the last syllable ~ Thanks for the lovely words ~

  15. You have such a gift for words, Claudia. This piece here left me with the feeling of perfectly ‘sated’ – as was described in Brian Miller’s piece this morning. In an odd way both his and your piece feel complementary, meant to be featured on the same grand view-sensing screen.

  16. Your poetry is always full of magic, so fresh, so vibrant and so visual. Your paintings are the same. The whimsy, the unique voice that gives us such a window to your life, your loves, your spirit. How generous of you to share it with us and how equally generous to have been so dedicated for the last (I know it’s FOUR) years!! Thank you ….thank you…thank you!

  17. Ah was this inspired by Brian’s title of his own poem? … The beauty of fellow poets to be mutually inspired. This is lovely, Claudia, vivid and unique imagery. I especially like the ending lines … the last syllable on naked chest … nice. Smiles 🙂

  18. Sometimes You & Brian seem to have a symbiotic relationship, finishing each other’s thoughts, sentences, stanzas; a half a world apart, yet heart chambers touching each other. What a tremendous joy to have rested, and now to launch
    Year 3 still running with the dVerse dogs. Lovely dark mysterious response to
    your own prompt, your own painting; like the lines /converto in F-flat/& further
    down/the sound of rainbows/.

  19. That’s a GREAT ILLUSTRATION of the versatility of words of poetry to get all the senses of LIFE ACross to the listener!
    And the list
    For expression of all the beauty of what can be and what IS!..smiles and have a GREAT1MORROW!

  20. I find the following lines speak powerfully to me, Claudia. You always work your poetic magic.

    the sound of rainbows
    aborigines with fur-stringed drums between knees
    double-pace my heartbeat

    i too/blame poetry is beautiful.

  21. Great way to celebrate #3. Jumping head first normally opens up opportunities not thought of. It makes for beautiful poetry! Great write Claudia!


  22. So much randomness, so full of life – and you blame it on poetry? smiles. The effect of soft, glistening dna – was really a winner.

  23. Your writing is like a beautiful stream of consciousness that dances hither and yon wonderfully real…in all aspects. Happy Anniversary, Claudia!

  24. Claudia, what a great celebration! I love your poetry. Especially when you dive in headfirst and come up with mountains in your hair 🙂