the bedouin’s art of gentleness in handling dangerous things

by the river we talk expectations,
dreams “i wish you’d read my poetry” i say “to
get// to know me”

and know it is not easy/language/
images & few things seem
upon the surface.

yet he nods&we agree
that i will read one poem to him//a week
explain/ing metaphors and put the vowels in his mouth
still warm&glistening like a fish-swarm
so he feels//me

& we’re scared a bit
of breaking rules like thin glass
of touch/ing for the first time after weeks
&scared to cut
the thin threads spun by first shy conversations

i paint my toe nails raspberry
smooth edges with a soft stone, balm
with mint&myrrhe cause it all starts

“i want be loved” i say,
“the way a bedouin
would put a scorpion care/ful in the sand”

he understands
longing in his gaze
“it’s good to wait until i’m back?”

outside of the tent
blow sandstorms//palms sway in the breeze
strong, dark tea &fig juice on my lips
we kiss
outside of the tent
the scorpion like black jewelry/glistens  in the heat
we kiss
“i cannot wait” i say
but will


Tony has us write repetition at dVerse today….
i read about the bedouins and scorpions in Hamish Gunn’s poetics poem yesterday and somehow was so fascinated by the story that it stuck with me…
hubs and i are doing a communication training and things develop nicely… i think about going back in a bit in fact..


53 responses to “the bedouin’s art of gentleness in handling dangerous things

  1. what a tenuous spot eh///holding the scorpion…it takes nerve///maybe a sacred trust…much like the danger of falling in love again, hoping not to be struck…to be be snuffed…and the waiting in anticipation of what comes next…

  2. What a wonderful of using the image of the scorpion story. I really hope it never sting but that you both manage to handle the dangerous creature and get back again.. Have a wonderful midsummer…

  3. When my wife was growing up in Mexico she would remove the stingers from the scorpions and keep them as pets. A scorpion without a stinger is like love without authenticity. We too, Barbara and I, work at our relationship. I’m sad to say she has leaned into the work of it far more than this passive non verbal man. But I am coming around with the knowledge of the stingers we both possess…and forgiveness is like a setting down of the scorpion in the sands of mercy and grace. That is what I received from this powerful, poignant, and vulnerable poem. Thanks C.

  4. C!audia, that poem fascinated me too. You did a beautiful job of incorporating it’s flavors and mystery here 🙂 Love that line, breaking rules like thin glass…

  5. Everyone else (so far) has commented on the desert/scorpion/Bedouin aspects of this, so I won’t escept to say that you’ve drawn the images wonderfully well.

    For me, the heart of the poem is in the repetition of “we’re scared.” Reconciliation can be a very confusing, very frightening and hugely risky thing to attempt. Most of the time it seems like you are only on tiny slip away from disaster … but it is the fear of failure that is most damaging to the attempt.

    I hope and pray things work out for you … smiles

  6. Once I read that the most important thing to a woman is being understood, listened to, and for a man, his work, livelihood…I say this only in response to the counseling…Venus/Mars….it seems such intellectual, sensitive human beings would be able to resolve or overcome differences once they learn how the other “communicates/or doesn’t”…..and…the analogies here are gorgeous! Like sands in an hourglass, only much more intimate ..smiles

  7. This is a sharp imagery: the scorpion like black jewelry/glistens in the heat, in the tentative journey of conversations ~

    But really I am happy to read this Claudia ~ I hope all will work out for the best for both of you ~

  8. WOW! Everything here is sensual, dangerous, worth waiting for. I love the first preparation being of the feet–after pitching the tent I think. Pow! Happiness!

  9. Wow, C …. these words make me cry … you are a lucky lady, because seems you trust him with your children/ poems …

  10. Oh, this gave me the chills. I wish my husband would read my poetry, too. Maybe it’s time for us to have that conversation. I believe that whatever you are going through now, painful as it seems, will be a huge blessing for both of you. I need to take some steps toward talking about more than sports!

  11. Death, danger wears many faces, as does love; like the rest of your admirers & friends, I hope that you will walk that emotional tightrope successfully; and the relationship with the hubs can regenerate, start anew, fresh; & I liked the sense that your poetry is comprised of the language of your heart, and through it another might discover whatever has been missed previously; hugs, hugs, hugs.

  12. Scorpion are interesting creatures..lovely piece…seems soft and swaying…desert sands, dust and tends…but so so sweet, tea and fig juice on your lips…to wait will probably even make it better.

    • My fingers seem to have a mind of their own, and I didn’t read it over, I meant scorpion (s), and tents not tends…please forgive…

  13. I have missed so much by being absent from my site and others but there really is no helping it until things even out at work. I am visiting dad this week so thought to take a bit of time and visit my favorite sites. As always, a wonderful write. 🙂

  14. Mesmerised – and I see such beautiful points and comments from readers. I mean they really caught what you said. Did you only say it? I’m not did things with words there that blurred the distinction between letters and emotions. Everything mesmerised me, the contrasts, raw personalness, the rasberry flavour, the start, the black shinyness – everything. Every reading brings a gush of new emotions, and you really spoke for us as well as to us.

  15. I like the sense of expectation, the feelings of trepidation, the knowledge that with care and consideration change will come about. Excellent Claudia.

  16. This poem is spectacular, Claudia! Seriously good. I often say my online friends know me better than my real life people, as my real life people dont read my poems – which would be the way to know me, right? I LOVE the scorpion imagery as an expression of loving carefully………it is rather exciting to think you are at a stage that feels very much like the beginning. Only this time, you will go deeper. Yay! I KNOW there is more than enough love there. This poem makes me deeply happy.

  17. Stunning in its portrayal, this piece is brilliantly crafted and written in to life.

    One of many images that marked me with its pleasure/pain: ‘forgiveness is like a setting down of the scorpion in the sands of mercy and grace’.

  18. I do believe the best way for anyone to get to know any of our circle of poets is to read what we’ve written. Our hearts, spilled onto the page for the world to see.

    Not everyone is courageous enough to love an artist.

    Your repetitions are so stealthy, so beautifully handled. Just as delicate and careful as the Bedouin. Peace, Amy

  19. thin glass, thin threads, scorpion are woven so delicately to love’s gossamer wings that the fluttering heart could be felt intensely…and with it a happiness…beautiful lines Claudia…

  20. Your work always surprises and is constantly evolving – each poem like a kaleidoscope mirroring you in a dozen shifting jewel like ways. Each image so painterly, so artistic yet imbued with emotion, consideration, and deep understandings. So wonderful.

  21. An feeling of uneasiness and uncertainty is conveyed in this and understandably so. Rituals such as a pedicure and raspberry toe nails offer a lot of solace and comfort. I tend to over identify with some poems. I will paint mine raspberry too.

  22. Thoughts as random, yet tied together in such a way lend to a very expressive piece. From one, many. Many images from a single thought. Very well done, Claudia.

  23. What a cool way to try again…I really was thinking about someone new in your life…Nice with the scorpion…like your wish to be loved like you said….nice

  24. Claudia, your poems are emotionally authentic, that is how your heart speaks…hope hubs learns to read them and no one gets seriously stung. The ones we love the most have the most power to hurt us…glad you’re not giving up!

  25. Thank you for sharing such a fragile, vulnerable moment. In addition to being a talented writer, I also admire your bravery to share moments like these.