a journey// in a journey in—&where// i am

“i see you” //tears
down my cheeks, he speaks, soft tongue
on the moist curve on my lips&makes me
wor/ship, arms spread/stretched&bowed in grace towards–
“–so take me// to the place–“

i run carpathian peaks
big bears on my heels,
surf killer waves in search
for one who carries more//than–
pen in hand

in Rome//the pantheon//
on the top ranks of the colosseum
Nero /insane shine in eyes/harp/walks his terrace

wind-tousled hair//at Brighton beach
an ancient broken pier//seagulls
shrieking in my face, sleep in a paper bed
under a bridge in central park
with kebab stars staining my shoes

chase tunes in San Diego pubs //saxoPhone&
beats bend against bloodloops in my veins
the parachute banGs up

//Red painted woodshag—


a boat

Pippi’s stockings soap-washed in the breeze

the globe– a waterball
Atlas– shuts his eyes

&i tell all the birds to keep// flying—flying
as beyond the fjord //is priVacY/smooth
feather shift to shivering nerves
beNeath my fingertips

&in the rippling surface
of your seas

i find me.


today at dVerse Abhra asks us where in the world we would love to be if we could choose… so pick your place, write a poem and join us when the doors open at 3pm EST..
on a sidenote… i’m all day in Davos today so my commenting back will be a bit delayed


40 responses to “a journey// in a journey in—&where// i am

  1. smiles…i could go for a little wildness like sleeping under that bridge in central park to the kebap stars…smiles. the hear of all this is in those last lines…finding that place/ that one that you can find yourself in…be yourself…its a comfortable place….

  2. The amazing thing about travel…is that if you observe the world and those around you…you begin to define yourself…a most interesting perspective presented in the poem.

  3. I enjoyed following you on this magical and evocative journey, Claudia, and agree that, in the end, the best place to be is where you find yourself. I am sure Davos is a beautiful place. I went to Switzerland on vacation many times when I was a teenager, but never this far East.

  4. So true there are many places on this ‘water ball’ that a person can roam, but if one finds oneself that is the best the very best place of all.

  5. Some trip!
    I’ll come with you, so long as we can skip Brighton beach and possibly sleeping under the arches up to our armpits in kebab left-overs. 🙂

  6. I become a bird in this, flying over carpathian peaks and along frothy shores. The bears become dodged toys, and Pippi a fun curiosity. Thanks for the breezy flight!

  7. This made me think of the old movie–Around the World in 80 Days, or a TV series here in the States of aerial photography, State-by-State. If I find time to write to this, I don’t know that I could settle on one place. There are so many.

  8. You soul, your body us intrepid, having already traveled so much, seen so much, cataloged several life times of imagery; thanks for your whirlwind sharing; love your lines /saxophone & beats bend against/bloodloops in my veins/.

  9. Indeed I sometimes picture you riding birds or sailing with a balloon around the world – stay safe my traveling friend. If I can my next big trip is to your part of the world..somewhere close to the Rhine…if I can swing it (correct to “walk” it) smiles!

  10. Such experienced lusciousness all together makes for a mighty layered experience. You also made me think of Dr. Faustus’ travels so swift through time–but nowadays we don’t have to sell our souls to have it all. Bless you.

  11. wind-tousled hair//at Brighton beach
    an ancient broken pier//seagulls
    shrieking in my face

    Whoop! My city got a mention! Yes, wind-tousled is definitely true! This was wild and roaring poetry, Claudia. My senses are all alive now!

  12. i run carpathian peaks
    big bears on my heels,
    surf killer waves in search
    for one who carries more//than–
    pen in hand

    my fav part… holding more than a pen in hand, is what gives reason to keep the pen in the first place… smiles

  13. kebab stars staining my shoes

    Do tell C…without having to google, what are kebab stars? I sorry but I haven’t been on many trips outside of Michigan.

  14. So much you had seen and been to narrated in so small a space! It certainly is fun travelling along anywhere in the world. Enjoy Davos for now! Great write Claudia!


  15. A lot of very powerful, very sensually described memories there – and short lines that bounce like a song… I can hear that with background music, for sure. A lovely love song, too!

  16. I love everything in this..can imagine you writing this as ideas seep into your pen..the red woodshag..lake/boat..atlas ..slow dancing…you have maps at your feet..and glimpses of places all around the world where you would love to light and then partake of…and take off for another land.. move on to the next and so on…..globe hopping journey, some true, some dreamed of, embellished with such fun images…like a young girl, yet with great wisdom and ..still learning..marvelous!

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