learning to talk//at 37 C

tumbling projectiles,
shot in a dizzy sky
flat-nosed on the grass next to my feet,
strawberry red&

not a hint of wind
the spa park with its ponds
&band shell, empty dance floor
ache under the heat
concrete smoothes//boils,
torn open pores

we learn to talk– succeed//
&fail hard the next minute,
dangling from a thin thread
chessboard imprints on my back

i bribed towers&horses
&the squirrel that ran sugar-faced
in front of my bike the other day
//eye to eye
for a second’s sliver

i have a pact
with the ace of diamonds round the globe,
meet with sherlock holmes
for a chat and cigarette
right after work

&in the smoke of half-solved mysteries
life seems–


i take the pawn,
the smallest one
& bind a message round its neck
written on a  queen of hearts card//
in reverse in fact

but meant to be

decoded forward



hubs&i are learning to communicate… it’s tough at times..and magical at others… just back from a rather magical afternoon meeting with him.. it’s good to be seen…smiles
linking up with PU
– better late than never…smiles


30 responses to “learning to talk//at 37 C

  1. glad you are learning…that is progress, you know…and i am glad there is magic in it still as well…enjoy the rediscovery process…even if at times it is a tumbling freefall…love the close…the reverse and read forward of the queen of hearts…its cool…smiles.

  2. Ya … sometimes one has to kiss a few frogs …but that’s alright … fun was had by all … Love u, poet princess C … smiles … cat.

  3. Well, it sounds like you both are trying….like sometimes is indeed like a chess game; and as I remember the game of chess it takes a while especially when players are evenly matched. Sometimes I wonder if Sherlock Holmes could solve the mysteries of life. Thanks for linking up, Claudia!

  4. At times, talking seems easy, other times the most difficult thing in the world. I am glad you are enjoying this rediscovery time.
    The chess game is a great metaphor, except you hope that in the end there will be two winners.

  5. “dangling from a thin thread” is such a difficult phase of life portending danger..yet it’s up to a determined and diligent person to solve the way out in this maze of life….i like the presence of holmes here 🙂

  6. marriage is one of the great mysteries – how to express ones self honestly and openly – each with their own decoder ring – but, take heart, it can be done. keep sending those message bound pawns – they sometimes win the day – all the best – K

  7. I am happy to read this development Claudia ~ I love the use of chess board & pieces ~ Hope the message will be rightfully decoded ~

  8. I love the message on the queen of hearts card meant to be decoded forward……..am happy there is magic in the communication. Love is a journey and I have complete faith in you two!

  9. Hardly know what it’s OK to assume underlying this poem. I’ll assume nothing and let it play like a hot popcorn afternoon–so hot the sidewalk is boiling and the chess pieces are sweating. Who won, who’s one? Must be the narrator to gift him a queen of hearts and a queened pawn as a promise of another afternoon. Soon.

  10. The faith that there’s still magic in there is what makes the relationship still worth fighting for. You have a lovely day, Claudia. Happy Father’s day! The references to chess & so are brilliant. I enjoyed it. Smiles.

  11. I’ve been away from blogging again. Will resume soon. Glad I peeked in to see your poem, and that you and hubby are learning to communicate. No it’s never too late. Wish you all the best.

  12. Intriguing… the game of the playing cards and chess in this piece. I really liked the mood setting in the beginning and from there on, it becomes a vivid and unusual read.
    (And I apologize for the delayed visit) 🙂

  13. Communication is not easy. There’s not so much of it happening as we think. Oftentimes we are talking to ourselves in the guise of talking to each other. It’s brave it start again to learn it properly.