don’t laugh//this was my evening//morning or //first the blinds, a vase&then the window //almost crashed &yes, i don’t exaggerate

some mornings are the way a question mark curls masked
head-strangled strawberries in dotted dress/es
half the globe falls into maple juice loops//just un-sweetened,
skyline// city trash bin with a black/white sprinkled cat
upon it, licking metaphors
from rain-sick boardwalks,
i eat cherry toast on country//cross sabbaticals

mustard speckles the gator pattern of their shoes
they serve lobster soup in test tubes
testing/testing/check 1-2
the mic vibrates,

a mix of oxen blood and frankincense
delirious/ly spreading,
with a dash of elton john shades
we talk ex//pectations
cooked in blank steel steaming pots
until we cannot feel
the taste,

even the multi flexible’st vowels don’t work
hung in motorcycle lines//crashed blind
with an apple pinned between their eyes
i check my mails
john a.s. posted a pic
in oxford urban sketchers group

go push//
your boundaries
a black dove flees
worm in her crooked beak
as i type hyroglyphs
checked scottish skirt
on a sprung-slightly-off the frame pane

&collect the shards,
fluff of dust
a single paper bloom
a tack

that once held something.

at dVerse today we’re connecting the unconnectable & work with mixed metaphors and images… pub doors open at 3pm EST


38 responses to “don’t laugh//this was my evening//morning or //first the blinds, a vase&then the window //almost crashed &yes, i don’t exaggerate

  1. typed hieroglyphs – I like that image, what a font to use.
    I always think it odd that shared laughter is beautiful like the tone of the clearest bell – it’s as though laughter is its own language.

  2. What a series of wonderful images and contrasts here.. the oxen blood and frankincense made me gag a little.. definitely the lobster soup sounds better to me..or the cherry toasts.. very appetizing mixture you serve here… ha 🙂

  3. Yes, the email inbox can hold lovely surprises. I like the idea of pushing boundaries. It sometimes leads us to the most unexpected places.

  4. go push your boundaries…a bit…smiles…yes some days are like that…though cherry toast sounds like a nice start…i usually dont strangle my strawberries though…much more delicate with them…they respond better…smiles…great last image on that tack that once held something…some emotion there…the ox blood and frankincense offerings/sacrifices there in the middle, you know it is used for skin care…and for digestion….

  5. Ha, Claudia, yes that is surely how some mornings are…and those question mark curls sometimes don’t get any clearer as the days / weeks go on. But then again lobster soup eaten in test tubes could be the answer to the question. No?

  6. Very creative use of words Claudia ~ I specially like:

    i eat cherry toast on country//cross sabbaticals
    a mix of oxen blood and frankincense
    AND i type hyroglyphs
    checked scottish skirt
    on a sprung-slightly-off the frame pane

    I had to use a lobster in my poem too, smiles

  7. We all need a little madness, or we never will cut that rope & flutter into the rarified downdrafts of poetic freedom; what a stroke of pure fun you have challenged us with today; like bursting out of the deep water, head thrust into the delicious air, we blow nonsense bubbles like children;s soap halos, letting them pop sweetly on our brows. Liked your lines /licking metaphors/from rain-sick boardwalks; hugs across the water.

  8. Love this … it shows that confusion is not all that bad, provided one gets a grip on things at some point , and then shares the result with the one he/ she loves … so just to get confused again …

  9. I didn’t understand why I couldn’t wrap my mind around these images until I read your prompt, and now rather than being the black dove fleeing, I am a boundary awakened! Mind set was the problem. Now my own work is going to bore me.

  10. So this is how it is done! Beautiful contrasts set into lots of elements opening up just to be blended perfectly! Great way of writing poetry. Lots of potentials for the future for my writing. Thanks for sharing Claudia!


  11. May be there’s fun in the lines but i don’t find them…the journey from cherry toast to collecting shards fills me with sadness…all the contrasts here only intensify that feeling…a beautiful write Claudia…

  12. Well some days are crazy curled like question marks and nothing makes sense but then in this poem of contradictions they make perfect sense! Nice one! 🙂

  13. This is really brilliant, Claudia. I so admire the juxtapositioning of unexpected objects…..I took the prompt in a rather literal direction, it’s just what came. But I love the imagination of he imagery here. I may have to give this another try.