tonite i kissed one in a dream//it was pretty intimate

i prefer silence
over words somedays,
which sounds strange for a poet,
balancing on the rim of something
that i can’t and won’t
Hold //even if i tried
so i

make love to them instead
on dew soaked bikerides to my workplace,
clear-sky space to breathe,
expectation-free//or desperately
in humid nights
clinging sweaty to–

what’s left  of us
goes on a page //or not, we
sit benches next to pawn shops/waterfalls
“we see//your soul–” they claim
“you don’t”
i put them in my mouth,
careFul, vowel after vowel,
rough side down&

know how tough it is for them
to ride// into my silence,
listening to the wild roar of falls
“go and play” i say
watch them slide//carefree
giggling on the day’s wet surface/
when it is their time /not mine/
they will be back,

i hold towels, rub ‘em dry
&side by side, in our pajamas
we play chess //hide&seek , watch blacklist&
the sound of crackLing popcorn on our lips

suggesting pace//


language and words are bri’s theme at dVerse today… write about language, the moment words failed you or those when you just found the right words..


49 responses to “tonite i kissed one in a dream//it was pretty intimate

  1. You make words look like characters or even people. I like the images that run throughout your poem and the sounds of the crackling popcorn at the end.

  2. nice balance between the edge and the playfulness of words…at times like lovers…others like children….go play….smiles. clinging to what is left of us…and emotional line right in the middle there….smiles…nicely done c….

  3. I like the idea that sometimes it is hard to have other people ride into your silence (with conversation?) & also like the idea that when this happens one would like sometime to tell them to ‘go and play’ and leave one with the desired silence. Sometimes a person just wants the sound of nothing to keep one company, I think, and there definitely is a time and place for that. Smiles.

  4. We really cannot force the words. They flow when they wish to, children that come of age when they go to page, each in their own way. Not ours at all, really. Words are their own world.

  5. Claudia, this is definitely on of my favorites! I love what you do with words 🙂 and I loved that detail of putting vowels in your mouth rough side down…I’m going to try that..*.smiles*

  6. This reminds me of an important part in my creation process, when I hold in my ideas. They get stirred up, and I watch to see what settles and what rises. Really enjoyed your poem.

  7. I love this poem, colorful and energetic words and places. It is difficult to allow anyone into your silence – for then it is no longer silence.

  8. Each atom is mostly empty space, each word is whelped from the silence within, the homogeneous humming hub of language, first thought, pure silence; great poem. Love the lines /or desperately/ in humid nights/clinging sweaty to/what’s left of us/.

  9. I love that play on words, waiting for them to come up again in their own pace and time ~ Great personification of words, sounds intimate and playful to me ~

  10. You leave me speechless thinking of the times I wish I had control over the word play and frolic of distance and closeness between myself and others. Learning pacing, cadence, and maybe even rhyme if it would help me hear and help others read me where I splat myself out on paper. Sometimes I prefer silence.

  11. watch them slide//carefree
    giggling on the day’s wet surface/
    when it is their time /not mine/
    they will be back,

    Truly said Claudia! The words will return all worked up, all the more beautiful, sensuous and with lots of humor! Great write!


  12. Hi Claudia, I agree with you there are days where silence is the go, when i don’t feel like writing despite the temptation of some excellent prompts coming my way. But something does stir me our from under my silence and away i go again, words exploring how I feel, how I once felt, all expressing the thoughts beneath my silence.

  13. such a love, intimate and interesting journey with words and yes, no matter how much we may like them, there are some moments of silence we all need.

  14. sometimes the silence is required to make the words more meaningful. I was actually wondering with today’s prompt if there is some way of writing poetic silence…

  15. Claudia, as always, I love the style you write in. The ending here is very powerful to me. I’m not sure if the tension was intended but that crackling over silence is what it said to me and I felt it. I hope you are okay. The beginning seemed like a peaceful silence and for some reason the ending did not feel that way to me (maybe it’s my own mood affecting my interpretation though).

    It’s definitely a poem that leaves the reader thinking which I love.


  16. Silence is poetry of its own kind. It is restorative and healing…what a beautiful poem…especially liked that closing stanza and couplet.

  17. Really enjoyed this one! Took off in so many different directions, but still kept to the core of it (how on earth do I explain that?)… Loved it!

  18. This is beautiful -savoring life and the experience, being together. In special times like this, words are just unnecessary intruders. 🙂

  19. i like how you play with them and lots here for me to connect with. How they chart a path of their own integrating with ours. so very them and so very us!

  20. Do not enter…could be the sign we unconsciously wear so the words will leave us along for a time….telling them to go play is so much more fun!

  21. “Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks.” – Plutarch
    You always “paint” a vivid and wonderful world. Léa