honestly, you can’t replace a lemonade tree with–

the man in front of me buys cherry juice, cube-forced in a tetrapak, produced in sweden by a bunch of robots on a grey production line– while Pippi’s baking pancakes in her kitchen, with a set of brushes strap-bound to her shoes// i have her hair, i think & long for lemonade trees.

earlier i typed rows of figures into a cash machine & suck-licked densely condensed songs from car panes in a traffic jam on my way back from work.

at the check out i find piles of cross/words, tumbling frame-less on the floor

“why don’t you eat them?”
“what?” the cherry juice man frowns his forehead
“i mean// why don’t you find a tree &– ”
i never seem to understand this,
&don’t need an answer//don’t need my butter smoothed-out with an ivory, even surface, there are things that scare me well beyond// irregularity, i put my groceries on the counter—-

spring, a bee dashing
in a cherry blossom tree,
pollen as her dress


Björn has us write haibun at dVerse today… doors open at 3pm EST..


48 responses to “honestly, you can’t replace a lemonade tree with–

  1. i want to suck songs from car panes…that might actually make traffic jams worthwile….hmmm….ha. i would eat fruit any day over the juice personally…i miss having more fruit trees….my pears though are nice…dance well in your pollen dress ma’am….smiles.

  2. You have to tell me where the Swedish cherry juice can be bought.. Typically nothing cherry like would ever sell in Sweden – so naturally we export it.. I love the haiku.. Dancing in pollen dress is lovely.

  3. I like your idea of spring, Claudia, as expressed in your haiku. And, ha, I do think I would rather eat cherries than drink cherry juice any day! (Enjoyed the sketch of the shopping cart.)

  4. Just returned from the Baltic Sea, Ruegen, Germany … ended up at French Beach, BC, Canada … tasted both oceans salt while swimming … naked … smiles … Lemons? Ya, I sure know how to make lemon juice out of those certain human lemons by now … Cheers … smiles …

  5. I like to blast my music with my windows wide open. Loved the part about sucking it off the window pane – though you’d have to catch mine first…Also loved the Pippi reference 😉
    Tina @ Life is Good

  6. Another home run smacked out of the poetic ball park, Claudia; so much to like here, & I agree with others that your prose does not lose its poetic-ness, or its powerful edges. Our organics are still immersed in chemicals, and most fruit extract products have less than 1% fruit. I should be more frightened of all the chemicals I ingest, but what would be the fun in that?

  7. I was wondering whether you went to Ikea but it seems these products are available in you local store. I enjoyed your very subtle haiku. Nice sketch, Claudia!

  8. ‘pollen as her dress’ – beautiful! I don’t need regular food either – give me lumpy and bumpy, like the vegetables that grown in Menorca. Their water supply comes form underground, so they have zero incentive to have ‘perfect’ vegetables…

  9. Words to refresh a weary soul Claudia – lovely – and the haiku, perfect clever and beautiful.
    Anna :o]

  10. Great supermarket scene and wonderful sketch! Cherry juice is somewhat rarely seen. Would rather eat the cherry wholesale! Wonderful take Claudia!


  11. Claudia, although I prefer haiku to suggest rather than mention the season, I love this haibun. May I have your permission to reproduce it at ‘the zen space? Please email me.


  12. I bow in awe to you for writing this deceptively simple poem. I love the water color of the grocery cart. I love the encounter with one who clearly doesn’t know what could be lost with ignorance, nature only visible through closed windows. God bless and keep the busy bees dressed in pollen dancing their work with the cherry and other fruit trees.

  13. So much truth in these lines and I love the haiku. I used to have cherry trees up in the mountains. The air was clear and fresh and at siesta time there was only the sound of the bees pollinating the blossom. Boxed cherry juice just is not the same.

    • “I used to have cherry trees up in the mountains. The air was clear and fresh and at siesta time there was only the sound of the bees pollinating the blossom.” — prose poetry right there, tigerbrite!

  14. Love it, Claudia! I like that your subject matter is the everyday — only not so ordinary when examined — and your closing haiku is a delight, full of joy.

  15. I chuckled at the idea of you trying to stop singing while in front of the cash register and your haiku brought images of warm happy spring days. 🙂

  16. what would we do without the bees,
    the sickly scent of cherries, trees
    with lemon drops within their leaves?
    when robots roam the earth…

    😉 Love your poetic style. It is full of color, most times sweet, but at times a bit tart, like the bold flowers of European dissent… 🙂

  17. What wonderful use of words, Claudia. I can see I’m going to have to get my poetry soul back in place to write with all of you. I love the pollen dress.


  18. Stick with Pippi in the kitchen. The store and the traffic Jam are not places to be! Take the pollen dress and go dancing under the Cherry trees. What fun!

    • BTW, send the robot produced Cherry juice and condensed music to Monsanto. It sounds like something they already had their robotic hands in…