Glass-door-warmth messiahs// &all else allegories won’t carry

F-20098-01 is not a secret mission,
Missiles or 007-fied persona, shiF-
ting fragment-ized ions from shadows,
plate-pernicious in their weight towards me
Lum/inous// divided
into 0 and 1 binary codes

most of them get lost
inside my handbag
Between tampons, coins for shopping carts
& irish moss drops
Those that end the coughing of a world
which spin-wheels epochal-y wayward round my head
“i need to buy a loaf of bread on the way back” i say

my colleague nods (absent-minded),
cheeks& tie //square-dipped with black x’s
yeast and wheat-whipped, phospo-r-hythm/d boxes
sans a satisfying beat

“the shops will close if you don’t hurry up”
i lean towards depigmentation of the day// vitiligo
the ebony of sound which grounds them
as all windows shut
Micro-soft //&peaceful // in the rearview//
in a way

“Messiah, Allegory, Luminous, Plate, Shadow, Door, Persona, Glass, Vitiligo, Epochal, Pernicious, Warmth” is the word list Anthony provides us with to pour into our writing today. Use a minimum of 5 of them and join us when the dVerse pub doors open at 3pm EST..


40 responses to “Glass-door-warmth messiahs// &all else allegories won’t carry

  1. As so often is the case you find a unique way to express what we all see…”depigmentation of the day”…as unique as the writer.

  2. wow, Claudia! I think this is on my favs from you (not just saying bcus it’s for my prompt… smiles.) especially loved your use of vitiligo: “vitiligo
    the ebony of sound which grounds them…” even I was a little unsure of how I would use it… every word, you made it your own and used them in such creative ways… Thank you!

  3. yes, the comfort of Microsoft and work, where we fit into predetermined slots that are so simple and costly to fill.

    Sometimes I read your words and despair to ever write a good poem, Then I recall one of my sayings – I am not diminished by your success if I am inspired by it.

  4. Your poem makes me think of some of my colleagues that linger on for quite a while after work, enjoying the special quality of that in-between moment. I too like the image of the depigmentation of the day. And yes, having some bread for the evening meal is a common worry in this part of the world.

  5. I find myself thinking of secret missions getting lost among other things in a handbag and also thinking perhaps it is good that they stay lost…smiles.but buying bread is another matter, as we need it for sustenance. Almost as much as we on some days need the cough drops.

  6. Staying on for a while at the office lingering a while but mindful there is home where the bread is to be shared. Wonderful take Claudia!


  7. really great rhythm and word play…like micro-soft….ha…
    the ebony of sound is my fav line….its like mixing the senses
    so, your purse…its like a satchel of secret gadgets from Q
    right? smiles

  8. You used these words so creatively. I was drawn in by the rhythm of the poem and by thoughts of dusk, as we decide to end the day, thinking of stopping to buy something of comfort, like bread. Enjoyed this.

  9. Wheels epochal-y wayward in your head..spinning….toward the end of the day..what will tomorrow bring? Bread- home. ..I am drawn in by what is not written ? 😉

  10. Very creative word pairing & verses Claudia specially the last stanza ~ Enjoyed the weaving of the ordinary (buying of bread) with poetics of binary codes ~

  11. The first stanza totally lift this old brain more confused than other, but I enjoyed the overall contemporary, even surreal feel of the poem and the whole ‘buy the bread’ scenario. Fun use of the words. Haven’t tried them yet! Busy weekend.

  12. I am still trying to find my way out of your hand bag, lost /between the tampons, coins for shopping carts/& Irish moss drops/ Adore how you found such creative ways to utilize Anthony’s words, and as per usual, how you took a few moments of mundane, & morphed them into magic. Really enjoyed this one.

  13. Like Glenn, I wanted to help picking up the spilled contents of your bag, as I visualize you dropped in your haste to get to the store in time.
    Irish Moss drops?? Thought it was aftershave :-).

  14. this is filled with magic, you always find it in those seemingly ordinary moments, and I always love seeing it through your eyes.

  15. Claudia – your handbag sounds just like mine! Lingering after work, hmm, well, I like to get on home as it’s a long journey, but I do enjoy watching the sun go down as I travel home, notebook in hand and pen between my teeth. Magical, as Kelly said above.

  16. Creative verse dear Claudia. I hope you are feeling better today and my favorite line…the ebony of sound which grounds them .

  17. You rocked this abstract word list – vitiligo – I had NO clue. Well done, mine is “ordinary”. 🙂 Adore the contents in your purse – you let you mind go free and it always delivers. Mine is a bit more “tightly” wound ;P

  18. You are amazing! Such a wonderful use of all the words, no feeling that it was forced at all–just flow and fun–loved “Micro-soft” and the depigmentation of the day 🙂

  19. This is my favorite section:

    cheeks& tie //square-dipped with black x’s
    yeast and wheat-whipped, phospo-r-hythm/d boxes
    sans a satisfying beat

  20. Love the parallels I see here among handbags, car windows, store windows, Microsoft windows and rear view mirrors. The day cannot wind down without multiple closings.