today was waves and things that in the folding tell their story

scent of buttercups
&bonfire sparks still in my hair
i fold a paper boat
from an invoice on my desk
mouth deep black with printer’s ink it asks
“do you talk to floating things?”
“i think so”
&beneath the sum’s
a fat line in the color of the sea
“i’m paid for?”
but we don’t talk
‘bout worth, & time
and how we carry. both
my phone rings
“mr. mars?”
“very cool to have a planet’s name” the boat says
i take notes
“my name’s of wheat and clay” i say
“of lilies of the field, &mice&rabbits,
–you could be a space ship if you like”
& suddenly the sky is wide
with possibility
“i dream of trains sometimes”
my hand glides,
slightly shivering
over wrinkled rims, tax, swift-code–
“can you read me?”
“time to find the sea” i smile
& on the far end of the line
pile thousand stars


today at dVerse we’re looking at “Conversation” as a poetic tool… doors open at 3pm EST..


47 responses to “today was waves and things that in the folding tell their story

  1. this has a whimsical feel to it. the conversation seems so easy and casual. I don’t know how to make a boat out of paper, though I use to know how to make a fish…maybe if I can recall, my fish can join your boat in the sea.

  2. Talking to an invoice.. this is just so brilliant… and sending them out to the sea.. I really like that.. but best of all :

    “my name’s of wheat and clay” i say
    “of lilies of the field, &mice&rabbits,
    –you could be a space ship if you like”

    I wish I could say anything like that… what a door-opener….

  3. I like the idea of talking to floating things. I think there must be so many things floating in our midst that we don’t really pay a lot of attention to. And being a space ship with the sky wide with possibilities is a cool thought…..but then again trains are too, as they keep a person grounded. Smiles. There is unlimited distance in both sea and sky, I think. Both provide unlimited possibilities!! Nice one, Claudia.

  4. my names of wheat and clay…that gave me a shiver in this…and how cool to have the conversation with your little creation….so much possibility for sure…and a thousand star, just pick one and launch….smiles….

  5. I like how you included reflections on your own name in your poem, Claudia. Interesting how our mind takes us sometimes, and still we can both have a conversation with someone and be totally elsewhere having another kind of conversation.

  6. I love the story telling, so dream like, I want to take that trip too ~

    Engaging till the end, thanks Claudia ~

  7. “time to find the sea” – simply beautiful! I need to find the sea too…but sometimes I feel like I’m chained to my desk. Oh well, summer is coming, and then I’ll be able to take some time…

  8. Claudia, you and Brian always have conversations going on in your poems. I never have dialogue so this was a cance to try something really different. I was thinking about all the poems Heart and Soul, Head and Heart, etc. anyway anotyher good poem. >KB

  9. You are like the mail person, sweet lady; you always deliver, & usually on time. I loved this piece; pure whimsey, yet laced with weight beyond levity. Reminds me of the TV commercial where actor Gary Busey utters; If you are like me, you like to talk to things.” I find that inanimate objects are good listeners, but had no clue to them also being conversational as well–thanks.

  10. Claudia there is always something magical and compelling about your poems, I did enjoy this one as I think using conversation within the poem is a great way to convey ideas and emotions, I shall try my over breakfast this morning. Well done and great prompt.

  11. Yikes..this brings back memories of being attached to a business manager’s desk..with numbers and purchase orders..and things like that…

    I suppose my imagination flowed the things on my desk were the only friends i had..other than employees that had no choice but to answer to me as boss…

    i relinquished all paperwork control to my wife..

    and now there is only keys of board..and a screen to this virtual world..that i try my best to longer drowning in a screen scape..moreover flowing in sky scape as simply free….

    with the wind..always
    at my

    unless i’m walking in reverse..:)

  12. This one leaves me… I don’t know? It’s like I almost get it with every other line, but then the story takes a turn and I have to struggle to keep up. I suppose that’s the kind of dreamlike quality you’re looking for and it is definitely very well written – probably great art for those who understand great art! *smile*

  13. That first stanza, what a mix–buttercups and bonfire sparks-Love that especially when you end with a thousand stars 🙂

  14. I like the pile of stars on the end of the line…sounds as if you have a thing for Mr Mars ! 🙂 I wouldn’t feel too bad about it. Mrs Mars has run away to sea with Mr Saturn.