tree luv& a stream// it’s mainly playing

i drank wild flowers
all day
in the forest
moss of fir-trees, shire-scented
on my teeth
as we undress

for bed
you smell//sense
woods& sky-cloud-chunks pulse wild
against my crown
an eagle’s

i’m tree// sap, faun, leaf-
stream, a torrent
ivy-wrapped&thousand little bugs

dance giggling
as you press

moaning, melting

in my chest


Abhra has us write trees for dVerse today… doors swing open at 3pm EST..


58 responses to “tree luv& a stream// it’s mainly playing

  1. first, the drinking of wildflowers is just cool…smiles…taking inside of us nature…love the intimacy in this as well c…there is def an allure to the scent of nature as well…smiles…

    good morning.

  2. I too love the idea if drinking wild flowers. I also like how you absorb the tree ‘s essence, how your experience with the tree adds to who you are.

  3. Lovely images … so excited … will see colours of spring soon, spring hasn’t arrived here in Alberta yet … off to Germany in a few hours … will see my beloved trees soon … Eichen, Buchen and Kastanien … omg … so excited, C … smiles. Love, cat.

  4. Exotic and intoxicating! How wonderful to totally yourself in your environment. You had a Spring baptism by nature herself and you can’t do much better than that.

  5. So are you becoming one with nature, going wild and free at your sea? Hmmm might want to get some loin clothes just in case lol

  6. and those thousand little bugs all wear hob-nailed boots when they crawl over you 🙂

    So it is “Baum im Ohr” today then. Fun to think on.
    BTW, what is shire-scented? I only know the word in ‘shires’ as in Gloucestershire, or shire horses.

  7. After reading this I felt good. It’s that kind of poem – pretty images, magical words and even a little sexy. You’re that kind of writer – mixing wonderful words in a way that paints a picture.
    I’m back now. Will be posting soon.

  8. I like the play on all the senses & forest description: moss of fir-trees, shire-scented ~ the ending is super hot 🙂

  9. It would not matter if you took up tree form for a time, your sensuality, your love of life would shine through your leaves like sunset rays, red, orange, steaming; a lovely tribute, & personal manifesto.

  10. Ooooh i just got completely lost in this poem!! 😀 wow. I love the image of you drinking wild flowers and everything is just so blissful in this poem. 🙂

  11. I love the drinking of wildflowers so much! and this tree poem is a very active one, which makes me smile and – vaguely – remember. Hee hee. Beautifully done, and lucky you!

  12. Lovely forest reflection here. I also enjoyed your posting on that creative wall (I was reading some former articles here) and the discussion. I guess many of us kind of experience a similar wall.

  13. How much it takes in and how much it gives back is such a wonder of a tree………

  14. Shire-scented shouldn’t make any sense, but it does – it’s that primeval earth scent, with a bit of moss mixed in for good measure. You make it all sound so delicious… never mind fungi, dirt, snails and worms, creepy-crawlies…

  15. you make me want to drink wildflowers and watch little bugs dance giggles. a fun lovely read that is easy to get lost in.

  16. Yes, what a beautiful description… Ah, maybe I should go for a forest walk this afternoon? *smile* Love it!

  17. It all started with that one tree with the forbidden fruit in Eden. So yes, trees are the center and heart of us all, Claudia. A great reminder to be amongst the trees often!