Girl with a bird//a Hundertwasser exhibit & buying bedclothes at IKEA

i drop dreams //feathers
from the 5th floor
in an ink-starched sky
observing lines,
how human skin stretches
into streets&buildings

and how trees grow
towards the observer’s eye
a train of squares & faces

sipping coffee at IKEA

“think i like this bedclothes best”
my daughter says

i’m blue&green on off-white paper
cyclist in the rain
with a single shopman
with a wicked smile

through earth & stream
thick, golden raindrops drip
never reaching those that walk
outside the given lines
in anti-circles

“hmmm, the striped one?”
“ok – let’s take that”
on the way out we buy swedish cookies
and a tube of crab paste

“in the pic” i say “the boy held a house,
the girl a bird– what did he want to say with that?”

she points left “that’s our highway”
“thank you”
i brush feathers from the seat,
smile deep
&change lanes


smiles… just a little slice of my day… we had fun.. and i loved Hundertwasser’s artwork..
linking up with PU..


33 responses to “Girl with a bird//a Hundertwasser exhibit & buying bedclothes at IKEA

  1. ah, crazy mr. hundertwasser … the feathers of da bird of paradise … lovely reminders of living a colourful life … smiles

  2. the stretching of human skin into streets and buildings is just a fascinating image…the trees growing to the observers eye…the ones that never walk outside the lines…oy…i hope i never end up in anti circles….smiles.

  3. Love the repetition of lines here and the superb details in how an artist sees and queries what another artist knows about seeing. I don’t think the girl will put the bird in the house, but I believe the daughter bought the sheets and that the cookies were good.

  4. I love how you turn an ordinary day into something special with your daughter ~ I should visit Ikea soon for their ice cream cones ~ Toronto has an upcoming artist exhibit which I plan to visit too ~

    Have a lovely time with your family ~

  5. I loved your poem but I must admit that IKEA and I have…. how to put it into words? A difficult relationship. I can’t stand it, to be honest! 🙂 I get lost in it very easily and when it comes to assembling the various pieces of furniture we’ve bought from the over the years, well… let’s say that that’s the only time you will hear me swear. Both in English and Spanish. 🙂
    Greetings from London.

  6. Hm, I thought Hunderdwasser was a liqueur, purple with bits of gold in it. Bedclothes? From Ikea? Never been to the place, so no idea what their bedding is like.

  7. My significant other is a coffee sipper at IKEA, so I’m tasting this image with relish!

  8. Hey Claudia– I do not know the artist, whose name my phone won’t let me type, but love the slice of day and the way the city scape reforms itself as you look out over it whether in picture or life or poem. K.

  9. What a lovely day, Claudia! You have captured what is miraculous in the everyday. Although,,,crab paste? I can only imagine that would be some sort of deviled crab for sandwiches? Okay, that actually sounds yummy. 🙂

  10. I like the idea of trees growing toward the observers eye, Claudia…..and the idea of the cyclist in the rain being watched by the cyclist with the wicked smile is a strong one, and I can definitely picture the scene!