the secret life of books//a love affair (i think)

photo 2-22


behind the paperback waits vibrant skin
a crackling fire&sheets long to be read
with ink-drunk letters, filled up to the brim
an all-in bungee jump sans safety net
seducingly against my chest it calls
all wood-gnomes in a pact with robin hood
dark parchment cats hide/seek on moon-sprayed walls
my lips drip with the tunes of water-flutes
so deeply buried, wide-eyed, raw and stirred
extracted, steamed-up molecules and dipped
into a world of vi-kings, thrones and blurred
today’s reality loosens its grip
i hang each word, page, color-splashed with dreams
into the star-swamped night’s unraveling seams

In honor of Shakespeare’s birthday last week, Tony has us write Sonnets at dVerse.
pub doors will open at 3pm EST… 


43 responses to “the secret life of books//a love affair (i think)

  1. I believe you are correct. Books can be one affair after another. Some more memorable than others! They give us a way to travel through time and a variety of ways to observe… Books feed us in a way other mediums don’t.

  2. Books certainly can be liken to a love affair. One flutters from one to the other, sticking longer with some but not with some others! Wonderful write Claudia!


  3. LOVE! The painting first. The longing to be read. The bungee jump and the flute. The openings, even the seams. Hanging the pages in the raveled seams of night. Back when I performed, all my pieces had clotheslines where I hung each prop, book page, puppet while and after it played its part. Finally the entire space could be read. This sonnet is a love poem for the imagination.

  4. I specially love the ending couplet ~ Such imaginative wood pairings & imagery here :

    dark parchment cats hide/seek on moon-sprayed walls
    my lips drip with the tunes of water-flutes

    Lovely sonnet form Claudia ~

  5. Great use fo the Shakespearean sonnet form Claudia. I love your rhymes and other word play, hood and flutes is just wonderful as a near-rhyme … smiles

  6. I was going to groan: oh no, not more sonnets, having drowned myself in them every day this April….
    and then I read yours, and just laugh…
    so gorgeous.

  7. Your tone, your imagery, your wordsmithing, & your form; ALL superb; like others I dig the message, & love those /dark parchment cats/. I struggle with meter & feet. You make it look effortless, like Bjorn does & Tony. Ah well, it is good to try difficult things, smile.

  8. Oh the beauty of this!

    “dark parchment cats hide/seek on moon-sprayed walls
    my lips drip with the tunes of water-flutes”

    I audibly sighed reading it.

  9. ah you know i have a love affair with books myself….they take me away, nuch as your verse does me as well…you give them a bit of that magic….and love hte unravelling night as well…

  10. I love the idea that the pages are longing to be read 🙂 It’s really amazing how “mere words” can transport us to other places/times, and can wrench our emotions as if the characters are our closest friends. Very cool sonnet! 🙂

  11. Such a beautiful description of a worthwhile addiction… *sigh* Perhaps I should close the laptop and go read? *smile*

  12. ..feeling guilty for not reading all the books I have stacked up in a pile; so like the
    vibrant skin’ and ink drunk letters……love the painting, too!

  13. go girl…. despite the form your style still shown through… would like to have you draw a sandhill crane… I have a photo of one in my back pond from last year… I’ll attempt posting it next week… see what you can do

  14. … still in love with my books from way back when … hi school years in Denmark and Germany especially … so many memories connected with them … brought many of my friends to Canada over the years .. especially my “10th grade Lesebuecher” from Germany … man o man … love, cat.

  15. ahh…this is a love affair I can get on the same page with. stunningly written…as entrancing as the call of the “ink-drunk letters.”

  16. Superb Claudia – a delight to read. Ink-drunk letters – brilliant.
    Anna :o]

  17. Oh how boring life would be without those vicarious adventures just beyond the next page….oh and how they feed the dreams at night. 🙂

  18. Once again your vibrancy in your art and your words, brings our world colour. You handled the Sonnet brilliantly, I like others not so much. Try and try again – smiles.

  19. I love how today’s reality loosens its grip in such creative images and fantasies…love my lips drip with tunes of water flutes…just lovely and dreamy!

  20. I love how you expressed the excitement we feel when we hold a book in our hands. I have had some love affairs with books too!