sunday afternoon//it started raining

painting by Cheryl Kellar

painting by Cheryl Kellar


Miri sews a shirt,
the color of an ocean
crinkled waves along–

“mom, look at that–“
“take a jersey needle and it’ll work” i say
i’m earth

vandyke brown
a brush in hand & Sacre Coeur grows uneven, in sheets
“i wouldn’t have recognized it”
“no, me neither”

cause it’s how something feels
to someone
in the moment
with movement
raising, butterflies
with longing to dig hands

in soil’s foundation
deeply //dressed with bird song,
alizarin red wings
wet earth

“do i sew the elastic thread like that?”
“place it on the outer line//see–
it looks beautiful” i smile
“it’s 5 already”

a band of color spreads
feather movement
sap green//turquois
an explosion of unfolding
out of line
bursting into shape
& staying no where

i grew roots” i say

i’m earth& sky
and in my arms

the ocean

today at dVerse, we’re writing to the beautiful artwork by Cheryl Kellar… doors open at 3pm EST


37 responses to “sunday afternoon//it started raining

  1. cool line breaks, like raising butterflies….smiles…the contrast as well of staying no where you grew roots…and how you become all the elements…really a well built piece c…

  2. Sometimes one of your poems really engages me – I mean REALLY engages me, not just ‘is damn good poetry’ and I like it, but interlocks with me somehow. This is a case in point.

  3. love the idea of sewing and how we make our own…be it a story, a poem, an actual skirt or idea..all out of magnificence of earth’s colors..and feather movement is so cool.

  4. Lovely appeals to the senses, I especially like the final three lines… the whole is probably mightier than the parts though… as ever, an enjoyable read.

  5. a lovely painting of words – drunk in the moment capture of sewing the colors, exploding & unfolding ~ beautiful allusion to mother earth – sky & ocean ~

  6. Love. The progression is powerful, both digging into the earth and finishing the sewing embraces all of the moment and all of nature by your last line. I think earth loves and needs and lets us go and meets us, too, as mother and daughter.

  7. The artist, the mother, the seamstress, the poet, the earth mother, the siren; all make their appearance in the poetics, wrenched lovingly from Cheryl’s fab painting; your line breaks are gangbusters, as Brian mentioned, and you rocked the prompt with the piece!

  8. if that painting could talk, it would speak this poem, no doubt… loved the earth tones that were used, alizarin red wings… you nailed this Claudia. Or should I say Mother Earth? smiles

  9. Such wonderful work with the colors, Claudia, and the freedom of the painting comes through in your words. This makes me want to work on Yupo. I hope I can get back into painting when we get back to Reno. Life is way too chaotic for me right now. I hope to work on my poem later this evening.

  10. Your words and the colors in the painting join ..loved so much in this. Especially the end, but also the immediacy of each line like another breath as color as earth, sky, and ocean. So very fine, Claudia.

  11. Growing roots and holding the ocean in your arms..that is some is always interesting to see and feel where you will go with your words.

  12. ‘in the moment, drunk with movement’… I love to sew, so perhaps I read this too ‘down to earth’, but I really enjoyed your play with colours, feelings and, somewhat obscurely, fabric.

  13. Enjoyed your reference to the Sacre Coeur here…and your words evoked the painting you made of it. Like the idea of a band of color spreading….and growing roots and holding the ocean! Love your creative ideas in this poem, Claudia.