So honestly// what’s the song that you could sing to Paris?

la tour eiffel

la tour eiffel//dancing//smiles


i still feel her on my skin
like when i woke– sky red with light
above her rooftops

and i’m in Paris

if i were a rat i’d slip out of the window,
walk those old tiles between 1000’s chimneys
&watch her wake,

past the homeless
past the nightshift man
past the officer who makes his way
along the moonlit Seine,

her moist breath on my face,
as we walk ’round the Eiffel tower
in a dress of fast ecstatic, flashing lights

and in the madness that she shares
with Artaud the writer and Van Gogh,
and how we fall back into Starry Night
again//again, despite the crowds of people

did she paint us?
with the knobby hands
of an old, gray-haired man at the Montmarte square?

on my way along the Seine to Notre Dame
her pulse is every cobble stone
&my wide open pores

did i make love to her?

“we had no time” i say
“i think you did”
“i share her madness”

in the dark my husband asks
“so did you?”
and i hold him as he sighs//within me

“what a match–
she’s Paris// i’m a rat with furry head
full of dreams and wonder–”

& i hum the dragon song

(the one, that made her smile)

as cut oranges for breakfast


for our monthly OpenLinkNight at dVersePoets… doors open at 12 noon already… smiles and yes.. i had a lovely time in paris


62 responses to “So honestly// what’s the song that you could sing to Paris?

  1. … i still feel the kindness of Greece right under my skin … cuz they were good to me, when i was a little girl … thinking back often … does this make a good response to your poem? … o, i don’t know … Love, cat.

  2. This is wonderful, Claudia–I especially like the idea of cut oranging–and your painting is really just terrific. I have not been in Paris for a long time but it is such a beautiful City–and the back and forth of the observation–who’s painting who is quite great here–we are formed by where we are–at least in a place like Paris. K.

  3. So lovely. I was in Paris many years ago. Still enjoy the memories. Your poem captures the city’s essence, the way it influences the senses even if you’re not a rat.
    Just stopping by. I’ll be blogging soon I hope. Miss you.

  4. I’ve just been! Amazing city and hoping to return in the summer. This poem took me back. One of my favourite cities xx

  5. Except for the need for rats (which make me shudder), I felt Paris as you describe her–seeing her sensually and through the arts I know, Artaud and Racine, Moliere and jean Louis Barrault, Beckett and Anais Nin. SO wonderful to have someone to share it with in bed and oranges and in this poem. Thank you.

  6. Oh Claudia, your words just sweep me away! I hope someday I may visit this place of dreams and inspiration. Lovely piece, thank you for taking me there!

  7. Your personification of Paris is extraordinary. She is alive and very much as vivid as you portray. I do believe she makes love to anyone who welcomes her. Excellent, Claudia.

  8. I have never visited Paris, but how lovely you painted the city, both colors & words ~ Happy to know you had a lovely time, smiles ~

  9. a quarter or so French..Spanish..and all of that ..i suppose some of the genetic memory of romanticism of latined language lies dormant..expressive here and now ..or then perhaps tHere..

    I would love to go to friendly of you to take us with ya..
    and in the painting as such…

    IN the city of romantic..never without sensuous desire for life…:)

    FULLY expressed as such..

    with no fear of sacred LOVE…

    in a language described as romance


  10. Thanks so much for taking me to Paris Claudia – your words invaded my very senses and I was there, I was there.
    Anna :o]

  11. Claudia, wow, what can I say except that I love this poem. I wish I had written it! But it is uniquely you, with the oranges, and the guy with the knobby hands … I am sharing this on my facebook page. A new favorite for me.

  12. Interesting and stretching work, as always Claudia – you try so much in each piece… I especially liked: “her pulse is every cobble stone’ and: “and i hold him as he sighs//within me” Lovely work… With Best Wishes Scott

  13. Beautiful song and a half to that incredible city….even the rat sounds charming and Parisian…great write, Claudia! ~jackie~

  14. “what a match–
    she’s Paris”

    Beautiful piece on Paris, smile – reminds me of the time when I was there a few years back, one of the greatest cities I have ever been too.

    That is a great piece of art too.

  15. Oh you captured the art, the beat of the city, the textures, the steamy sex (it’s pulsing everywhere, isn’t it?) the smiles, the frowns, the worlds of art turned upside down – swaying by the Seine, on the mannequins in shop windows, in the metro. I loved it.
    My song would be at twilight when the white city turns orchid and church bells peel.

  16. Did justice to your Paris jaunts. Beautiful words and a beautiful city! And such an innovative painting, you talented lady! Brilliant, Claudia!


  17. Oh, I was just sinking in your poem-fantasy …singing padam…padam… in ecstasy …thanks for dreamy tour ~ the art – so delicious as honey or cake :)x also looks like dragon ..smiles

  18. Beautiful poem, Claudia. Of course, I am a bit biased as I felt right alongside you with your feeling of being one of the rats walking the rooftops of Paris. Loved your view of the Eiffel Tower…really unique…and yes, Paris gets under a person’s skin, I think, stays with a person with its scents and views…and in this poem I see it through your eyes which adds to what I have seen through mine. You have written a d painted gems here, Claudia…..

  19. Lovely poetic rendering of Paris in spring, Claudia! It is not always easy to convey to others how one feels about a place, and probably harder to make it so personal when the place is as well-known as Paris.

  20. oh, Claudia – this is so magical! The painting is a superb match to your lovely words. And you have my 13yo (budding artist) daughter spellbound with both, too. Thank you.

  21. In answer to the question the title of your exquisite poem poses: a jazz tune. Out of tune, obviously because I can’t sing for toffee, but Paris and New York are the two cities I would really, really like to visit some day.

    Great piece. Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  22. This one sings a throaty ballad, and pops up like passionate perspiration on my skin, the perfect synthesis of painting & poetics, one of your very best for sure; every line a winner. I have only been to Paris in the movies, & in other people’s memories & descriptions, but you gave me such a grand feeling of place, I had to fix French toast for breakfast in celebration.

  23. you make me wish I too was a furry little creature who could scurry alongside you as Paris wakes. a lovely perspective you have brought to life.

  24. Ahhh…I can feel Mme Paris, her madness and her beauty. A lovely, ecstatic (in the best sense) poem. Thank you.

  25. Ah…you tip toe right into my heart and head here…have longed to go to Paris, take my grand daughter…someday maybe…but the feel I got from this was pure delight; and your painting is wonderful!!

  26. a dress of fast ecstatic flashing lights… feels like the pinnacle for this poem : ) I do truly enjoy the rat’s eye view. we travel to Paris for the first time this summer. can’t wait!