–talking about physics//africa//and i//a portrait

Foto 2-5


i’m lightyears/cesium/ molecules,
the distance moon to earth
a quantum field, a theory of
nanoscopic scales

&i’m the little girl that chases doves
in a medieval marketplace,
a baby, snuggled up against her mother’s breast,

i’m in the silky wrinkles
of the businessman’s blue suit&tie, his worried eyes,
the tram’s soft rattle ’round the farmer stands,
cappucchino foam &costa rican coffee blend,

i’m every cobble stone,
that whispers stories from the past,
a kingdom// knight & cracks in the old city wall,
Justizia with a scale in hand on a 15th century clock
&carmesin red townhall paint

a crinkled skyblue paperboat
at rest//put on a table in the cyro lab
of basel university
he smiles “you really see the small things”

i am atoms,
slowed /cooled down to test
then released, a heavy wind
that whips confetti in your face,

i’m broken pottery,

&pearl-white teeth
in the 5-star hotel butler’s nightblack face

the clacking of a keyboard
in a late eve empty office space

i’m in a dream
that slowly circles ’round your chest
and in my youngest daughter’s gaze

“every clock” he says “needs an oscillator”
measuring f in kilohertz
i’m that

a pendulum,
a wanderer
i’m everything //a bit

& sling a band of sunshine ’round my hips
meet Einstein on a sun dial at 0.00001 Hz
a game of chess
the globe laughs deep (&i’m in that)
moving// turning ‘round an earthy axis in a star-drenched bed

& i am thousand spreading freckles

in the lion’s smiling face


bri has us write self-portrait poems today at dVerse.. doors open at 3pm EST….


55 responses to “–talking about physics//africa//and i//a portrait

  1. smiles…love how varied your allusions are to yourself…from science and seperation to the creases in the silk and the butlers face….the dialogue does a great job of telling too but breaking up the declarative statements….cool piece…and great rhythm to it as well….i could hear it

  2. Everything exists in you… and you in everything… such a wonderful slide of images: the freckles of the lion, the blue boat, the girl chasing doves… being my favorite ones. 🙂

  3. Hey C. You slung a lot of “things” around your waist to show me the big picture in a colorful array of detail. If I wasn’t in a restaurant for lunch I would read it aloud. Cheers!

  4. I did read this aloud, and discovered Sandburg & Whitman in it; one of your best, drenched with introspection, quantum physics, family, your smile; loved the lines
    /I’m broken pottery/& pearl-white teeth/in the 5 star hotel butler’s nightblack face/
    really enjoyed myself; you tore up the prompt, exploded in true poetic Nova.

  5. I agree with the others about wanting to read/hear this out loud – coming from you, preferably!
    And yes, you are in the small things, but everything huge and universal too – and everything beautiful. And not just a bit…

  6. I enjoyed the fast paced reading, cadence is excellent Claudia ~ I specially like the details, the girl that chases doves, atoms, pendulum, wanderer ~ Beautifully written ~

  7. This is excellent Claudia, I agree we are all those things, the universe is within us and for me you captured that so well. I thought this was a fabulous approach to the task. Well done.

  8. You are beautiful, and multi-faceted as an heirloom diamond. You are a genius with words, metaphors,and symbolic references. This is my favorite of everything of yours I’ve read. This is amazing.
    Tina @ Life is Good

  9. Oh wow, this is just beautiful Claudia. I love the little girl chasing doves, the crinkled skyblue paper boat, the broken pottery…everything. Superbly written!

  10. beautiful, Claudia!! i really love “i’m broken pottery”, “i’m in a dream
    that slowly circles ’round your chest”…those tiny exquisite things in life.

  11. Again a poem that seems to encompass it all. The line that hit home with me was ‘a thousand spreading freckles’, but I don’t know why among all these wonderful comparisons, that particular detail would stick… Beautiful work!

  12. “i’m in the silky wrinkles
    of the businessman’s blue suit&tie, his worried eyes,”

    These are lovely words that have come to life ……………. I love it

  13. Oh wow…how beautiful you are…such a wonderful gift to really see yourself in such an amazing way. I thoroughly enjoyed this self portrait of you Claudia. I can’t help but smile…just lovely!

  14. I like how expansive you have grasped …and that you have a place…in everything. You have no boundaries and That Is Good.



  15. myriad shades! and i was wondering how it would be if you could read this aloud…i almost imagined that in one breath 🙂 from the making of atoms, molecules to the paper boat and all ticking the pendulum…vivid…:)