finding rhythm in the bird’s song

on the fogged up pane
i scribe his songs
in ancient letters
patchwork loose seams warm
around my neck,

a secret code,

much the same we used
walking up that mountain,

austria ahead of us
& i in my red raincoat
history yet told

“where’s your desk now?”
“third floor”
“i’ll be over in a minute”
“it’s too heavy for me”
& i hand him back the book
with saffron clinging

in a thin ring of fast circling molecules
“Putin scares me” i say
“yeah– “
“so does Erdogan”

i sip my coffee// in the grounds,
find parallels
“so, you’re collecting bird songs?”
“makes sense”
i trace their trails across the office space,
jot quarters on a vacant song sheet
“it’s confusing here” i say
“I mean, to find someone–”
he nods

& i head for the door


Tony at dVerse today challenges us rgd. rhythm in poetry…the article goes up at 3pm EST…this poem started after a long working day in the bath tub and i listened to a bird outside the window…and wished i could understand his song…smiles.. there was the fogged up pane & i wanted to write down the notes there, and then fragments of things that happened during the day, a hiking memory from my teenage years, and it all felt a bit surreal..and i was concerned about a few things – and that’s how the rhythm developed.. i wanted it to echo the feel but ground it in reality as well with those conversation snippets…ha..ok…nuff said…smiles


44 responses to “finding rhythm in the bird’s song

  1. I think you have captured the moment well, Claudia. Even when I relax, my mind seems to go in all sorts of directions. I agree that Putin, Erdogan, and a few other leaders are totally scary. We thought, too fast obviously, that these times were behind us. Recent events have shown how wrong we were.

  2. poetry is like breathing for you claudia…in the moment//out….putin scares me as well…most world leaders do these days…the opening of this has cool magic…the secret code of the bird songs….maybe you can translate for me…..smiles. do they give us hope?

  3. Yes: he interpretation of leaders as hard to establish as the reading of bird song and the history to be told. The most interesting place–despite the mountain and red raincoat is between song and the foggy window.

  4. A wonderful excursion into your romantic & surreal world, Claudia; but it stirs history itself for me, when Jesse Owens triumphed in those Berlin Olympics as Hitler fumed, first as host then tyrant to the world; Putin heads down a similar path; like Brian says, you breathe poetry, the words spill out sweetly & sensuously with your ever exhalation.

  5. Oh yes, those leaders are scaring me too. But thankfully there are beautiful things such as birdsongs to listen to on a spring day. And then there is the pure delight of secret codes! Oh I remember making them up when I was a kid & giving the message to someone else to try to figure out.

  6. I’d so like to hear you reading this, Claudia. I love the rhythm of the opening stanza – and the way this poem reflects the rhythm of your day too.

  7. I like the back story too, Claudia. Bird songs always inspire me to daydream, but I find it neat that you are always drawing: circles, musical notes, parallels, tracing back and forth between past and present. Great combination of surreal and real 🙂

  8. Putting Putin and Erdogan forward as terror potentials might be foretelling of 2 grim areas of conflicts that might develop in future. Wonderful write Claudia!


  9. don’t you think that love is secret codes, and inside jokes and glances only two can share ? I felt from your poem that you do know.

  10. Love the cozy atmosphere in your poem…just imagine the beginning of the poem…in bath…marveling at birds sounds…and all the rest just go thru these images…ah!

  11. I really, really like this. It’s very soulful, almost sad somehow. Nice mix of the real and what hangs above it.
    I’m still not ready to blog. But I love checking with you once in a while. Take care, don’t work too much. Putin scares me too.

  12. Yay! Claudia. I said it before and I say it again – yours is one of the most distinctive rhythms in poetry. I read a piece and I know it is yours. 🙂 You gather all in your environment and string them together very nicely. 🙂

  13. …so cool to create poetry in a bath listening to birds…incorporating the trailing thoughts that ensue …. weaving moments of the day with bits from the past…truly “Claudia” style insight and beauty.

  14. I love the story behind this piece, and I admire where the inspiration came from for the rhythm. Oh.. and Putin scares me too.. smiles.

  15. Love the rhythm Claudia and of course the birdsong. How could one mind waking to their music? Thank you for reminding us of the beauty despite the hatred.

  16. I like the pace of this. Also, the word “molecules” isn’t worked into nearly enough poetry for me. It has an underrated lyrical property to it. I liked the way you used it here.

  17. At first it was hard to pinpoint exactly what drew me in, with this poem.
    But then I read it aloud and i realized it was the rythm!!! Aha 😀 wow. Through this poem of yours, i see once again how vital rythm is to poetry, it just flowed so well and it was a joy to read it. 😀

    I like how the poem is also centered on a conversation which recalls feelings of remembrance and memories still not forgotten

  18. The beginning set up a pace which translated itself into a smooth gentle rhythm throughout. My favorite bit is how you made the words come alive in those first few lines. I went to read those again and again. Sublimely written. 🙂

  19. AGAIN…i know i’ve said it before..but i so appreciate the flow of your song..chronicling the simple pleasures of this ISALLITIS..ANYWAY..
    A FLOW Of NOW..MADE focusing and painting it
    as whatever form..that may take..but i love to flow..the rules of others..
    are only STOP the way of what i fully alive…!

  20. At least Claudia, you live in a country which is the “leader” of a group of nations, and respected worldwide, as in a “Don’t mess with us” sort of way…

    My country leads no more–nor follows–but flounders in the seas of greed, stupidity, hostility, lies, apathy, ignorance, laziness. Yes, my country of which I was so proud for so many years.

    We DO have birds, bathtubs, a “fourth language” (after Spanish and Haitian) called music–the birds are teaching us anew these rhythms and sounds.

    You are a master poet, Claudia. Today you brought me to recall the harshness in our world, while at same time I write, play, enjoy showers (not bath!) and hear the same birdsongs which sound outside your steamed window.

  21. the motion of a moment that trails away taking its pwn path. so much for the human mind that stays not for longer for a few minutes – a wanderer. 🙂

  22. Really lovely moment to share…birdsong is so lovely it would be nice sometimes to know what they’re singing about. You know we have butcher birds here that can mimic all sorts of things apparently even car alarms and phones. Amazing creatures birds…and lovely poem! 🙂

  23. I so love the ‘bird song’ of Spring and this year it seems thee are those that are new…or at least I am just now noticing them. Wonderful write.