g(u)ardening //


magnolias in my garden

spring is lightblue puddles
in a dragon-bordered land
i sweep floor

dust under green-ish carpets
change the bedding, rake
last year’s leaves careful from her face

(to let her breathe)

pull first weeds//root to head
and kiss him

every other minute
“stop this or we’ll never
get the work done” he smiles,

grabbing two right gloves (by accident)
my left hand bare to soil
subtle chimes of daffodils
in whistling wind,

march balances the middle line
&by the end of month
my girls will have returned,

“leave the moss?” i ask
“it’s beautiful–”

“yesterday” she writes
“we plucked and gutted chicken”
today they traveled to the beach
& huge palms stand guard
against lines of busses
& a dreamy dancing sea,

i bed my head
in pollen-dusted wrinkles
of spring’s pink-ish yellow dress

& lose the gloves
along the way
in whiffs
of daisy-scented laughter


happy weekend!


47 responses to “g(u)ardening //

  1. nice…love the heart you have for your family….its cool that you spent time int he garden together…def an intimate expereince putting hands to the earth and into the creation process…i know you look forward to the return of your girls too…living through their updates is not enough…smiles…soon…

    happy saturday

  2. It is early spring and a time full of excitement as as your poem shows: beauty. I time of renewal and awakening. A time to smile. Claudia, I am so enjoying your drawings with your poems.

  3. Ah. the contrasts of climate.. from gutting chickens to the daffodils.. here it’s just a few crocus yet… so nice to have your gilrs coming back soon.. but that smell of soil is one I long for.. soon it will be gardening here also…

  4. Nice spring scene, waiting for girls, flowers …scents…love your g(u)ardening and art…~ happy spring weekend out~ we need wait little bit more 11dg.

  5. Ah, spring may indeed be beautiful….but it does involve a lot of digging in the soil. Back to nature feels good though, I think. There is something really cool about working with the earth. And I can see that this spring will also bring both daughters home. (Yikes, about the plucking and gutting chickens though.) Daisy scented laughter I would enjoy!! It will, however, be a while here!!

  6. You’re one of the few people I know who can make pulling weeds romantic…just love this offering to the spring poetry…Oh…thanks for the book info!

  7. I LOVE this. You took me right there – the scene drawn so clearly….the feelings, the imagery. Lovely. Wonderful painting too! Made m want to get out in the garden!

  8. You make gardening sound like fun, Claudia! I enjoy the feeling that spring, and gardening is part of it, helps us reconnect to the earth and its life cycle. We also have lots of daffodils and blooming trees here. Lovely painting!

  9. I would love to garden and get lost in all the colors of the blooms and daisy-scented laughter ~ Sadly there’s still snow in the ground and not a budding is in sight 😦 ~

  10. hmm…it’s so easy to get lost in this…there is a magical, a yet grounded feel. I agree “ugh” to the chicken thing, but what an experience they are enjoying.

  11. Total fun, generation and regeneration and laughter. You are so many places at once, and not even on a cell phone. What was it Rilke said? When the distance between you is far, you are already among the stars? Or something like that.

  12. Oh to enjoy the sight & sounds of spring..I really liked the ending..would love a wiff of daisy scented laughter..there is still some snow that needs to melt here..

  13. along the way
    in whiffs
    of daisy-scented laughter

    Great feelings of togetherness summed up the never ending happiness in laughter and all in the garden which any family could do. Wonderful thoughts Claudia!


  14. ah..what a lovely moment, spring, gardening, company. I am positively envious (especially since our spring will be delayed by a stow storm forecasted for tomorrow).

    I enjoyed this poem and the vision of spring. 🙂

  15. I’m loving this, these images of early spring that just delight me and your great use of kenning. When we get to Reno, because it’s been so warm, I shudder to think of what’s waiting for me in the garden. Six-foot weeds?

  16. You’re so talented in so many ways! Love your art and poetry so much. Makes me want to get digging and planting again. And quite interesting we both are speaking in our latest blog posts about chickens that offer themselves (not too willingly, I suppose) for our human consumption. Happy spring! xoox

  17. So lovely, so spring-y. And your girls will be back soon (just sent mine back)–such a treat. You have me itching to stick my hands in the dirt again. Soon, I hope. Soon… Thank you.

  18. Claudia, such a completely delightful breath of Spring! I was right there, laughing, pulling weeds and loving the sunshine and breeze–Wonderful!! 🙂

  19. You had me at the title. Nice layered word effect. We are waiting here for spring to have the courage to stay a while before we turn the soil. Happy Spring C!

  20. Oh Claudia, the title and the painting could have sent me flying but the poem was way over the top! What a symphony of Spring! Beautiful.