from my diary//&what i haven’t fathomed about love yet

love birds by sunita khedekar

painting by Sunita Khedekar

“i dream of boats” she says
(//spume in her voice)

&the way she writes it down–

inverted//right to left
askew&each word trick_ling
to the ground
i count: 7000 meters

“if i were a tree” she mumbles,
“i’d comb my hair
in thousand little knots as playmates for the wind”,
she catches sun spots in a wide spread dress,

“i haven’t understood love yet, (i think?)
& that is serious–”

she writes

like on a journey
head bowed in a blackbird shape
(yet not aware of it)

maybe i should tell her
that the drapes, dividing spring from winter/night
from day are seas
of rustling grass blades,
that her skin smells virescent

&that black ink on my parchment chest
merely reflects
outlines of her face
some of us have burned
in phases of denial

at daybreak
she stretches wide into the land,
vermilion moon shades
and the scent of froth–

“i dreamed of boats–” she says (a bit confused//)
takes pieces of her heart,
forms them into buds &
glues ‘em with a pritt stick on a page
that re-shapes into a tree
(faint smell of cardamom)
and colors bleed all over me,

then we sit
on the branches for a bit

& sip the wine of spring


today at dVerse we write to the beautiful artwork by Sunita Khedekar… pub doors open at 3pm EST


47 responses to “from my diary//&what i haven’t fathomed about love yet

  1. do we ever truly understand love…in some ways i hope we never figure it out completely…it always leaves more to explore…what an interesting conversation…the knots in hair to make friends with the wid…that is a bit of a magic moment there…smiles. the becoming tree…and bleeding color is a cool touch as well c….

    good morning.

  2. “if i were a tree” she mumbles,
    “i’d comb my hair
    in thousand little knots as playmates for the wind”,
    she catches sun spots in a wide spread dress,

    Oh what a delicious stanza, from a vibrant, wonderful work. Makes me want to climb trees, walk a beach, and celebrate love all at one.

    Tina @ Life is Good

  3. I think that from a man’s point of view women are endlessly changing…. and that love keeps them endlessly enchanting and forever lovely

  4. The repeating of the first lines..made me think of conversations we have sometimes with our selves…how we lose track of our train of thought…ending up where we began…demonstrating that we do not yet understand love…a fine poem to think about.

  5. Yes, understand that if one was a tree one might want to comb one’s hair sometimes…ha, especially after a windstorm. I love the idea of vermillion moon shades. Meanwhile sitting on branches and drinking the wine of spring sounds like a most refreshing March thing to do! (Ha, I am using the same painting!)

  6. Great title, Claudia, I guess it is something we’d like to do and fear at the same time. I like the flow of words which seem to reflect her questioning. The warm weather of the last few days gave me the impression I was drinking the ‘wine of spring’.

  7. pieces of heart /buds transform into tree …you just doing such magic mixing it with colors and scents ~ real spring to drink ~ we still in 30 dg.

  8. Such a rich write Claudia which really plays with the senses, I loved . . .

    if i were a tree” she mumbles,
    i’d comb my hair
    in thousand little knots as playmates for the wind”,

    such a fantastic image it creates.

  9. I like the dreaminess .. the viriscent smell.. and the vermillion moon… I love the way you use all senses and colors… way good… and could we ever understand what love is… so many senses we have to think about…

  10. How creative the title as I am always struggling with mine ~ I love the dreaming of boats and the colors bleeding all over & sipping the wine of spring ~ I also like the detail of the blackbird shape, what an eye ~

  11. Sunita placed boats in many of her paintings, so I used some of them in my piece this morning. This is my favorite of your poetics this week so far, smile. Truthfully, though, you wrote so vividly, so viscerally, that I could imagine the painting, the setting, without looking at the painting–and yes, Love as Muse, untangled from the Art; just adore it.

  12. Claudia, this is so lovely. Catching sunspots on her dress, combing hair into knots for the wind to catch, forming pieces of her heart into buds, and sipping the wine of spring…wow, wow, wow! Loved this 🙂

  13. I love this, Claudia… all the v’s, especially virescent and vermilion… so vivid and tender.

  14. your words are as colorful as that gorgeous painting, each one as fascinating as the other. love the knots, the dress, the blackbird shape of her head, just wonderful!

  15. if i were a tree… as playmates for the wind. that stood out for me in a poem lovely all over. the thought process to get such a line, i am sure, is a pretty poem itself

  16. “if i were a tree” she mumbles,
    “i’d comb my hair
    in thousand little knots as playmates for the wind”….such a delight 🙂

  17. The ” thousand little knots as playmates for the wind”…and the sitting on the branches, sipping the wine of spring…and your use of color…all these work together so well to create a lovely, dreamy piece.

  18. Felt like I was in a child’s storybook almost…’catching sunspots’ and also like the ‘head bowed in blackbird shape’ …and who else would ever have thought of ‘hair knots as playmates for the wind’..and that’s a long drop to the ground!

  19. “i haven’t understood love yet, (i think?)
    & that is serious–”

    Who has anyway! Good question. One still gropes not contending but rather trying very much to understand. Great write Claudia!


  20. Lovely writing–I loved the parchment chest stanza. Your strong word images work well with or without the painting!

  21. I enjoyed the imagery in this. The idea of creating playmates for the wind made me smile. I also like the visual of her taking pieces of your heart and forming buds that reshape into trees. lovely.

  22. Ah! I have always loved a boat – you remind me of the paper boats I used to make as a child, when rained – smiles. Beautiful piece – the magical world you build –

  23. Whoever has fathomed love completely? 🙂 Figuring out love is one of those things that make living exciting. The young person asking about love reminds me of many people including myself when I was much younger. 🙂 Beautiful vignette, as always, Claudia. 🙂