5:15 // in the kitchen//eyes closed

photo 1-15

coffee corner in my kitchen

black coffee weight
& fresh french baguette crust morning
in meditation on my tongue

still rough from sleep

the conductor lifts his stick
& birds join in
the season’s symphony
awakening from winter’s grip

commuter car’s
shhhhushhh shhhussh
on the closeby highway
i am not yet part of

moon’s pull
on closed lids,
spring creeps

through every door slit,
rests wings
for a short moment,
lover on my lap

lets me slow//kiss
fresh life pressing chests
against softening bark,

eastward on the tracks
the iron echo of a train
hums journeys

not yet made


at dVerse today we’re writing blind– close your eyes and write what you sense, hear, smell, taste.. just not what you see… smiles… doors open at 3pm EST


55 responses to “5:15 // in the kitchen//eyes closed

  1. first ..smiles…I love the sensuality..meditation on tongue, spring as lover on a lap, and slow kisses of a softening bark…wow..not to mention the hope of things yet to come..

  2. The smell of fresh coffee is one if the best things mornings can offer. It is even better if there is fresh bread to eat with it.
    I like the promise contained in your closing line.

  3. ha. i like your description of the feel of your mouth…lol…baguette and coffee….mine is def coffee in the morning….all the sounds…nice…sounds intrigue me…the commuter car…the train on the tracks…also like the moons pull on your eyelids…i feel that this morning….smiles.

  4. I think it would be very cool to hear the whistle of a train every morning. I would always wonder where people were going, whether they were going AWAY from something or TOWARD something. I like thinking about the birds joining in the season’s symphony…reminds me of the spring we don’t have yet. And, oh yes, I will not neglect to mention that coffee…a meditation on my tongue. That expresses MY feeling exactly!! Have a good weekend, Claudia!

  5. Oh yes, coffee, and barely awake. I can’t hear trains from here, but they are one of my favorite sounds. This was just a lovely way to start my day, which had me in the kitchen at 5:30, before the crazy train of our school mornings began…
    Tina @ Life is Good

  6. I recognize the early-morning sounds of commuter car and train traffic interspersed with the sounds of birds and animals from an earlier life. You’ve expressed the excitement well, Claudia.

  7. The start of a new day and the beginning of spring…a fine combination to go with the morning coffee…again you so vividly bring the sights and sounds to life in your poem.

  8. So much felt, imagined, planned, enjoyed, as Brian said, we “feel you”; all this before your gorgeous peepers pop open; an adventure to savor right after cock’s crow and night birds go silent; very impressive use of the prompt, Claudia.

  9. I am not a coffee drinker but I do enjoy the fresh bread & slow awakening of the morning like sounds of highway & tracks ~ I want spring not to creep slowly, smiles ~

  10. Now that’s what Brian was talking about – the real feel and sounds of the day swirling around you in sound – in texture – in temperature. I think you captured it.

  11. You captured the early morning brain fog with perfection. I’m glad I’m not the only one to experience this reluctant disorientation in the mornings.

  12. I was there! I joined you on that ride. true, I didn’t have my eyes closed. But you took me there with you. What a fantastic poem.

    “Not yet made”. That was pure class.

    Greetings from London.

  13. Love this:

    “i am not yet part of

    moon’s pull
    on closed lids,”

    and the

    “iron echo of a train”

    Feels like morning! 🙂

  14. I love the beginning … French baguette (yummy) … you make the kitchen come alive with all the wonderful sounds and tastes. I do like spending time in my kitchen too … it’s comforting. Smiles 🙂

  15. A series of vivid impressions. The ending is haunting and satisfying at the same time.

  16. Those last few lines tie this piece so well. Mediation on tongue.. awakening from Winter’s grip.. door slits, pressing chests… smiles.. You are one sensual lady, Claudia. This is just elegant.