i wanna taste//just once//again//again


photo by Abhra Pal

we drink spring
sky-turn wings&
reach/dip gossamer antennae
in the blossom’s ripe/wide womb
so(ul) high
w/ sweetness

at dVerse today we’re writing poetry to macro shots – and we do it in 140 characters or less
The fantastic image is by Abhra Pal


59 responses to “i wanna taste//just once//again//again

  1. My photo couldn’t be a more beautiful poem – by the way, have you seen this flower before? I am curious to know what is it called.

    The butterfly species is called common crow 🙂

  2. A fine bit of micro-verse, and leave it to you to dip your goose quill into the fecund sensuality of pollination; a fine use of the prompt, but I, for one, miss your artwork as header.

  3. I like the idea of drinking spring. I guess the weather in Germany is quite mild too and, like in France, everybody is just enjoying the sweetness of the taste of spring.

  4. love the energy in this one claudia…ha…spring sets my heart a flutter…reviving me…giving me the energy i feel in your words…..ready to take big gulps….smiles.

  5. Claudia: Please tell me where you found the prompt for today. I am subscribed, but I did not receive a prompt for today’s poem. Am I ignorant, stupid, or just plain blind. All I see is the prompt for last week on evolving poetics…please help!

  6. Ha! What a creative use of the 140 characters… and there I was panicking that I would run out of space. Beautiful picture too, and there is a feminine womb-like quality about both poem and picture.

  7. I love the idea of drinking spring (not missing the ambiguity). And the whole poem — beautiful.

  8. Hmm this makes me think of the joy you can only get from drinking/inhaling/taking in something so sweeet and filling and intoxicating. I think flowers must be like drugs to bees ^^

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