i trip
over spring’s lightyellow breath
speed– bike– spread my arms
and dunno how
to hold her
purple-sink//drink//her green liPs
wet and naked out the shower
leaving puddles all across the house
(in which we drown
a minute later)


fav time of the year.. i go crazy in spring…smiles


22 responses to “just//spriNg

  1. Enjoyed the ending, Claudia: the puddles (in which we drown a minute later). Sounds like a very pleasant drowning indeed. Ha, if you have spring, you are ahead of us. If only ALL the snow would melt away I would be happy.

  2. Ah…this brought back memories of walking in the first warm spring showers…that feeling of finally leaving winter’s cold behind….a good way to start my week with such a sweet memory.

  3. Me too!! It’s been very “springy” here and I’m having a very hard time focusing. Love “lightyellow breath” and leaving puddles that you sink into 🙂

  4. mmm…I so long to embrace the spring…you have my thoughts stirring in a direction this winter seems intent on squashing.

    lovely ending…

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