i couldn’t find the cosmonaut this time//nor the shadow of his flag

not a single piece of art
on any wall
just the city’s rough and unrouged face

licking wounds
i didn’t even knew i had
before i came here

berlin’s not putting on her wedding dress,
nor a lover’s negligee,
deep lines, hair unbrushed

as i walk silent by her side,
stretching into every gap//
to feel/sinews/bones/to skin

my color’s nightblue
base // display
for thousand streetlights
“i can’t shine myself” i write
in spraypaint letters on her chest

her breath
a mix of piss&sludge escaping
from the drains

&i drop fragments of a song
on every platform,
scribble daisy seeds in concrete palms

“i too wait for spring” i say

with closed eyes work my fingers up
her scarred&knobby spine

the muscles of the train
shivering beneath me


smiles… berlin has many facets…happy saturday
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37 responses to “i couldn’t find the cosmonaut this time//nor the shadow of his flag

  1. smiles…wounds i did not even know before i got here…getting away like that to another place…a loved city does allow space for us to breathe and feel those…love the intimacy with the city…as gritty as she can be at times, i still love her…

  2. This reminds me of the trips my parents used to make for ISP (International School Project) to former Soviet Russia and Ukraine (the current conflict is painful for him). Everywhere were signs of the scars that they tried to hide. Great portrait of a city, whose scars are healing.
    Tina @ Life is Good

  3. lovely…she truly comes alive through your eyes…your words…your songs…

    I love the image of “scribble daisy seeds in concrete palms.”

  4. Oh…that phrase “shivering muscles of train” just jumped off the page…just perfect…once again you transport us to where you are…another fine poem.

  5. Oh, I am sure that Berlin is waiting for spring along with the rest of us!! I don’t blame her for not putting on her wedding dress!

  6. A visual representation of her lost in the arms of the unruly month… how picturesque and alive… Beautiful writing.
    The sunshine has been amazing in this part of the world for the past couple of days and the spring is slowly transforming into a full-fledged summer. I do not eagerly await the sweaty months. πŸ™‚

  7. Having Saturday night withdrawal symptoms already πŸ™‚ ?
    Clever poem with vision and views intertwined.
    Miss your drawing.

  8. Despite the grim outlook being in a different city is always something to be enjoyed for the different scenario. But it had not been that bad for Berlin! Nicely Claudia!


  9. What love! Trains are favorite transports of mine, so I love thinking of the tracks as spines of a city. I love the massage-body-worker motif as I think of my own tired body and how it revives under the fingers and concentration of a skilled masseuse. I love the use of song fragrance to sweeten Berlin’s coagulated breath.

  10. Seeing the city through somewhat different eyes..captured as only you can do..some traveling would be nice especially since I am tired of winter here.

  11. the art on the walls have been defaced or cut down and sold?
    solid poem. feels like i have been taken on a tour of the city. gritty, but i would like to see a city in its “rough and unrouged face”, instead of just all its dressed-up spots. πŸ™‚
    thank you for the visit to my blog!

  12. delightful imagery esp. in the last 2 stanzas. I also love your dropping fragments of a song on every platform. Spring will come, in the mean time your song will lighten up the world, Claudia. : )