it smells of cow dung, moon & hens//& it undresses you nerve wrackingly slow (that’s how i’d sum up in one line how poetry did find me)

it was rain
for weeks&weeks
that wet spring back in 2010
South Africa on board of a well heated coach,
touring Germany with us

i tried to cheer them up
a thousand full-soaked pages
on a travel log (my first one)
& forever ruined ballerina shoes,
a fair(l)y mystique castle
in the fog // & poetry died
with Goethe long ago

(that’s what i thought, so no, i
didn’t search// for it)

this&That //Blog–
today’s Guest post
he’s a poet?//DanG i–

it feels like that one kiss
in the evening by my gramma’s farm house
not my first but
someThing in the taste, the
way, our lips, tongue,
in the wide arch—electricity
inEver faster bolts down to the core
of my intestines

& we never —
went beyond it

try to sleep with poetry
and it will kill you

i sit in the car–
march rain on a concrete highway
in the dark// red rearlights in an avalanche of 6am cars
glisten on the slippery surface– glass
“a mirror” i think– that is what it is

&in that black//ink//play
detect a hundred hidden shades
(of me)
i haven’t seen yet


for Poetics at dVerse today Anthony’s theme is “evolving as a poet” care to share a bit of your poetic history with us..? doors open at 3pm EST…  i’m in berlin on business at the moment, so my commenting back will be delayed a bit.. see you then…


53 responses to “it smells of cow dung, moon & hens//& it undresses you nerve wrackingly slow (that’s how i’d sum up in one line how poetry did find me)

  1. “&in that black//ink//play
    detect a hundred hidden shades
    (of me)
    i haven’t seen yet” totally… you def discover things about yourself thru writing…

    Such a steamy poem Claudia… your passion for the pen and pad is evident… smiles.

  2. ha. love the title. i did not go looking for poetry either….but she def seduced me after that first time….try to sleep with poetry and it will kill you…ha…..yes it will…but what a death it is…anthony already pointed out my second fav lines…the finding yourself through poetry…yeah….smiles.

  3. You continue to take the images you see and present them to us in words so vivid that we are there with you…love the line “red rearlights in an avalanche of 6am cars..”

  4. … o, know all about cow dung … stumbling over frozen cow pies all the time this time of year … so much winter still to come … and for sleeping with poetry … ya, i know … have woken up plenty of times in cold sweat … but at least he/ she/ it hasn’t killed me … yet … smiles … Love, cat.

  5. Really cool look into your intimate feelings about your relationship with poetry..very palpable..oh, and the mirror….thanks for sharing this with us. without poetry was so…lacking?

  6. “try to sleep with poetry
    and it will kill you”

    Ah! Can’t say how much I love this. Smiles. A lot of intimacy – enjoyed every bit of it 🙂

  7. Damn, it is a good thing I don’t sleep with it lol and always more to see. Never went looking to be a rhyming nut at my hut but away I now go with the flow

  8. Love this…my dad was a poet and he would read out loud his love poems to my mom. I started writing at eight. I can so relate to sleep with poetry and it will kill you…love these last lines…&in that black//ink//play
    detect a hundred hidden shades
    (of me)
    i haven’t seen yet

  9. Love this. I can see how poetry is a reflection for you. An evolution of your psyche, your imagination and your soul. It’s how you find freedom – with passion and talent.
    Have a good trip. Be safe.

  10. The best lines have been quoted, but after reading the poem a second time, I am mostly attracted to the sensual seduction that poetry worked upon you. You find sensuality in a cheese bagel these days, and your honesty & wordsmithing keeps us coming back, pushed to our knees with awe.

  11. “try to sleep with poetry
    and it will kill you”… I suppose release is the only way not to be strangled in the night by lines wrapping around one’s throat.

  12. I like the comparison of poetry to a first kiss, Claudia. There is something in the taste, and the electricity stays with a person from then on. And one is held captive. Smiles.

  13. The castle you mention made me think of Neuschwanstein Castle. The image if your grandma’s farm house seems to imply a link with the past. I wonder whether you had this in mind. That of a first kiss is also very powerful.

  14. hmmm…the ending was speaks perfectly to me…and I love the “it feels like…” stanza. I have to say, the title was quite an attention grabber.

  15. Lots of rain in this poem, which is a nice constant image. I love how you included that steamy kiss by the farmhouse … yeah 🙂 the little things that create little portals of poetry in our life … sigh 🙂

  16. And what a wonderful ride we shall take with you as you travel your own inner byways, highways, and detours (often the most interesting routes). Terrific entry. Thanks for sharing the privilege of reading it.

  17. how much we discover about ourselves a yet still to discover through our poetry. Excellent write Claudia! thoroughly enjoyed it!

  18. Hi Claudia, I like the end of your poem as for me that sums up what poetry is like, discovery of things unknown, all part of the mystery and excitement of writing.

  19. Your style is so different from my own but I find it intriguing style is irrelevant when the words come together the way yours do Claudia. Writing poetry can indeed be a raw and almost spiritual thing. I remember when I wrote the poem I linked up tonight, the words of the first verse just kept buzzing around in my head and it occurred to me to write them down. That seemed to be like opening the flood gates as the rest of it was then able to tumble forth. It felt like the words took me over and now, whenever something or someone moves me, I stare at my blank screen and see what bites. It’s a fascinating process and definitely not one I was lucky enough to experience when “told” to write poems at school. It is exactly like another insight into your soul – for the writer as much as for the reader, who, as Brian’s comments on my poem tonight show, interprets your words with their own different perspective.

  20. so your love of poetry really began as the poetry of love! Very cool piece! The words in the “click/click” stanza really felt like the rhythm of train wheels click clicking down the track.

  21. “try to sleep with poetry
    and it will kill you”

    I have to be honest with you. After reading the above lines, I scrapped the poem I’m currently writing and started over. Not because my stuff sucked, but because your words raised my own standards.

    My god. So very dope. I’ll have to read this a few more times.

  22. Wait. You been writing poetry only since 2010? I thought you were a fully established poet in your own right. Great to read about how it all started. Many thanks. Keep up the good work! 🙂

    Greetings from London.

  23. I do believe that poetry comes/flows in its time. Trying to make it come hurts my brain…for me. So many roads inside from which to draw out that subconsciousness.

  24. Like everyone, I love this too! (Poetry is more likely to kill me from lack of sleep — keeping me up late, waking me again after I’ve gone to bed …. but hey, I’m not dead yet!)