my watercolor travel kit


an old peppermint box,
(space for 6 small
watercolor cakes max)

squished against
their brother’s chest, &

if there could be
only one?

(like Highlander— you know)

i dip a heavy pregnant
brush tip (carefully)
onto its even surface,


deep//rich pigment
falls to fullNess, eye// limb(s)// spine
in water’s limpid womb

“it would be you” i say

//without hesitation


today at dVerse, Victoria asks us to write object poems – maybe stretched into a metaphor as well… first thing that came to my mind was my watercolor travel kit and the one color i wouldn’t want to miss for the world..smiles… see you at 3pm EST


43 responses to “indigo//

  1. indigo would be a wonderful color to have as your fav…cool pic of your kit as well…like highlander…ha…starting to wonder if you pen or your brush is your mightier sword lady claudia…smiles. that waters limpid moon stanza is very cool…

  2. a sparse watercolour kit
    a test of primary and spit

    my fave colour indigo
    because it’s such a lovely word
    to put on a repeating loop
    and say over and over
    (most words are like kissing
    indigo most of all)

  3. Nice way of introducing us to your watercolor box, Claudia. I suppose you carry it around wherever you go. I like it all the more as blue is my favorite color. I love the painting too!

  4. You convince me that indigo is the essential colour! (Even though, left to myself, I would really pick purple.) 🙂

  5. Indigo is such a beautiful color, even more so when it is part of a watercolor painting. How wonderful that you can carry your tools everywhere and be ready to paint in a spare moment. Your words bring your love of painting alive.

  6. How cool. Not sure which I like more – the painting or the poem. I like that you take the tools of your creativity wherever you go.

  7. Love the colors snuggled against each other and the perfect use of senses. Makes me want to write mine using an artist’s kit, too. I have a set of oils down here I’ve never touched. Maybe this year. I like the deepness of indigo and it’s symbolism in the world of chakras, too.

  8. Heavy pregnant brush tip and “…in water’s limpid womb” are two of my favorite references in the dripping colors of your words.
    I really like the watercolor art as well.
    You are a wonderful artist, Claudia.

  9. I specially like this part: deep//rich pigment
    falls to fullNess, eye// limb(s)// spine
    in water’s limpid womb

    I like the title & perspective of the pen~

  10. What a paean to the peppermint box of paints; yes, indigo is a wonderful pigment, but it lacks the passion, for me, of the reds, oranges, & yellows. It is reminiscent of the sea, inside & out, and the sky, so it is the largest representative color one could choose; love your use of the paints, and your descriptions that rocked the prompt.

  11. Oh how lovely. I have a thing for those metal peppermint boxes – so many uses. Never thought of watercolors, of course, since “artistic” is one of the last adjectives used to describe me…

    Love the personification of being squished against your brother, and the obvious love you have for color so vividly (couldn’t resist…) expressed here.

    If I could choose one color, it would be turquoise. Now I’m realizing that having it in watercolor would be the best – I could have any intensity I’d like…hmmm… 🙂

    Tina @ Life is Good

  12. It is the finest color. From my early childhood – long before I knew what it was, but not before I “felt” what it was, that special blue, that bright yet inky blue, I fell in love with Duke Ellington’s Mood Indigo – in a world of VERY FAVORITE songs and melodies, it still hold a very high place.

  13. lovely!

    “if there could be only one…” I like how decisive your choice, I’m not sure I’d have as easy a time. granted my peppermint box would only contain identical pieces of mint…so lucky me.

  14. Claudia, I am back to comment on your kit for portable painting…it is the smallest I’ve seen with the basic colors needed and so easy to carry when you travel or just go to the park! I love the shape of the brush and the saying on the side of the peppermint box, “who cares?” And even if blue is the largest representative color one could choose, Indigo stands all by itself as far as I am concerned.

  15. Oh, you recycle those neat containers, too! 🙂
    I like how you described the process of dipping and applying color by way of an analogy to giving birth.

  16. All has been written, and it is all GoooD!
    Six cakes and “…if there could be only one”?
    If only ONE of ANYthing
    how might there
    ever be another?
    (“And baby makes three….”)

    I believe you enjoy that more than writing.
    If I am right about that, it will be a FIRST for me!