a daim & snickers wrapping heart 4the lord of keys (yep, that’s all he got for valentine)


hubs watching the olympics..


i stretCh// lateral motion//
(altitude & latitude in countercross rotation)
towards him,

bed my head on flufF balls i find in his navel
“i collect them just for you” he smiles

“i’m bird–song– twig//nest architect” & hum
all the main keys, G- and F-clefs
dangle loosely
from my chest

Shanyn has us writing short love poetry at dVerse (about objects, people or places) without using common love language – pub doors open at 3pm EST


52 responses to “a daim & snickers wrapping heart 4the lord of keys (yep, that’s all he got for valentine)

  1. I can picture the scene, Claudia!! Your love is very visual in both your words AND the painting And, in the poem, I most enjoyed the image of the G- and F-clefs dangling loosely! Music to my ears. Smiles.

  2. love the music of your love….the use of the puff balls in the belly button…lol….i like…its love in the ordinary…also like the use of altitude and latitude….cool little bit of love…

  3. … never collected my husband’s belly button fluff balls … just too many … (you can’t have everything, where would you put it) … but I still have the dried off button pieces from my 3 kids … smiles …

  4. Awww this is so sweet πŸ˜€ I could really picture the scene hear. AND the pure love flowing between both of you was so palpable too! It’s so dreamy πŸ™‚ Aha

  5. Love the Hubs portrait, & really can visualize those clefs dangling seductively from your chest. There are people who collect belly button lint in quart jars; what a world. My poem is short for me, but much longer than yours or Brian’s; just find brevity a bane.

  6. “Naval fluff balls”–sounds ever so much nicer than “belly button lint” here in our neck of the woods. Lovely capture of a moment, Claudia. Loving your artwork too! Interesting to see that controller in hand–fun to see things aren’t so different over in your part of the world!!

  7. Oh yeah, it’s true love to pick the lint out of your loved one’s navel…and have done it. Thirty years is a long time to learn to the nooks and crannies…

    Liked the word Daim in your title – thinking of the Swedish chocolate (can’t think of the English word for it), wait, TOFFEE confection which they tried to market in the US only they called is “Skor” which though it sounds like making a goal in English actually means “shoes” in Swedish…I have skills to offer people! Don’t make marketing mistakes like that!

    Regardless of chocolate candy rant, loved the authentically shared intimacy of this piece.
    Tina @ Life is Good

  8. No need to identify this as a li’l love poem for your words always filled with scent of love, Claudia. Everything you express & paint with your poetry I can sense gratitude for the li’l moments you & family shared together. This is a gem. Smiles. Happy Sunday Afternoon!

  9. Wow, you sketched this?
    You really captured the “mundane” of the everyday of love. Your poem also reminds me of how I missed out on music lessons as a child, ha

  10. Wow Claudia, very interesting take ! I can still feel the love and affection in this piece even though we decided to go with atypical “love language”. Good job.

  11. Thankfully the Olympics only comes every few years. LOL. I’ve been sick this entire last week otherwise would have missed most of it as I so often do. Nice pic of hubby and the post, though short is sweet.

  12. You are a word-song architect πŸ™‚ Very fun. Yea, we just get cards on valentine’s day–sometimes dinner out, that’s the best way to celebrate love ❀