although Fortuna left her place, it doesn’t mean there’s no one who can spin the wheel

pétanque players in basel

pétanque players in basel


Basel bloWs winter in my face
&i may have Bukowski’s skin
(i think),
“he was shy” his wife says
and she misses him so much,
even after 14 years

we’re on our way to the cathedral,
fifty scandinavians// & i
tell them his/tory
the elephants & lions on the window sill
//smooth sandstone craft
“you sure they are–?”

–made by artists that have
never seen but only heard
in stories told by men in foreign robes

i’d love to travel back in time
chisel in hand, take ’em
to a zoo or Africa,
draw shapes // outlines in the sand
while a heavy pregnant sun
sinks doWn// bleNds
moaning//furious lover in the womb
of this medieval town,

“back then, this was the only bridge
all the way up to Holland”

i point down the stream
that sits summer eves with me,
weTLicks my burNing liPs
as old men play pétanque along her shore,

&in its core liVes story //after story

above the gallus portal
on the side of the cathedral
sPinS the wheel of life,
a wheel of fortune
in ever re//
in ever re-repeating rounds,

those who travel upside down
“good news–won’t last forever”
“heck, not even the king is safe”
smiling, staff & crown, on the top height
of his life /tssccCHhhhRgggG
doWn& dowN //frames shift//

“makes sense” a guy from norway
walks up to my side
“it comforts me”
we walk on — cobble plastered paths

&i may have Bukowski’s skin
“he was shy”
“you’re not”
“most things–” i smile
“most things
cannot be seen// with just the eyes”

stainglass windows throw diffusing light,

& i re-wrap my scarf
a little tighter

Karin has us write repeating patterns at dVerse today, they could come in terms of repeated lines, but also repeated experience.. pub doors open at 3pm EST


46 responses to “although Fortuna left her place, it doesn’t mean there’s no one who can spin the wheel

  1. in its core i am sure there are story after story…as much as in the lions and such…smiles…love the stanza on wanting to go back in time with that chisel….i think i find a bit of comfort in that as well…

    hope you had fun today c…smiles.

  2. I like the carved animals, stream “that sits summer eves with me,” the stories at the core and and the wheel of life. I also like the protective moves at the end. Shy has little to do with the skin or with what is said.

  3. Just wondering what the norwegian guy did in Basel … smiles … I had a danish guy “comfort” me in Basel once upon a time … o, these scandies, eh? … smiles …

  4. I like your painting of the older men “playing pe’tanque along the shore of the stream that sits with you ;)..and the last 10 lines fit so well all else said.

  5. “Most things cannot be seen // with just the eyes” – you remind me if The Little Prince, “Here is my secret. It is very simple: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” We certainly need more then the eyes to understand things and people.
    Lovely painting, Claudia!

  6. Traveling upside down would be interesting to try, might hurt the head though haha and travel back in time would sure be fun to do too. You travel all about your zoo.

  7. Quite a tour you must have given, Claudia. I’d like to have been on your tour & have heard all the history you shared. So many stories in a city – and often some parts repeat, I am sure….though some parts that are most important and integral cannot be seen on the surface, but live beneath & are known only by the heart.

  8. What an amazing journey! Your perceptions are treasures.
    “Here is my secret. It is very simple: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” The Little Prince

  9. Hey, did you read the interview of Bukowki’s widow, too?

    Anyway, I really enjoyed all the sounds and especially like this line:

    i point down the stream
    that sits summer eves with me,

  10. Travel back in time—that’s an ancient desire of mine. Maybe, if Father time would permit, i could witness at least the birth of a time machine or a time-turner necklace before I pass away. The yesterdays are way too important for us not to grant a second turn. Smiles. You always have the most fascinating experience & stories to tell.

  11. Claudia, at the risk
    of re-
    re-peating..I LOVE your art works, it’s like you allow to REALLY be yourself, though NOBODY knows what/who that really is, except maybe YOURSELF!

    I at first thought you wrote “filthy Scandinavians”…FIFTY! HAHAHA! Maybe THAT’S what I’ll take from this post, after all…

    There is as usual so much, SO MUCH to like here, so I’ll pick my fav:
    “most things
    cannot be seen// with just the eyes”…

    “…stainglass windows throw diffusing light,…”
    Sure do relate myself with my eyes seeing diffused light, as through stained glass windows of that cathedral with “Wheel-of-Fortune” on its outer walls….
    ENOUGH. I love eveything you do, even if those single CAPS and amPersands I toil over, to understand like “What did “thAt” mEan?

    LOL, my friend!

  12. Ironically, I do have Bukowski’s skin, pockmarked like a harvest moon, and his outrage, and his vitriolic bent–I just find it easier to write poetry without wine as primary Muse. Another winner from you, Claudia, finding several lovely & fascinating ways to propel us into a parallel state with your mind. As to stepping back in time, it is said we do not have the antibodies for it; plague would overtake us before the next dawn.

  13. Hey Claudia – so many different strands here that you draw together so beautifully – and I love the light of your painting–diffused like the stained glass. k.

  14. that’ll be the river Rhine then. Enough bridges these days;-)
    I’m a bit slow in finding your reps but enjoyed the story and the watercolour.

  15. If I visit Germany, I think I would like for you to be my tour guide…would make the visit far more interesting than other guides I’m certain…another most enjoyable poem.

  16. Most things cannot be seen with just the eyes … love that line, so true. We see & feel things with our hearts & souls. I like your painting, too, Claudia, so colorful & dynamic 🙂

  17. Putting on paper or canvas without prior seeing them can be so intriguing. It makes for great talents and you’ve been very generous with your water-colors, Claudia! Thanks for sharing Ma’am!


  18. “most things
    cannot be seen// with just the eyes”
    How true this is and I love your ramble through Basel and drawing lines in the sand under a pregnant sun – perfect.
    Anna :o]

  19. Your words are pictures that cannot be seen by just the eyes. I didn’t quite understand the Bukowski skin – all I know is as much as I like Bukowski (sometimes), I like you more, so really you don’t need his skin. Also, I don’t know that game, but I can picture old men playing something. They always do.
    Sorry haven’t been around but will try to catch up with the poems I missed.

  20. your last two lines say so much, claudia. traveling back in time and traveling upside down through your rich imagery, I hear the ongoing story. one whose skin seems thick can often be the tenderest at heart. that is poetry.

  21. I try to stay a clean Scandinavian 😉 (Loved his comment because I totally agree with him about your art-work). I’d buy it in a heart-beat in a gallery, gift shop, table set up on the street….as a jpeg to use as wall-paper.
    This was an intricately plotted piece, yet reads so seamlessly. At the risk of repeating MYSELF, I so love your style. A visit here lifts my spirits, which they can sure use at this time.
    Tina @ Life is Good
    A to Z Team @ Blogging From A to Z April Challenge 2014
    @TinaLifeisGood, #atozchallenge

  22. First of all lovely painting…so refreshing and love the history repeating through others…stories handed down and new eyes seeing…upside down or right side up…very enjoyable journey! 🙂

  23. There’s a beautiful accent and rhythm in this piece. It helps that I read whilst listening to Mellow Jazz on the Jazza Radio app on my mobile. Together with your brilliant watercolour (exhibit beckons, perhaps? 🙂 ) it all makes for a very satisfying experience. Thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  24. I too like that part about going back in time with a chisel, oh the things I’d shape differently.

    And would never have guessed Bukowski was shy. You just never know, do you. I guess he made up for that in his words which seemed the most un-shy of any poet I’ve ever read, including Ginsberg!

    WONDERFUL visual art too, my dear.


  25. Claudia, I think magic happens when you write..there are so many lines I do enjoy..the wheel of life..that is always spinning until the end and beyond. Time travel would be so cool..when I was reading this I felt like I was in a cathedral looking up at the ceiling pondering great art.

  26. I love how I can actually see what is going on in the poem. You’va made it soo perfectly picturesque!!

    My favorite line was: “most things cannot be seen// with just the eyes”” it is so true and revelatory.

  27. LOVE this, claudia! love the cadence, the visual poetry, the tale itself…. you always make your words special.

    wonderful to see you ~ hope all is well in your part of the world.

  28. I may not always understand but always I enjoy your writing and your style of writing. Certain words and phrases speak to me. I don’t have the exact quote but “that which is essential is naked to the eye.” The Little Prince. I love that and agree with what you say.