rather than just rescuing him, i’d want to drift by his side

moon over basel...

moon over basel..

the moon sits on my desk,
cellophane wrapped,
in a small bag
which says “Christmas” //
“No artificial colorant” &
“Best before September 14″

i work on an audit,
set up a rough program draft

& eat the candle first,
little red train, wishing star,
an orange sheep–

“can you confirm those prices?”

“done already–
but they forecast snow” i say,
“don’t take the way over the pass,
it’s closed”

evening creeps with wide eyes
through the office pane,
stretches like a fat cat on my desk,
the moon lies still–
glowing, yellow cheeks

“hey, that’s your time”
i smile, help him careful
unwrap– relEase
“have fun out there–”

i leave the window open,
check flight plans
for our russian guests,

&watch him rise,
rolling//rocking High

then disappear–

(a bit of cellophane
still sticking to his ear)

above the Basel roof tops


at dVerse today, Mary wants us to write about the ‘both sides of the coin’ or those ‘on-the-other-hand’ moments in life… see you at 3pm EST..


45 responses to “rather than just rescuing him, i’d want to drift by his side

  1. Some days it would be nice to disappear with the moon for sure. But then again, on the other hand……..there are reasons to stay behind. Smiles. Have a good day, Claudia. Meanwhile I still see the moon here, so I will wink at it.

  2. fanciful tale…letting the moon go to take its turn across the sky…but not the mountain pass, it could be slick….smiles…and while it may be nice to play the part of the moon, jetting off to another part of the world…well, sometimes we have to stay put…smiles..

  3. sigh… lovely, as always… I especially like:

    evening creeps with wide eyes
    through the office pane,
    stretches like a fat cat on my desk,
    the moon lies still–
    glowing, yellow cheeks

  4. I remember those days, wishing I was out with the moon, but glad I was catching up on work. Still, don’t know if I’d release the moon, if I had it on my desk, or if I’d eat it. Love how you mixed fantasy and reality in this one.
    Have a great weekend Claudia.

  5. Then disappear – Time, life, friends, moments everything is relative to our value and the things we value. Working in the light of the moon or dancing to the light of the moon. This really opens up hidden values and hearts motivations. Nicely done.

  6. I’m afraid that I never found working late inspirational…somehow you have made it into a wonderful poem…as always amazed by the way your represent the world.

  7. I once spent three months in Basel in the winter it didn’t snow. Made getting around easier, on the other hand I wanted to see what living in snow was like. Finally at Fasnacht it began, but I left the next day. ~

  8. like you, I was a good wage slave, came early, stayed late, always prompt and complete with my reports & paperwork–but like you, I did acknowledge sun rises & sets, did converse with the moon–but it is your gypsy soul that puts you into a unique category, the urge to be somewhere else, to make sure you miss nothing, experience everything. I do love that about you.

  9. Claudia, I love this line:
    “evening creeps with wide eyes
    through the office pane,
    stretches like a fat cat on my desk,”

    And I really like your painting of Basel at night!

  10. The devil here is in the details of a thought, a ritual, a practiced bit of motion we do in the day where the night keeps intruding and stealing the best away.

  11. It would not–rather, I shall say “It WOULD surprise me if you were NOT one of those first “groups” to spend few years on Moon (or Mars!), establish a colony, then return, to book the place for (earth) corporate conferences.

    Most of my life was spent in a self created fantasy world–and I actually lived it for many years. Last three years I’ve slowed down. Slowing down may never happen to you, Claudia. I hope not. smiles returned right here 🙂

  12. Love, love, LOVE your painting. I just sort of take their goodnesses for granted, but each one I DO examine, and love doing so, You have a singular style which none could imitate successfully.

  13. For some reason, this poem makes me see someone working late, too late, and seeing Santa Claus.

    In IT I worked almost every holiday for many years – It’s when the computers could be down.

  14. So the cellophane did not hold a cookie!? I needed a cookie for late nights grading not to carry the work home. I liked the tiny nod to Carl Sandburg and the catlike company of the evening–a serene scene that must be allowed to leave like a day and a child and a companion so it can return another day. Beautiful!

  15. You must still a “youngen” with much ambition … I used to be like that … staying up late … working endless hours … just for the fun of it … I still do, only difference: just for the over time pay … smiles …

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