..hanging over my side of the fence


watercolor on paper



tree //is that? start here,
a crafter’s dream, carrying– (you name it)

the true tree
is ranked first
a must see
hidden deep in history
is crossing boundaries (better than a woman–) see

known by its fruit
is home,
is plus 600 names and growing

tree// is a tree is //seed //is //more

is best measured when it’s down Act V
is capable of motion

is taller than the grass
is moving/cut/me/up to
more than just a hobby
is //
decorated memories
& seeping sap,

a friend indeed
just like a footballer
is begging to be picked

scratching skin
more than
an ornamental process

(the museum
was a meadow back then)
we spit cherry pits
over the fence
into the sun’s wide, yellow heart,
up to September 20//

part of you an me

a tree //is that?
//is it?
leaf characteristics


at dVerse today, Björn has us write trees and wood… mine’s a googlism poem….means i googled tree and wove the parts, mixed with some childhood cherry tree memory together…smiles… see you at 3pm EST…


50 responses to “..hanging over my side of the fence

  1. ha. i love the googlism poems..i was doing one last night with Logan…and then Cole with their names after i performed the one i di on my name for them…they had a ball with it….

    well woven c…the is est measured…Act V is a funny line…and an interesting though in the seeds spit over the fence maybe growing up into a museum you know..ha…i can think of a few trees i would consider to be friends…smiles.

  2. Googlism! never thought of it that way, May cut down the writer’s block in trying times. Cherry pits might have grown into big trees, one never know! Wonderful write Claudia!


  3. You are talented in working with googlisms, Claudia. Cherry trees wouldn’t grow in my area here, but if you ‘google’ Door County (which is in my state) they grow VERY well. When I was a kid we used to go up and go cherry picking sometime. Spitting cherry pits over the fence is vaguely reminiscent of the way we used to deal with apple cores!! Smiles.

  4. You have captured the magnatism of trees–the cut me, use me, hug me, save me, swirling confusion of them–and then, the spitting Cherry seeds makes them into Harlequin, the comedia character who is victim and victimizer and oh so innocent. I love how trees do not respect boundaries. And I LOVE this painting. I want to live with and in it.

  5. the cherry pits spit into the sun’s wide, yellow heart blew me away. there’s always at least one line or two you drop, like those pits, that open up the world in a new way for me.

  6. Interesting how we all seem to remember childhood trees that made a strong impression on us. I remember a big cedar tree and some birches. I love cherries and, as a child, would have loved to have a cherry tree I could eat cherries from.

  7. ‘we spit cherry pits
    over the fence
    into the sun’s wide, yellow heart,’ ~ this is how we share tree-friends….~ nice with googlizm

  8. As is so often the case you have taken a unique and creative way of writing the poem…”googlism”…hmm…we’ll have to add that one to the dictionary. 🙂

  9. Wow. Googlism really works for you. Nice blending it with cherry pit memories.
    Hope your weekend is fun, no need to google that right?

  10. First of all, I loved the water color art. I loved the images that were arisen by the binding of your words. My favorite bit was the trees as decorated memories and seeping sap.

  11. Like using lines from other poems, or titles off book spines, the Googlism form is another fun way to French kiss a Muse, and swirl up abstract pieces that only we can see the poetic sense & connections with; very nice work on the prompt–would never had guessed it was a Googlism poem if you had not mentioned it–smile.

  12. Love your Googlism Claudia – though must admit (until finding it was) – it left me a little confused -especially the Act V!
    Anna :O}

  13. …a friend indeed—-and everything said is just cool…. i enjoyed the whole processing you’ve done here, Claudia… and a lovely painting, so expressively birthed… smiles…

  14. Love this and your watercolor as well, Claudia. I must ask, though, how is it that you get your artwork to fit so nicely into the space here? I have tried and not succeeded very well so was wondering if there is something I could do to make something fit better. The whole thing seems rather difficult to me.

  15. Spitting seeds–yup, that’s how I pictured you, Claudia.
    And then painting the trees which grew years later.
    Always a pleasure to come here, never knowing what to expect–and always coming upon the unexpected! SO many twists and turns, which-a-way is up?

    600 trees, named by their fruit?
    I should not be commenting this late…Good night.

  16. haven’t gotten into googlisms…might give it a try..love your trees watercolor ..so glad a tree is a tree is a tree and that a tree is taller than grass…but learning about Act V and what hangs over your side of the fence 😉

  17. I love googlisms also. Must try one again soon. Love you poem, but it’s your artwork that struck my imagination this time. I really do love that painting!

  18. Many ways to tap the sap of a tree, as many as a tree has leaves … googlisms create a interesting forest, a lighter way to feel the shade and air. Nice.

  19. Claudia, love the pic..a crafter’s dream (carrying your name) I have to remember that line..because aren’t we all masters of our craft our dreams.

  20. Googlism…will have to give that a try! Very nice. Trees are a metaphor for so much about our own lives…always enjoy what you offer. Can relate to the spitting of cherry pits…lots of watermelon seed spitting in my day…smiles…

  21. Googlism…what a cool idea to write a poem…very clever 🙂 First of all I really loved your watercolor…beautiful. Trees, they bring such an onslaught of memories. I think all of us can remember a certain tree that played a role in our youth. Really enjoyed your poem!

  22. A tree is…google it! and you did and it created so many images. The one I love best, however, is not from google but from you. Beautiful use of color and technique in your watercolor.

  23. Love the googleisms (esp the line about Act V–ha!!) And the spitting of the cherry pits where there is now a museum; cool juxtaposition. Your watercolor is wonderful, too. Thank you.

  24. I felt your poem like a collage, a very well-made collage. I loved it. It had a very natural flow. i read it a couple of times and each time each line gave me a different rhythmical pattern. Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  25. I like learning new things.. whatever this might say about me I didn’t know what a googlism is.. so reading the comments I learn. I love the poem for what it is – even though I had no name to give it. It’s whimsical and fun and I enjoyed it, as I do all your poems..

  26. I thought that I might never see
    a poem as lovely as a tree
    but here I find it on your site
    in words and painting — a TRUE delight!

    Yes, i would totally make that watercolor a centerpiece of a room and decorate everything in said room according to your amazing colors!

    I always love your imagery, Google-isms and otherwise.


  27. Ah, spitting the seeds into the sun – I love this carefree image of childhood. I like the dynamic picture you have of trees in here, too. 🙂