centrifusion forces// hey, i didn’t even need a brush for this//neither a spaceship

.photo 5

we circlestripe the night
in green/red/violet,

splashwash pastel paint

on winter’s eye//like shaDes
you crosstape a thousandtwenty snow flakes
for turbotumbling dives,

place ’em on a sled to countercruise the sky

with mouth blown moondust glass
i torchblaze the path,
sidedance a bunch of spacecrabs,

slowcook dew for dinner

while a hungry eastwind,
stormblows meteoroidic wrinkles in my dress

(later you’ll find galaxies in every fold)

& hotglue saturn’s ring

onto an 80% cocoa protoplanetary disk
i lick my lips (a bit dreamy), then centrifuge

towards a highdioptric spinning light
(almost a moth–

and nope, i don’t apologize)


smiles.. ok… i had a bit fun with this one… Banish Boredom is Victoria’s theme at dVerse today… choose effective verbs instead of overloading the poem with adjectives, adverbs and passive voice… now get your pen going…doors open at 3pm EST…


50 responses to “centrifusion forces// hey, i didn’t even need a brush for this//neither a spaceship

  1. You had fun writing this one, and I had a blast reading it. Great space ride. Def your verbs are superbly effective. Enjoyed this so much Claudia.

  2. ha. i like your space crabs pic…my fav part is finding galaxies int he skirt…its playful and sensual at the same time…def some surreal moments in there…and you got really creative with your mash up verbs…smiles….

  3. Oh, I would like a night circlestiped in such bright colors! And I would like to have a piece of that mouth blown moondust glass! But as for hotgluing Saturn’s ring, I think I will pass!! And what a fascinating imaginative painting today, Claudia.

  4. Thanks for the flight through art out beyond gravity! I like circlestripes, splashwash, crosstape, countercruise, slidedance …. all the way to the hotglue and lick, I had a lover took me on a twilight champaigne hot-air balloon ride once, but I’ve never had an invitation like this before.

  5. Love the “torchblaze a path.” Great imagery – perfect picture. You have such a gift for creating unique and interesting combinations of words and sentences. This was such fun to read!

  6. Dew for dinner, slowcooked or otherwise, is brilliant. Like others have said, the fun you had with this poem is contagious, and you def took the prompt to the next level; compound words enrich en poetics–I make them up all the time; this is one of my faves of your work; thanks.

  7. OH MY GOD! “OMG” would just not suffice here. CLAUDIA, what are you DOing? Creating these things which well deserve
    place-in-space TIME
    I’m SERIOSO, Ma’am!

    After reading, I had to lick my lips and scroll back to non-brushed drawing…
    I feel like the day is over when I read your posts, Claudia…hereafter I’m gonna wait until bed time to do so…lip-licking and everything!
    PEACE and LIGHT and LOVE, Babe!

  8. You did a great job with this and the fun shone through.

    I looked at the prompt and was too terrified to have a go.