miles ‘n miles of light //& whom i met// the other day in the museum

from my sketchbook..

from my sketchbook..


“i’ll show you something”

&he looks familiar as we walk
past a dreadlock dog
outstretched// furry carpet
‘til his owner’s back,
dancing lampposts
to a framed box full with bulbs

“this is my time &
it was just the beginning, right?”

now, the globe’s a sparkling carpet,
light-polluted, spread wide
on a concrete wall in
competition to the stars,
swallowed by inflation
of human//made iL//Lumination

“time to re-think things–?”

he leads me to a slum hut in Manila,
father, mother, child under the
55 watt light a common PET drinking bottle,
filled with bleach and water gives
from a small hole in the roof top,

i move closer to the hills&valleys
between corrugated steel,
dark-skinned people &
a souk in Marrakesh,
huge bulbs dangling over fruits & nuts

“the movie, they show on the first floor–“ he says,
“i watched it a thousand times– “
he had a dream, like i had–”

“just like each of us” i mumble,

standing next to Panton’s shell lamp,
nacre & thin wire in a cascade on my skin,
a little tag says she will whisper
in the soft move of the wind

he wets a finger, holds it in the air,
then shakes his head,
strolls back to the place
where we first met

&the dreadlock dog is long gone
as i leave.


visited an exhibit on light last sunday… really cool stuff… was especially moved by the project “liter of light”
linking up with dVersePoets where we’re gonna light up the pub for OpenLinkNight at 3pm EST..


71 responses to “miles ‘n miles of light //& whom i met// the other day in the museum

  1. ha. i totally want to see this dog, you know…its interesting on the light and in particular the family who makes it with a bottle of water and bleach…no modern convnience but it does the trick…the light pollution as well…its and interesting thought….we have extended our day and messed with the natural cycles of things in our use of light….

  2. I like the way the dog takes us into the poem and then leads us out. Light is something we so much take for granted, something your poem causes the reader to contemplate….especially those places where light is a luxury. Your poem gives “Let there be light” more meaning! Have a good day, Claudia.

  3. Young lady – this poem in conjunction with your lovely water color literally lights up the morning. Thank you. Claudia, your sense of color is incredible!

  4. ‘of human//made iL//Lumination’ ~ love it! Funny art today with bulbs and flowers. Next, I’m going back to catch new layer…your associations while walking in the museum, talking with a stranger… the end got exactly the feeling of tiredness in the shape of flowers, glowing under ‘light’….~ nice expression.

  5. Reminds me a little of Alice – following a white rabbit in a hurry, past a dreadlock dog, down the rabbit hole of a slum hut… Your picture is perhaps too light and airy, a complete contrast to what this family sees daily – or perhaps all that they are missing…

  6. How amazing the places that light bulbs can take us if we let them (with or without the stranger/guide/god) from wealthy art to poverty, from hopelessness to ideas! I love the brightness your painting throws on those places and their divides.

  7. Sometimes when we have a power outage, & have to use flashlights, glow sticks, & candles, one begins to appreciate how much we live in the light, how much we take it for granted; as you point out, away from the cities there is actual darkness, & things become masked, even dangerous; crime, murder, rape, Bigfoot encounters thrive in the dark. As I age I need, I seek more light; even sleep with a Mongolian salt lamp on to assist me during my several pee breaks during the night; wonderful sharing; thanks.

  8. Like this part:

    the stars,
    swallowed by inflation
    of human//made iL//Lumination

    I have seen that small hut and if its in the city, they are not happy ~ If the light is all they have in the forest or hill perhaps, yes, life is simple & happiness is in the everyday ~

    Must have been quite a project/exhibit (will check the link after) ~ fine drawing Claudia ~

  9. Well..the sign over there said beware of rastafarian dog..

    Glad ya got out of there alive…

    But a museum is still a great place to be..
    and even meet rastafarian..dogs..
    as guiding lights…

  10. So many images and sensations in this piece. It’s what I like about your writing, you bombard the reader with visceral imagery & scenes so real you can taste & smell them.

  11. Although i am on the other side of this planet, tired cause its too late here right now, this poem lights up my head 🙂 good verses, dear Claudia 🙂

  12. Light is essential for life – but we take it so much for granted; just click a switch and it’s there. And when it isn’t, boy do we complain fast and loud. It’s much the same with water – and it’s humbling to see how many people survive with so much less than we deem essential here in the developed world.

  13. You used the dog really well, a great hook and then, there he is at the end.
    I’d love to see him.

  14. “dreadlock dog” gave me such a great visual and then I saw the pick in the video clip in one of the comments. It’s just like you painted it with your words 🙂 I really like how the dog was almost the guide through the journey of your poem. He said hello and then goodbye at the end. Loved this

  15. the exhibition on light sounds delightful (sorry…couldn’t resist a pun there). It’s interesting how light is so necessary to us…and yet as light pollution can also be so detrimental. I guess everything in moderation applies here too! Wonderful read!

  16. Very cool, I like the beginning with the dog..the storytelling .. the images…I find some things so outrageous at this age and time that so many do without while others have so much….

  17. Light comes in many forms as I now sit here and ponder ..the stars being the ultimate light in darkness..Now, that dog is quite amazing..I’ve never seen one.

  18. Wonderful! I love the // though I am not sure if I understand them. In the sense of this poem, they seem like rays of light? or darkness, breaking up the light/words/lines? The capitols were great too, particularly ‘iL’. I love that whole line.. of human//made iL//Lumination

  19. I bet it was enlightening (pun intended) to see the different types of light. I like your poem, the way it travels to places where even light matches human circumstance.I really like your painting too.

  20. We find light in so many places, sometimes those least expected… and sometimes, it’s barely pushes against the dark. A very intriguing piece!

  21. Dear Mistress of Word/Paint-Magic.
    In exhibitions I love putting myself in the scene of whatever the artist envisioned. Similar to meditation. Wondered sometimes how people live with chlorinated rooftop water, and one 50-watt buld (or none). And do they even realize how others live in comparative spendor? If not, bless their unknowing!

    And…not a wisp of wind to dry a wet finger and make her whisper…hmmmm, Brilliant simplicity!

    But your sketch: I tell you, these notebook pieces of yours are GEMS. Are they inspired and drawn/colored in as brief a time as I wonder. Either way, your talent is exceptional. Continue to grow in that regard. Your stuff is already WORTHY. And so self-fulfilling it is to create. That’s IS an attribute of God, ya know. And it is God’s gift which you are beneficiary>

    SORRY, I wrote a CHAPTER again, in place of a comment. –grin!

    • ah…you make me smile steve… and you’re right… those sketches are quick sketches.. just capturing an idea or the moment with a few strokes… for me they don’t have to be perfect but have to feel real…

  22. A very “Claudia” poem…hooked me with the dreadlock doggie…and I like the way you use him parenthetically to open and close the work. I knew a dog like that once called “Shmata”…thought he was a throw rug until I accidentally stepped on him and he licked my leg. Nice work, Claudia! 🙂

  23. Such an interesting idea for a poem. My husband does light sculptures – these feel like they are so very specific and vivid. Like the poem. Thanks. k.

  24. Fascinating how the dreadlock dog opens the door of this poem, leading through a rural jungle of wonders.

  25. Cool the way you took us into this encounter…intriguing, mysterious, with a twist of fun. Thanks for the link too…I poked around there a bit. Very cool, got chills actually!