the raven//from my office window//oh & i don’t really use tipp-ex any more

scribbled on my pad at work

scribbled on my pad at work


my italian colleague says
when he grew up, there was snow
even in Milano,
he remembers driving
on the backseat in the car,
walls of titanium white wonder
piling high on both road sides,

“dunno if it really was that much but–“

out my window
waits a tousled raven
for the next call// snowFall
lulled in by the hypnotiZing
cLack ClicK, clAcK–

we used to downhill //sled
hills to the new highway
they were just about to build
around the corner from home,
bitter cold,

yet yearn to feel
that frozen toes, red hands,
swollen under soaking wet gloves
up//up//down //again
just //one more time,

&night blows frostFrench kisses
in our face//hot chocolate scent


“yes of course” i say
“we can arrange that presentation,
i’d recommend—“

&casually paint feathers on the raven,
nightblackwild and scraggy
against tiny squares, whisper–
“never mind,
you don’t have to fit in there–“


“sure, just send your flight details,
i’ll arrange a pick up–”

as the raven
flAPs winGs //playful

“they’re not that bad, eh–?”

he swings high up in the air,
hits the neon tube first,
beamer//printer//ouch &

i count fivehundred&eighty feathers on my desk
blewn in through the open window
as he left,

& smeared

with tipp-ex
(oh i told him to be careful, but–)


smiles.. Shanyn has write us views from our window at dVerse today… doors open at 3pm EST..


49 responses to “the raven//from my office window//oh & i don’t really use tipp-ex any more

  1. see i think this is in my top ten things you have ever written…its magical…i lo ve your raven….that he bursts into a bazillion feathers on your desk…the not needing to fit in here…having fun sledding…

    and hey i did a sketch for you….smiles.

  2. That raven is quite extraordinary… and quite capricious to swing away like that, creating a mess of her scraggy feathers. Great imagery and I liked how your imagination spurred even when you were communicating with someone.
    Such vivid images unfolding like an animation strip. Beautifully penned.

  3. Oh Claudia … do I have to tell you how I adored this, being of Raven ancestry myself. Yes, terrific imagery. The raven is a “corvid like crows and rooks, etc. They are one of the smartest of animals having a vocabulary of 18 words (I think it is 18). They also will create tools to assist them with whatever task is at hand. Loved the poem.

  4. Claudia, I enjoyed the idea of the feathers that blew in through the open window and found myself wondering just how many feathers a raven actually has. I wonder what his flight details were and whether he will miss his missing feathers. Smiles.

  5. A bird inside is always an incident to remember, isn’t it? I wonder whether, after this episode, anyone noticed the tipp-ex on this raven and wondered if they had discovered a new breed.

  6. I like the raven you scribbled. Funny how our mind wanders at work. Enjoyed the snow scenes, and of course your wonderful imagination. Or did the feathers really go through the window? No matter. This made for quite an enjoyable little trip through your mind.
    Have a fun weekend.

  7. You were getting feathered in this one, good thing no tar came due lol that would not be fun. Sure brought it alive in every way at your bay

  8. we go again.. you open with the snow in Milano, and I can see you doodling at your desk and daydreaming about old sledding days & hot chocolate, taking a call, and you lead us to the window; enter the raven and cartoon like he’s flustered and beats his wings..escapes…wonder if there’s snow on the roof outside he skiid down?

  9. You brought back those childhood memories of sledging…one of our sledging paths went under a fence and onto a frozen pond…alas one time I did not make it fully under the wire…and travel home with torn jeans and a scar that I still have…a wonderful poem once again.

  10. Got a fairly nice view of what can be seen from your window –

    I never had a raven hooting outside mine – but birds yes. Your post gave me an idea to write something about windows tonight.

  11. Love your daydreams, Claudia… and this especially:

    &night blows frostFrench kisses
    in our face//hot chocolate scent

  12. Had to look up the Tipp-Ex correction fluid, popular in Europe; never have seen any here. Another fabulous ride here, Claudia, as you multi-task your work duties, scribble your doodle, fan your childhood memories, and let loose the winds of your imagination; a lovely look, so sweet, so whimsical.

  13. How you can weave a story while having a business discussion ~ I specially like those feathers on the raven & while I know you like snow, they are not soft at all now but hard as rocks, yikes ~

  14. you even create while discussing business? that’s what I call multitasking! this brought back some great memories of my friends and I sledding on the big hill that’s down from my home… wanted to do that again but I’ve outgrown my old sled… smiles

  15. to create such a clown and then for him to burst into fivehundred&eighty feathers! wonderful, Claudia – I have a tendency to doodle when talking on the phone but my creations don’t seem to have much personality 🙂 K

  16. Thoroughly enjoyed the tale that spun through this one – reality, whimsy, flutterness of fantasy – wasn’t expecting the feathers at the end – fantastic! The image is great too.

  17. This is one of those poems that leaves you scratching your head and wishing you had the same view from your window. Beautiful sketch, by the way, just as beautiful as the poem is. Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  18. Some of my favorite birds are ravens, so clever and fun. I have to agree with everyone who has left their thoughts – this is a favorite write of yours. Thanks so much for being a part of the Poetics this weekend!

  19. I am sorry for the raven. I hope that one day you will be able to feel the joy of sledding until your fingers get cold, and then have them warmed by a mug of hot cocoa. Your poem is a lovely fusion of present and past. 🙂

  20. Very whimsical, the memories of sledding and the raven breaking free…leaving his feathers…some times we can fit in the squares either…we all have to fly. Nice 🙂

  21. Yes, I think there really WERE those tall walls of snow on either side of the car that went on for miles and miles, the kind of snow that used to stop the steam trains full of frozen turkeys in their tracks. Then the ravens would circle, hoping to get to the turkeys, and sometimes they did.

    One more time up and down the hill, yes! I remember it well

    Good stuff for memories here!


  22. I love ravens! Though not frozen digits–there is a real thrill as a child in experiencing the intensity of nature–flying down hills and bitter cold 🙂 Beautifully penned