farbklang// there’s no wheel for this//it comes in stripes and magically mingles

from my sketchbook

from my sketchbook


against a surreal liquid sun
& stripped bare trees,
you turn to me,
“i love you”
a bit breathless

i dive up//big eyes
from a slow unraveling color code//
plumjam sky

slightly startled
(shy smile)


& not sure
why i’m so surprised
after 25 years


for dVerse Meeting the bar –  tony asks us to write to one of the posts of the last 6 months, i chose gay’s article hearth, home and common speech


45 responses to “farbklang// there’s no wheel for this//it comes in stripes and magically mingles

  1. ah, sweet and lovely. On a more personal note, if I respond to my husband with “really?”, I will certainly get a free ‘spank’ for not believing. 🙂

  2. Even after all the years we’ve been together (married 18 of them), it is still a surprise to me that my wife loves me. I’m glad; I wouldn’t want to take that for granted … smiles

  3. … am still surprised after 30 years … surprised in many ways … not all love, mind you … but always on my mind … always have and always will … think I know what you mean, C … smiles … love … meouw … c.

  4. smiles…hey if he can keep surprising you after 25 years that is not a bad thing at all…nice bit of love there….digging your art as well….sorry i dropped the ball today…been busy and it got away from me…did not even take a lunch…

  5. You are such a sweet tease, Claudia; keeps romance alive def for sure; another lovely ride along into your personal feelings; thanks; art work just continues to please as well.

  6. This is fun and love all wrapped in one! I really enjoyed the poem paired with the picture from your sketch book. They just go together 🙂 And “plumjam sky”…perfection.

  7. Yes, surprise is good. And it doesn’t stop. It’ll be 45 years for me this weekend. Love how you write about this. You do it simply, yet emotion is so genuine. I like your sketchbook pics too.

  8. In artist sketch above, I first saw printed material as “URBAN GARDENING”…

    They say it is very wise
    to always be surprised.
    Happy WE, that at twenty-five
    LOVE is very much alive.

    PEACE and LIGHT, Claudia.

  9. Firstly, did you know that saying ‘plum jam’ is a test for whether you have a head cold?

    Secondly, with some couples, where marriage is more steel than style (watch for the up-and-coming), the I-love-yous vary in inverse proportion to the amount of time left, as saying them becomes more urgent because you never know which one will be the last one.

    ‘Brah!” as we say in Dundee. 🙂

  10. Woow I love this! It’s so sweet 🙂 The way younexpress your emotions, your shyness, your surprise,…I can just see it all.

    And your drawing is amazing. 😮

  11. I absolutely love this, Claudia. Its so true that I also find myself surprised that Im the catch that my husband thinks I am. 🙂

  12. Wonderful! How nice to still have the element of surprise after 25 years : )
    And I love the details of this–plumjam sky, mmm… Thank you.

  13. Evening Claudia, this is my favourite of your recent postings since I was here last – you have captured something very real and special here in quite an abstract and imaginative way – for me, exciting writing that certainly hits the spot… With Best Wishes Scott

  14. “plumjam sky’ … sigh. And hey, after 25 years, there aren’t many saying “I love you (still) ” Congratulations. (I love the sketches)