new year’s morn & mondrian– yep, that’s what they do to me

my guitar... thought i needed some crooked lines as a counterpart to piet mondrian's straight geometry...oy...smiles

from my sketchbook… my guitar…thought i’d need some crooked lines as a counterpole to piet mondrian’s straight geometry…oy…smiles


my hands are frozen icebergs
as i push my bike up
the cathedral hill

& really,
i try hard to understand him
but don’t

so i’m moving closer,
nose almost touching canvas
when the alarm goes off–
the watchman gets up from his chair

“please step back ma’am?”

& i wanna hiss
how am i supposed to find myself
in all those geometric fields
& lines if i’m not allowed
to travel in ’em

i cooperate though
cause i guess,
he must be sick of all the weird guys
trying to cross
borders into paintings

where they might get lost
(or worse)
and he can’t rescue them
without a fishing net
(nor a gun to shoot the enemy)

he found his balance probably
and waits until it’s 5
to get home to his wife and kids,
eat supper, help her wash the dishes
and tell her how magnificent
her hair shines in the moonlight,

she’ll smile at him,
put on her new fragrance–

and i ‘m moving on
(i tend to)

like i did last night
when i danced with richard gere,
he whispered in my ear
“i know that you’re a prostitute
but still, i love you”

now, how’s that?

see, i really don’t think
that sex changes anything,
it only mirrors
what you know already

“how you’re doing?”

i say to the cobblestones,
just because they’re there
and have nothing else to do

“no one ever asks us”

“yep, but now i do,
and what you say?”

they just lie lazy in the new year sun

“is there a secret passageway?”
i ask (somehow hopeful)
“one that takes me
to the land of gnomes & knights?”

“you don’t want to go there”

“probably you’re right–”

that’s the proof
of how i suck with smalltalk

was nice to meet you”
nod my head
to the watchman
who’s in bed already with his wife,
a bit exhausted maybe–

& then bike back home
a naughty frost wind bites
fields&lines into my face
that suddenly
seem strangely


..see… this is what geometry does to me… oy….honestly… i’m working on it… smiles… happy new year…


21 responses to “new year’s morn & mondrian– yep, that’s what they do to me

  1. This reminds me of that film “the purple rose of Cairo” — how it would be to go into a painting or a film… some lovely turns in this poem… love the secret passageways to secret lands..(especially with cold hands)

  2. I like the conversations with the paintings and cobblestones ~ The secret passages, there’s always a desire to fly to the magical lands, smiles ~

    Happy New Day ~

  3. i’m thankful for your inability to make small talk, as it allows you the vision, i suspect, of finding those secret worlds others are nervous to enter and re-create with words. happy new year!! so much love and peace to you. all good things to you and your family in 2014, claudia:)

  4. hope those fingers thaw out just a bit for you…smiles…i love that the cobble stones talk back to you…and the interaction with the painting…ha…glad you did not fall in, it would be our loss….i like the rather flat “you dont want to go there” ha. happy new year friend….

  5. You always seem to bring out the texture of the art that you’re looking at with your poem’s structure…there was an angular flow to the poem for me….happy new years.

  6. I think you know many ways into the magical realms of gnomes and knights (I’m with you about the geometry ; ) ). This was a fun, and true, way to begin the new year. Happy happy 2014 to you and your family, Claudia!

  7. …and a whimsical new year to you, Claudia 🙂

    My son, who is studying geometry this year, says, “Geometrists need to go out for a breath of fresh air!”

  8. …geometry drove me to tears…..I love the crooked lines; your art has a flair of picasso 😉 and no, cobblestones rarely get asked what they think or feel
    happy wishes

  9. Inanimate things talk to you? May want to get some help for that at your zoo lol geometry just drove me up the wall. You can keep it at your hall.

  10. Funny how the curved lines of the guitar counterpoint the geometry of Mondrian because I see musical scales in his trips and turns and colors–they could be what the guitar produces. But the museum and walk/rie/dialogue homeward! There is always a danger of falling into and changing a painting–look how the painting fell into and changed how your narrator sees!

  11. Ha…Enjoyed very much! It reminded me “Night at museum” with your longing to go into the picture…and in same time Alice…how she would approach this task…now it make me think…then about going thru the passage – you forgot…to knock and listen…and you find by empty sound behind the brick….:) geometry – we have to make friends with it, since we are already almost leaving in 4-5 D…

  12. Claudia, I enjoyed the journey that your poem took me on. Lots of interesting thoughts, such as sex doesn’t really change anything but just mirrors what you already know…..and well, small talk was never my forte’ so I guess I would have to say that many times I ‘suck’ with it too. Again, I really enjoyed your artwork. And hoping your 2014 has gotten off to a wonderful start!

  13. Magic. That’s what you do with your words. I love this trip, it took me to Europe, to Cathedrals, to the sun that filters through, somehow creating a mysterious or mystical space, and to fantasy, which you create effortlessly. May this New Year enrich your thoughts even more, if that’s possible. At any rate, I wish you happiness.

  14. Claudia, I’m behind in my reading–this was a wonderful dance through art, geometry and life–enjoyed it very much. Had my own dealings with Jack Frost recently, frozen face was what I got…Belated Happy New Year! 🙂