i bet they’re gonna dance into the new year (tango i’d say)

from my sketchbook...

from my sketchbook…painted in the dark..i couldn’t see what i was doing…smiles

we sit
bent over
the sketchbook

“love this one”
i say

“dunno what it is– the life&energy– ”

some leave me empty
even though they’re good, don’t
get me wrong,
it’s just–

last night
i saw two streetlights,
bent into each other– long, black
limbs like swan necks in a loose embrace

“i could go crazy over them”

mat pale glassy cheeks,
nestled up against the dark,
engaged in deepest conversation

&i almost fell out of the car, heavy traffic
pushing me ahead,
no way to stop
or even
see them clearly, yet

the smell of Narnia,
of a world, won back
from grinding wheel’s tight reign,

the wipers mock me,
i stare through the pane, lost in
whatever sPell hits me //uneX

“that’s what art should do”
“you think it’s always love
on first sight?”

“can we bike there? look at them?”
“now? in the middle of the night?
it’s raining”
“just a little bit”

“it is magic”

i say & hum flutes and wings
against the wind

as the watchman with a big torch
comes out of his hut & checks on us,

“did you see? the bulbs
are curved towards each other,
just like faces–”

bendIng deepAndDeePOutin
the oscillating night–

“i swear they’re gonna kiss”

“they’re streetlights”


& we get on our bikes
and wave the watchman, who sits warm
behind his pane, good night


…wishing you all a happy and healthy and wonderful New Year… smiles


27 responses to “i bet they’re gonna dance into the new year (tango i’d say)

  1. This is crazy good, Claudia. I love the freedom, the attention to detail, your artist/poet’s eye. And painting in the dark!? It reminds me of contour drawing where you only look at the subject, not your sketch pad. So fun.

  2. The painting is awesome. Makes me think you hardly need to see, you just go with the flow of your heart. Lovely Claudia. And Happy New Year to you too.

  3. Lovely.
    The art piece is beautiful… it is as if the darkness is sprinkled over the scene in the background.
    Your words have such a smooth flow to them. A very artistic and playful write.

  4. you painted that in the dark…? I say you have night vision! there is nothing better than getting lost in art… sometimes you have to come back to it to appreciate it tho… but that’s the power in it, “that’s what art should do” smiles… happy new year 🙂

  5. i like the magic of seeing the streetlights come alive….that they might kiss…ha…nice narnia nod as well….and the adventure craziness of turning back to bike there in the middle of the night just to see them…art is very much that…

  6. Claudia, I saved, to comment last on your blog…giving time for me to find appropriate words, or maybe sounds. I could write a solo violin piece using your street lamps as inspiration. I am SO MOVED by your work,

    Like on a mission–you were–the midnight bike ride just to view, without wiper blades to push aside the rain…

    …and PLEASE paint or draw in the dark again. Girl, you are LOADED!

    With TALENT!

  7. gorgeous, the painting – truly – & i love the poem about it (so you, Claudia… smiles)… & wishing you & yours the happiest of New Years!

  8. I have visions of a watchman going home…trying to explain to his wife about the experience he had last night…and she wondering if he is in the initial stage of dementia…you once again made me smile with your portrait of the evening.

  9. I agree. You are so talented. Love that Narnia reference and DID YOU REALLY grab your bikes and ride in the rain. Say you did as I loved that part as well. I don’t think I need to tell you to have a happy new year 🙂

  10. …love how you let us in to your artful mind and heart, claudia; what a playful painting and mood, with light to lead the way into the new year.. I like the oscillating night!

  11. There’s magic in those street-lights…if you only know where to look. Love how you took us to the lamp-post in Narnia (love those books!) Have a great New Years!!

  12. Hi Claudia, I understand that even though some things in your sketchbook would be good, they could not be satisfying because of not having a certain life energy, which is a very subjective thing…but I know what you mean. Waving the watchman good bye – at the end of your poem – is a very good way to end your last poem of 2013. Claudia, I wish you all the best for the New Year!

  13. With a sprinkling of lights in the sub-conscious a masterpiece in the dark is created! Fantastic talent Claudia! Happy New Year to you!


  14. A lovely poem and I am really enjoying your sketches! They make me so anxious to get back to water color and gouache–you look like you draw with your brush work–I always draw with pencil first and just don’t have the colors set up! Very admiring that you can do that with brushes–(Just lovely.)

    Anyway, thanks so much, Claudia–happy new year. k.

    • k. i actually draw with a fineliner – a black micron pen in this case and then add the water color later at home… too messy to watercolor in the cold and dark…smiles